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CNC lathes, turning centers, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine has a wide range of processing technology performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts, with linear interpolation, Interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the complex production of spare parts to play a good economic results.

CNC machine tool is in accordance with the preparation of a good pre-processing procedures, automatic processing of parts to be processed. We have the parts of the processing process line, process parameters, tool movement trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle speed, feed, back to eat knife, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, Cutting fluid on, off, etc.), in accordance with the NC machine tool specified by the instruction code and program format written into the processing program, and then the contents of this program recorded on the control medium (such as perforated tape, tape, disk, ), And then input to the CNC machine tool CNC device, which command machine parts processing.

This process from the analysis of parts to the control of the media to make all the process called NC program preparation. CNC machine tools and ordinary machine parts is the difference between the processing of CNC machine tools in accordance with the procedures for automatic processing of parts, and ordinary machine to be operated by people, we only need to change the control of machine movement procedures can achieve the purpose of processing different parts. Therefore, CNC machine tools are particularly suitable for processing small quantities and complex shape requirements of high precision parts.

As the CNC machine tools to follow the procedures to process parts, programmers after the preparation of good procedures, input to the numerical control device to command the machine work. The input of the program is via the control medium.

Table of content

1.History development

2.Choose to install

2.1 Selection principle

2.2 installation method

3. Machine composition

4. Quality control

5. Three elements

5.1 Selection principle

5.2 Select a method

6. Debugging and acceptance

6.1 out of the box acceptance

6.2 start test

7. Basic composition

8. Conditions of use

8.1 Environmental requirements

8.2 Power Requirements

8.3 Temperature conditions

8.4 Specifications Use of machine tools

9. Tooling lathe

10. Structure and code

11. Processing object

12.Other references

13.CNC Turning Machine Manufacturers

1.History development

CNC technology refers to the use of digital, text and symbols composed of digital instructions to achieve one or more mechanical equipment movement control technology. CNC is generally a general or special computer to achieve digital program control, so CNC is also known as computer numerical control (Computerized Numerical Control), referred to as CNC, rarely use the concept of NC. It is usually controlled by the location, angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and mechanical energy flow related to the switch. The generation of NC depends on the appearance of data carriers and binary data operations. In 1908, the perforated metal foil interchangeable data carrier came out; at the end of the 19th century, paper-based data carrier and auxiliary function of the control system was invented; 1938, Shannon in the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology data quickly computing and transmission, Laid the foundation for modern computers, including computer digital control systems. CNC technology is developed in close connection with the machine control. In 1952, the first CNC machine tool came out to become the world’s machinery industry in the history of an epoch-making event, to promote the development of automation.

CNC technology is also called computer numerical control technology, it is the use of computer to achieve digital program control technology. This technique uses the computer to store the trajectory of the device and the operation timing logic control function of the peripheral device according to the stored control program in advance. Since the computer is used to replace the original numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit, the realization of various control functions such as storage, processing, operation and logic judgment of input operation instruction can be realized by computer software, and the generated micro instruction is sent to The servo drive drives the motor or the hydraulic actuator to drive the device to run.

The traditional mechanical processing is the use of manual operation of ordinary machine tools, processing hand shake the mechanical cutting tool metal, relying on the eye with a caliper and other tools to measure the accuracy of the product. Modern industry has long been the use of computer digital control of the machine to operate, and CNC machine tools in accordance with the technical staff in advance of a good program for any products and parts directly processed. This is what we said NC processing. CNC machining is widely used in any field of all mechanical processing, mold processing is the development trend and important and necessary technical means.

2.Choose to install

CNC lathes, also known as CNC lathes, that is, computer numerical control lathe, CNC machine tools is a mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information technology as one of the mechanical and electrical integration products. It is a machine tool with high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing equipment.

The level of technical level of CNC machine tools and its percentage in the metal cutting machine tool production and the total amount of ownership is one of the important indicators of the overall level of national economic development and industrial manufacturing. CNC lathe is one of the main varieties of CNC machine tools, it occupies a very important position in the CNC machine tools, for decades has been the world’s attention and has been rapid development.

CNC lathes, turning centers, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. It has a wide range of process performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, diagonal cylinder, arc and a variety of threads. With a linear interpolation, circular interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the production of complex parts of the production has played a good economic results. Reasonable choice of CNC lathes, should follow the following principles:

2.1 Selection principle

1, pre-prepared

To determine the typical parts of the process requirements, the processing of the workpiece batch, the proposed CNC lathe should have the function is to do the preparatory preparation, the rational choice of CNC lathe prerequisite to meet the typical parts of the process requirements.

Typical parts of the process requirements are mainly the structure of the parts size, processing range and accuracy requirements. According to the precision requirements, that is, the workpiece size accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness requirements to select the CNC lathe control accuracy. According to the reliability to choose, reliability is to improve product quality and production efficiency guarantee. CNC machine reliability refers to the machine under the conditions of the implementation of its function, the long-term stable operation without failure. That is, the average time between failures, even if a failure, a short period of time to restore, re-use. Choose a reasonable structure, well-made, and has mass production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

2, machine tool accessories and tool selection

Machine accessories, spare parts and their supply capacity, tools, has been put into production CNC lathes, turning center is very important. Select the machine, need to carefully consider the matching of tools and accessories.

3, pay attention to the identity of the control system

Manufacturers generally choose the same manufacturer’s products, at least should buy the same vendor’s control system, which brings great convenience to the maintenance work. Teaching units, because the need for students knowledgeable, choose a different system, equipped with a variety of simulation software is a wise choice.

4, according to the performance and price ratio to choose

Do the function, the accuracy is not idle, not a waste, do not choose and their needs have nothing to do.

5, machine protection

When necessary, the machine can be equipped with fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective device, automatic chip removal device.

In the choice of CNC lathes, turning center, should be taken into account the above principles.

2.2 installation method

1, lifting and transporting

The lifting and placing of the machine should be carried out using a dedicated lifting tool provided by the manufacturer, and other methods are not allowed. Do not need special lifting tools, should be used in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of the wire rope lifting and in place.

2, the basis and location

The machine should be installed on a solid foundation, the location should be away from the vibration source; to avoid sunlight and heat radiation; placed in a dry place, to avoid the impact of moisture and air. If there is a vibration source near the machine, it is necessary to set the anti-vibration groove around the foundation.

3, the installation of machine tools

Machine placed on the basis of, should be in the free state leveling, and then the anchor bolts evenly locked. For ordinary machine, the level of reading does not exceed 0.04 / 1000mm, for high-precision machine, the level does not exceed 0.02 / 1000mm. In the measurement of installation accuracy, should be carried out at a constant temperature, the measurement tool to be a fixed temperature after use. The machine should be installed to avoid the installation of forced deformation of the machine tool. The installation of the machine should not be removed when the machine parts, parts of the demolition may lead to re-allocation of stress within the machine, thus affecting the accuracy of the machine.

4, try to run before the preparation

Machine geometry accuracy test qualified, the need for cleaning the machine. Do not use cotton or gauze with cotton cloth or silk cloth with detergent. Clean the machine when the factory to protect the guide surface and the processing surface coated with anti-rust oil or anti-rust paint. Clean the dust on the outside surface of the machine. In the sliding surface and the work surface coated with the machine to make the oil.

Carefully check the machine parts are required to add oil, cooling box is full of coolant. Machine hydraulic station, automatic lubrication device oil to the oil level instructions to the provisions of the site.

Check the electrical control box in the switch and components are normal, the plug-in integrated circuit board is in place.

Power to start the focus of lubrication installed Xuan, so that the lubrication parts and lubricating oil filled with lubricating oil. Do all the machine parts before the action of all preparations.

CNC machine tools are digital control machine short, is a program control system with automatic machine tools. The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions and decode it so that the machine moves and processes the part.

CNC machine tools and general machine compared to CNC machine tools have the following characteristics:

● high precision machining, with a stable processing quality;

● can be multi-coordinate linkage, can process the shape of complex parts;

● processing parts change, generally only need to change the NC program, can save production preparation time;

● high precision of the machine itself, high rigidity, can choose a favorable amount of processing, high productivity (usually 3 to 5 times the normal machine);

● High degree of machine automation, can reduce the labor intensity;

● the quality of the operator requirements are higher, the technical requirements for maintenance personnel higher.

3. Machine composition

● host, he is the main CNC machine tools, including machine tools, columns, spindle, feed and other mechanical parts. He is used to complete a variety of cutting mechanical parts.

● CNC device, is the core of CNC machine tools, including hardware (printed circuit boards, CRT monitors, key boxes, tape readers, etc.) and the corresponding software for the input of digital parts program, and complete the input information storage, data The transformation, interpolation operations and the realization of a variety of control functions.

● drive device, he is the CNC machine tool actuator drive components, including the spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor. He is under the control of the numerical control device through the electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system to achieve the spindle and feed drive. When several feed linkage, you can complete the positioning, straight line, plane curve and space curve processing.

● auxiliary equipment, CNC machine tools, some of the necessary supporting parts, to ensure the operation of CNC machine tools, such as cooling, chip removal, lubrication, lighting, monitoring and so on. It includes hydraulic and pneumatic devices, chip removal devices, exchange tables, CNC turntables and CNC dividing head, including cutting tools and monitoring devices.

● programming and other ancillary equipment, can be used to spare parts outside the machine programming, storage and so on.

Since 1952, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the world’s first CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools in the manufacturing industry, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and military industry is widely used, both in terms of hardware and software , Have a rapid development.

4. Quality control

If the use of ordinary lathes and long-term use of the lathe is not modified, only the purchase of new CNC lathe, it will increase the cost of many manufacturers of equipment. So manufacturers of ordinary lathes and long-term use of the lathe CNC transformation is the only way.

As a result of numerical control for the transformation of manufacturers, the more complex and chaotic, but how to transform the CNC machine tool quality control is what we have to explore the issue, in this talk about how to transform the quality control of CNC lathes.

Ordinary lathe CNC transformation is divided into the transformation of the new machine and the transformation of the old machine, the new machine transformation is the user to buy ordinary lathe or ordinary light machine (referring only to the bedside box and longitudinal, horizontal guide lathe), the transformation of manufacturers according to their requirements for numerical control Transformation. Old machine transformation refers to the user has been used in the ordinary lathe or CNC lathe renovation and numerical control transformation. Among them, the old machine transformation includes overhaul lathe transformation and old machine parts transformation. In this regard, the transformation of CNC lathe in the mechanical aspects of quality control methods, focusing on control points and inspection process.

1, the transformation of the new machine and the old machine overhaul lathe transformation must be the same as the following transformation

(1) Replace the X-axis, Z-axis screw, bearing, motor.

(2) increase the electric knife and spindle encoder.

(3) to increase the axial motor drive device, limit the running overtravel of the trip switch, install the inverter (customer needs) and for processing and security required for the electrical part.

(4) X-axis, Z-axis screw at both ends of the bearing surface with scraping, ball screw sub-bracket and bed saddle with scraping, bed and bed saddle rails with scraping.

(5) According to the need to increase the protective facilities, such as the screw to the protective cover, safety doors, travel switch protection device.

2, the transformation of the new machine and the old machine overhaul of different differences

(1) the new machine transformation of the spindle and tailstock part has not been changed, the spindle part and tailstock part of the need for re-transformation.

(2) Old machine overhaul lathe As a result of prolonged use, the rail has been worn, in order to ensure overhaul, can continue to use for a long time without deformation, must go through the quenching process, and then grinding rails, and grinding rails must ensure that the rail hardness ≥ HRRC47 The

(3) old machine overhaul lathe should be based on customer needs on the spindle part and tailstock part of the transformation and adjustment.

3, the new machine transformation and overhaul of the accuracy of machine tool inspection is an important test items

4, the new lathe transformation precision quality control is as follows

(1) scraper test. The transformation of the new lathe through the X-axis, Z-axis screw at both ends of the bearing surface with scraping, the ball screw sub-tray and bed saddle with scraping, bed and bed saddle rails with scraping. The spindle and tailstock parts of the lathe are not removed. The test method is as follows: with the mating surface for coloring, with each other to join the surface, and relative friction, and then scoop the surface scraper point test, and the combination of the use of the same time with the feeler test, which scraping points shall not be low At 6 o’clock / 25*25mm ,,.03mm plug plug stopper, not into.

(2) screw and guide parallelism test: the assembly screw, the parallel diameter of the screw and guide rail must be ≤ 0.02mm.

5, the user overhaul of the accuracy of the transformation of lathe

As a result of the grinding rail, the datum has been changed, so all the items in the accuracy test must be tested, and should be strictly controlled to ensure the use of the performance after the transformation.

6, overhaul of the transformation of the lathe and the new machine transformation of other important quality control points

(1) corrosion inspection: the horizontal, longitudinal guide surface, the spindle, the spindle flange, tailstock hollow sets.

(2) exposed non-paint surface must take anti-rust measures, such as cleaning, with grease and other anti-rust inspection: scraper surface, screw and bearings in the assembly must be cleaned before, , Iron and other dirty substances; inside the box, inside the protective cover without dust, dirt.

(3) Leakage inspection: Overhaul lathe modified spindle bearings and gears must be lubricated, overhauled lathe modification and new lathe transformation of the axial screw and bearing must be lubricated, must have a cooling device, and above the lubrication and cooling of the joint Department of oil, water tanks, etc. are not allowed to leak phenomenon.

(4) machine noise, temperature rise, speed, air run test:

① spindle in a variety of speeds for continuous air running 4min, which the maximum speed running time of not less than 2 hours. Machine running time ≥ 16h, arc, thread, cylindrical, end and other cycle turning simulation run test.

② spindle bearing temperature stability, the measured bearing temperature and temperature rise Rolling bearings: temperature ≤ 70 ℃, temperature ≤ 40 ℃; sliding bearings: temperature ≤ 60 ℃, temperature ≤ 30 ℃.

③ machine noise sound pressure level under the conditions of air run ≤ 83dB (A), and the machine is not normal screaming, the impact of sound. The direction of the axis of the feed movement should be smooth, no obvious vibration, vibration and crawling phenomenon.

④ continuous air machine running test in the provisions of continuous air running time, no fault, reliable and stable operation.

(5) the replacement of the user parts (including the maintenance of the machine part): the replacement of the lathe parts of the project more, mainly to replace the spindle bearings, axial screw, axial motor, axial bearings and systems.

① replacement of the spindle bearings: the replacement of the spindle bearings in order to ensure the processing of cylindrical and end surface accuracy, must be replaced after the bearing, the first test spindle noise in the absence of abnormal circumstances, the whole sound noise level shall not exceed 83dB (A) , And then the processing accuracy test, and test the workpiece surface roughness.

② replace the axial screw test: check the location of the accuracy to ensure that within the specified range, run the run to achieve the normal operation of the normal impact of noise and noise. Replace the axial motor: the other items are not modified, then the test run only to run the noise test, the axial operation of all the normal impact and noise. To check its axial backlash to prevent the reverse difference in the assembly due to assembly does not meet the requirements.

③ replacement of axial bearings: the replacement of axial bearings, the need to ensure that the axial reverse of the difference to meet the requirements, and check all the normal noise.

④ replacement system test: the replacement of the system, it is only test the system function, test whether the system alarm phenomenon, and also test the test thread is normal (for the encoder with the lathe).

5. Three elements

5.1 Selection principle

Determine the basic principles of the three elements; according to the cutting requirements to determine the amount of apricidal knife ap, and then look at the table to get the amount of feed, and then through the table through the formula to calculate the main cutting speed U.

In many cases we can use empirical data to determine the value of these three elements.

5.2 Select a method

Practice has proved that the choice of reasonable cutting the amount of machine tools, tools, workpieces and technology and other factors. Reasonable choice of processing methods are as follows:

Roughing, the main to ensure a higher production efficiency, it should choose a larger amount of back to eat knife a. , The larger the feed rate, the cutting speed U selects the medium and low speed.

Finishing, the main parts to ensure the size and surface accuracy requirements, so choose a smaller amount of back to eat knife ap, a smaller feed, cutting speed U choose a higher speed.

Rough processing, the general should give full play to the potential of the machine and cutting tool cutting capacity. CNC lathe semi-finishing and finishing, should focus on how to ensure the quality of processing, and on this basis to maximize productivity. CNC lathe in the choice of cutting the amount should ensure that the tool can be processed to complete a part or to ensure that the durability of the tool is not less than a work class, at least not less than half of the working hours of the work class. CNC lathe factory specific value should be in accordance with the provisions of the machine tool manual, tool durability and practical experience selected.

(1) the choice of the knife. The choice of the amount of kneading knife to be based on machine tools, fixtures, tools and the stiffness of the workpiece and the machine to determine the power. In the case of the process system allows, as much as possible to choose a larger amount of back to eat knife. Except for the remainder of the subsequent process, the rest of the roughing allowance is cut as much as possible to minimize the number of passes.

Usually on a medium power machine, the roughing is 8-10 mm (unilateral). CNC lathe semi-finished back to eat knife for the amount of 0.5-5 mm; finishing when the amount of back to eat knife 0 2-1.5 mm.

(2) the amount of feed. Feed amount refers to the direction of the tool in the unit time. CNC lathe factory moving distance. The principle of determining the feed rate is that when the quality requirements of the workpiece are guaranteed, a higher feed rate can be selected to increase productivity. CNC lathe cutting, turning deep hole or fine car, you should choose a lower feed rate. The feed rate should be compatible with the spindle speed and the amount of knife. Roughing, the choice of feed rate is limited by the cutting force.

6. Debugging and acceptance

6.1 out of the box acceptance

Check the items in the box one by one in the random packing list and in the list of specific accessories in the contract. And do check records. Has the following:

Whether the box is intact, the appearance of the machine is not obvious damage, is rust, paint stripping;

Whether the technical information, whether complete;

Variety, specification, quantity

Spare parts, specifications, quantity

Tool variety, specification, quantity

Tool <blade> variety, specification, quantity;

Install attachments;

Electrical components, specifications, quantity

6.2 start test

After the machine is installed and commissioned, notify the manufacturer to commission the machine. The tests are as follows:

1, a variety of manual test

A. Manual operation test The accuracy of manual operation.

B. Jogging test

C. Spindle gear change test

D. Overtravel test

2, functional test

A. Use the keys, switches, manual control of the machine function test. The flexibility of the test action, the stability and the reliability of the function.

B. Select a spindle speed to do the spindle start, forward, reverse, stop the continuous test. Operation is not less than 7 times.

C. Spindle high, medium and low speed transformation test. Speed ​​command value and display value tolerance of ± 5%.

D. Choose a feed, in the XZ axis all the travel, continuous work feed and rapid feed test. Fast travel should be greater than 1/2 full stroke. Positive and negative and continuous operation of not less than 7 times.

E. In the X, Z axis of the whole trip, do low, medium and high feed conversion test. Turret turret for a variety of indexing clamping test.

F. Hydraulic, lubrication, cooling system to do sealing, lubrication, cooling test, so do not leak.

G. Chucks are clamped, loosened, flexible and reliable.

H. Spindle to do forward, reverse, stop and change the spindle speed test.

I. Turret turret for positive and negative direction index test.

J. Feeding mechanism to do low and medium feed for the rapid feed conversion test.

K. Test feed coordinate overtravel, manual data entry, position display, back reference point, program number indication and retrieval, program pause, program deletion, line interpolation, straight cut, taper cutting cycle, thread cutting cycle, round Arc cutting cycle, tool position compensation, pitch compensation, clearance compensation and other functions of the reliability, flexibility and so on.

3, air moving test

A. The main movement mechanism running test, the maximum speed section shall not be less than 1 hour, the spindle bearing temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, the temperature rise does not exceed 40 ℃;

B. Continuous air run test, the exercise time of not less than 8 hours, each cycle time is not greater than 15 minutes. Each cycle of the end of the parking, and simulation of loose card workpiece action, parking no more than a minute, and then continue to run.

4, load test

The user prepares drawings and blanks for typical parts, programs and inputs procedures under the guidance of the manufacturer’s commissioning personnel, selecting the cutting tools and cutting amounts. Load test can be carried out according to the following three steps, roughing, heavy cutting, fine car. Each step is divided into single cutting and cyclic cutting. After each cutting is completed, the actual dimensions of the machined parts of the parts are checked and compared with the command values. The precision of the machine under the load condition is checked, that is, the machining precision of the machine tool and the transposition accuracy of the turret.

5, acceptance

Machine out of the box acceptance, functional test, air run test, load test is completed, the processing of qualified products, you can apply for acceptance transfer procedures. If there is a problem, the manufacturer should be responsible for the settlement.

7. Basic composition

CNC lathe by the numerical control device, bed, spindle box, tool holder feeding system, tailstock, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system, chip conveyor and other components.

CNC lathe is divided into vertical CNC lathes and horizontal CNC lathe two types.

Vertical CNC lathe for turning a larger diameter disc parts turning.

Horizontal CNC lathes are used for turning of axially long or small disc parts.

Horizontal CNC lathe can be further divided into economic CNC lathes, ordinary CNC lathes and turning centers.

(1) Economical CNC lathe: the use of stepper motor and single-chip lathe of the ordinary lathe feed system to transform the formation of a simple CNC lathe. Low cost, the degree of automation and function are relatively poor, turning accuracy is not high, for less demanding parts of the turning parts of the turning.

(2) ordinary CNC lathe: According to the requirements of turning in the structure of the specially designed, equipped with a common CNC system and the formation of CNC lathes. CNC system function, automation and processing accuracy is relatively high, suitable for general turning parts of the turning process. This CNC lathe can simultaneously control two axes, the x-axis and the z-axis.

Turning center

(3) turning machining center: on the basis of ordinary CNC lathe, an increase of C-axis and power head, more advanced machine tool with a magazine, can control the X, Z and C three axes, linkage control axis can be (X, Z), (X, C) or (Z, C). As a result of the increase in the C-axis and milling power head, this CNC lathe processing capabilities greatly enhanced, in addition to the general turning, but also for radial and axial milling, surface milling, the center line is not part of the rotation center hole and diameter Drilling to the hole and other processing.

Hydraulic chuck and hydraulic tailstock

Hydraulic chuck is an important accessory for clamping the workpiece during CNC turning. For ordinary rotary parts, ordinary hydraulic chucks can be used. If the parts are not cylindrical parts, special chucks are required. A spring chuck is required to machine parts.

For parts with larger axial and radial dimensions, it is necessary to support the end of the part with the movable tip mounted on the hydraulic tailstock to ensure proper machining of the part. The tailstock has a common hydraulic tailstock and a programmable hydraulic tailstock.

Universal tool holder

The lathe of a CNC lathe

CNC lathes can be equipped with two kinds of knives:

(1) dedicated turret by the lathe manufacturers to develop their own, the use of the handle is also dedicated. The advantage of this knife is the low cost of manufacturing, but the lack of versatility.

(2) Universal turret According to a certain general standards (such as VDI, the German Association of Engineers) and the production of the knife, CNC lathe manufacturers can be selected according to the functional requirements of CNC lathe configuration.

Milling power head

CNC lathe knife on the installation of milling power head can greatly expand the processing capacity of CNC lathes. Such as: the use of milling power head axial drilling and milling axial groove.

CNC lathe tool

When turning parts on CNC lathes or turning centers, the position of the tool on the turret should be arranged scientifically and scientifically according to the tool holder structure of the lathe and the number of tools that can be installed. Take care to avoid the tool at rest and work With the machine tool, tool and workpiece and the tool between the interference between the phenomenon.

8. Conditions of use

The normal use of CNC lathes must meet the following conditions, the location of the machine where the power supply voltage fluctuations, the ambient temperature is less than 30 degrees, the relative temperature is less than 80%.

8.1 Environmental requirements

The location of the machine should be kept away from the vibration source, should avoid the direct sunlight and the impact of thermal radiation, to avoid the impact of moisture and air. If there is vibration near the machine, the machine should be set around the anti-ditch. Otherwise it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability, will make the electronic components of poor contact, failure, affecting the reliability of the machine.

8.2 Power Requirements

General CNC lathe installed in the machine shop, not only the ambient temperature changes, the use of poor conditions, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the grid. Therefore, the installation of CNC lathe location, the need for strict control of the power supply voltage. The supply voltage fluctuation must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal operation of CNC system.

8.3 Temperature conditions

The temperature of the CNC lathe is less than 30 degrees, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. In general, CNC control box is equipped with internal fan or chillers to keep electronic components, especially the central processor operating temperature is constant or the temperature difference is very small. Excessive temperature and humidity will cause the control system components to be reduced in life and lead to increased failures. Increased temperature and humidity, increased dust will cause bonding on the integrated circuit board and lead to short circuit.

8.4 Specifications Use of machine tools

When the user is using the machine, it is not allowed to change the parameters set by the manufacturer in the control system. The setting of these parameters is directly related to the dynamic characteristics of the machine parts. Only the gap compensation parameter values ​​can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Users can not arbitrarily replace the machine tool accessories, such as the use of instructions beyond the provisions of the hydraulic chuck. In the installation of accessories, the factory fully consider the matching of the various parameters. Blind replacement caused by the link parameters of the mismatch, and even cause the estimated accident.

The use of hydraulic chuck, hydraulic turret, hydraulic tailstock, hydraulic cylinder pressure, should be within the allowable stress range, does not allow any increase.

9. Tooling lathe

Determine the processing route

Processing route refers to the NC machine tool processing, the relative movement of the tool parts and direction.

1, should be able to ensure processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements;

2., should try to shorten the processing route, reducing the tool empty travel time.

The connection between the processing route and the machining allowance

In the CNC lathe has not yet reached the universal use of the conditions, the general should be too much blank on the margin, especially with the forging, casting hard layer of the remaining arrangements in the ordinary lathe processing. If you must use CNC lathe processing, you should pay attention to the flexible arrangements for the program.

3, fixture installation points

The connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is achieved by the pull rod. The main points of the hydraulic chuck are as follows: first remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder with the hand, remove the pull tube and withdraw it from the rear end of the spindle Move the chuck screw to remove the chuck.

10. Structure and code

The NC car program can be divided into three parts: program start, program content and program end.

The first part of the program begins

The main definition of the program number, call out the parts processing coordinate system, processing tools, start the spindle, open the coolant and other aspects of the content.

Part II Program content section

Program content is the main part of the entire program, composed of multiple blocks. Each block consists of a number of words, each word by the address code and a number of numbers.

Part III of the end of the program

At the end of the program, the tool holder is required to return to the reference point or the machine reference point for the safety position of the next tool change, while the spindle is stopped, the coolant is turned off, the program is selected to stop or end the program.

CNC machine tool programming

1. CNC machine tool programming method

CNC machine tool programming methods are three: that is, manual programming, automatic programming and

Machining Center CAD / CAM.

1, manual programming

By the manual parts to complete the analysis, process, numerical calculation, writing the program list until the program input and test. Suitable for point machining or less complex parts of the geometry, however, it is time-consuming and prone to error when compiling complex parts.

2, automatic programming

The use of computer or program machine to complete the process of preparation of parts procedures for complex parts is very convenient.

3, CAD / CAM

Using CAD / CAM software, to achieve modeling and image automatic programming. The most typical software is Master CAM, which can complete the milling of two coordinates, three coordinates, four coordinates and five coordinates, turning, wire cutting programming, although the software is a single function, but easy to learn, the price is low.

2. The contents and steps of CNC machine tool programming

1, the main content of CNC machine tools programming

Analysis of parts drawings, to determine the processing process, the mathematical processing, the preparation of procedures list, production control media, the program checks, enter the program and the workpiece test cut.

2, the steps of CNC machine tools

1) Analyze part pattern and process

According to the pattern of the geometric shape of the parts size, technical requirements for analysis, clear the processing of the content and requirements, determine the processing program to determine the processing sequence, design fixture, select the tool to determine a reasonable route and choose a reasonable cutting and so on.

At the same time should also play the functions of CNC system and CNC machine tool itself, the right choice of knife point, cut into the way, to minimize such as tool change, indexing and other auxiliary time.

2) Mathematical processing

Before programming, according to the geometric characteristics of the parts, the first to establish a workpiece coordinate system,

CNC system functions according to the requirements of parts drawings, the development of processing routes, in the establishment of the workpiece coordinate system, the first calculation of the tool movement trajectory. For parts with relatively simple shapes (such as straight and circular parts), you only need to calculate the starting point, end point of the geometric element, the center of the arc, the intersection of the two geometric elements, or the coordinates of the tangent point.

3) Write the part program list

After the processing route and process parameters are determined, the parts program list is prepared according to the specified code and block format specified by the CNC system.

4) Program input

5) program verification and the first test cut

The structure of NC machining program

1, the composition of the program: composed of multiple blocks.

2, the program format.

11. Processing object

In the metal processing in the ordinary lathe can be mounted on the parts of the rotary body can be processed in the CNC lathe. However, CNC lathes with high precision machining, can do straight and circular interpolation and in the metal processing process can automatically change the characteristics of its process range is much wider than the average machine.

CNC lathe rigidity, manufacturing and tooling high precision, easy and accurate access to manual compensation and automatic compensation, so, can handle the size of the higher precision parts. In addition, the CNC turning tool movement is achieved through high precision interpolation motion and servo drive, plus the rigidity of the machine and the manufacturing precision is high, so it can process the straightness of the bus, roundness, Requires high parts. For arcs and other contours, the shape of the machined shapes and the geometries required on the drawings are much closer to those of the profiled lathe.

CNC lathe with constant linear cutting function, so you can use the best line speed to cut the cone and face, so that after turning the surface roughness value is small and consistent, the processing of surface roughness value of small and uniform parts.

CNC lathes can not only turn any straight lead, tip and end thread of the lead, but also the smooth transition between the variable lead and the variable lead. CNC lathe turning thread when the spindle does not have to change as an ordinary lathe, it can knife and knife to cycle, until the completion, so the efficiency of CNC lathe thread is high.

12.Other references

Universal Milling Machine
Horizontal Milling Machine
Vertical Milling Machine
Tapping Machine
Water Jet Cutting Machine
Plasma Cutting Machine
EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAD(Computer Aided Design)
cnc router

13.List of CNC Turning Machine Manufacturers

Akira Seiki Co. Ltd.Taiwanmediumhorizontal2,3turning center
Arco Cheer EnterpriseTaiwanmediumhorizontal3flat type cnc lathe
Campro Precision MachineryTaiwanmediumhorizontal3turning center, turn mill
Mario Carnaghi SPAItalylargevertical3cnc lathe
CMI DURANGOSpainlargevertical32 column vertical lathe
EMCOAustriamediumvertical3,5cnc turn mill, cnc turning center, high performance turning center, precision lathes
Fair Friend EnterpriseTaiwanmediumhorizontal, vertical2,3cnc lathe
FrejothTaiwanmedium, largehorizontal, vertical2,3flat bed lathe, slant bed lathe, heavy duty lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe
GoratuSpainlargehorizontal3horizontal lathe, multiprocess lathe, vertical lathe, railway lathe
Hannsa PrecisionTaiwanmediumhorizontal2box way lathe, linear way lathe
Hegenscheidt – MFDGermanylargehorizontal, vertical2underfloor wheelset lathe, portal wheelset lathe, mobile wheelset lathe
Huron GraffenstadenFrancemediumhorizontal, vertical3lathe, turning center, oval lathe, twin spindle turning machine, multi-task turn mill
Jangsu Feiya Machine ToolChinamediumhorizontal2manual lathe, cnc lathe
Jyoti CNC AutomationJapanmediumhorizontal, vertical2,3horizontal turning center, vertical turning center, oval turning center
KAASTGermanymedium, largehorizontal, vertical2,3engine lathe, vertical lathe, heavy duty lathe, slant bed lathe, flat bed lathe, turret lathe, heavy duty facing lathe, teach-style lathe
KNUTHGermanysmall,medium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3bench lathe, heavy duty lathe, box way lathe, tube turning lathe, mill turns, mini lathe, turret lathe, swiss type cnc lathe, slant bed lathe
KOVOSVITCzechmediumhorizontal2,3,5cnc lathe, cnc turning center, cnc turn mill
NILES-SIMMONSGermanymedium,largehorizontal2,3cnc slant bed lathe, heavy duty lathe
OPTIMUMGermanymedium,largehorizontal2,3screw lathe, center lathe, precision lathe
RaisBulgariamediumhorizontal2,3slant bed lathe, flat bed lathe, 2 spindle lathe
Pro RichYoungTaiwanmediumhorizontal, vertical2,3slant bed lathe, flat bed lathe, cnc vertical lathe, automatic lathe
RomiBrazilmedium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3,5turning center, vertical turning center, heavy duty cnc lathe, cnc vertical lathe
SahosCzechmediumhorizontal2cnc center lathe
Skoda Machine ToolCzechlargehorizontal3heavy duty cnc center lathe
DanobatSpainmedium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3,5universal lathe, coupling machining lathe, pipe machining lathe, valve machining lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe, vertical turning center
TongtaiTaiwanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3vertical cnc lathe, vertical turn mill, cnc turning center
TrevisanItalymedium,largevertical2,3cnc vertical lathe, double spindle lathe
Waldrich SiegenGermanylargehorizontal,vertical2,3heavy duty horizontal lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe, heavy duty turning center
WeingärtnerAustrialargehorizontal2,3heavy duty lathe, heavy duty turn mill
WEMASGermanylargehorizontal,vertical2,3heavy duty lathe, vertical lathe, double spindle lathe
YCMTaiwanmediumhorizontal2,3turning center, cnc lathe, high performance turning machine
Zhejiang HeadmanChinamediumhorizontal2,3turning center, flexible manufacturing system, cnc lathe
Nantong JiarongChinamediumhorizontal,vertical2bench lathe, engine lathe, gap bed lathe, big bore gap bed lathe, double spindle lathe, double column vertical lathe
HardingeUSAmediumhorizontal2,3cnc lathe, cnc turning center
OverbeckGermanymediumhorizontal,vertical2,3hard turning machine, vertical lathe
Slovacke StrojirnyCzechlargehorizontal2,3heavy duty center lathe, multifuntional turning center
Accut MachineryChinalargevertical2,3heavy duty vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe, double spindle vertical lathe, portal lathe
Accuway MachineryTaiwanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc lathe, cnc vertical lathe, multitasking turning center
ACE MicromaticIndiasmall,mediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc lathe, turnmill, twin spindle lathe, cnc vertical lathe
Alex-Tech MachineryTaiwanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc lathe, universal lathe, vertical lathe, y axis lathe
Carl BenzingerGermanymini,smallhorizontal3,5high precision cnc lathe, mini cnc lathe, jewelry lathe, watchmaker lathe, 5 axis turn mill, twin spindle lathe, multi spindle lathe
BigliaItalymediumhorizontal3,5cnc turning center, bar turning machine, integrated turn mill
BostSpainlargehorizontal,vertical3horizontal turning milling lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe, twin spindle vertical lathe
Pietro CarnaghiItalymedium,largevertical2,3vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe
CastekItalymediumvertical2,3vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe
Citizen Machinery MiyanoJapansmall,mediumhorizontal2,3sliding stock cnc automatic lathe, twin spindle lathe, high precision turning machine
CMZ MachinerySpainmediumhorizontal2,3cnc lathe, cnc turning machine, cnc turning center
600 UKUKmediumhorizontal2cnc lathe, cnc center lathe
COMEVItalymediumhorizontal2conventional lathe, manual lathe, heavy duty lathe, horizontal lathe
DMCSouth Koreamediumhorizontal2,3cnc turning center, horizontal turning center
DMG ECOLINEAustriamediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc lathe, cnc turning machine
DMTGermanymediumhorizontal2manual lathe, cnc lathe
DSK MachinerySouth Korealargehorizontal,vertical2,3heavy duty vertical lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe
DugardUKmedium, largehorizontal2,3sub spindle cnc lathe, automatic lathe, twin spindle lathe, multi axis cnc turning center, programmable tailstock cnc lathe, slant bed lathe, heavy duty lathe, multi function cnc lathe
DugardTaiwanmediumhorizontal2cnc inclined bed lathe, cnc turning center, high precision lathe, high speed lathe
EmsilRomaniamediumhorizontal, vertical2cnc turning center, cnc lathe
ErgomatBrazilmediumhorizontal2cam lathe, automatic lathe, multi slide cnc lathe, multi slide compact turning center, double turret cnc lathe, high precision cnc lathe
FATPolandmedium, largehorizontal2,3horizontal cnc lathe, heavy duty cnc lathe, cnc slant bed lathe, conventional lathe, manual lathe
Focus CNCTaiwanmedium, largehorizontal2linearways cnc lathe, boxways cnc lathe, compound cnc lathe, aluminum wheel cnc lathe, heavy duty cnc lathe
Force One MachineryTaiwanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc lathe, turning center, vertical lathe, cnc heavy duty vertical lathe
Dalian FulltonChinalargehorizontal,vertical2heavy duty lathe, horizontal lathe, vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe, manual lathe, cnc lathe
GDWGermanysmallhorizontal2,3manual lathe, cnc lathe, horizontal lathe, precision lathe
Heinrich GeorgGermanylargehorizontal2,3cnc roll lathe, cnc turbine lathe, cnc universal lathe
Giuseppe GianaItalylargehorizontal2,32 bed guideways cnc lathe, heavy duty cnc lathe
DMG MoriGermanymediumhorizontal,vertical2,3,5universal cnc lathe, turn mill center, twin spindle lathe, high performance lathe, cnc vertical lathe
GoodwayTaiwanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3,5multi axis turning machine, vertical turning machine, horizontal turning machine, Swiss type turning machine, wheel turning machine, bar feeder
GurutzpeSpainlargehorizontal2,3heavy duty lathe, 2 guideway lathe, 4 guideway lathe, B series lathe, wheel lathe, windmill shaft lathe, petroleum drill pipe lathe, roll lathe, generator shaft lathe
HankookSouth Koreamedium, largehorizontal,vertical2,3heavy duty cnc lathe, horizontal lathe, vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe
Hanwha TechMSouth Koreamediumhorizontal2,3cnc lathe, cnc turning center
Colchester-HarrisonUKmediumhorizontal2,3center lathe, cnc lathe, manual lathe, 2 axis lathe, 3 axis lathe
HembrugNetherlandsmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3,4slant bed cnc lathe, universal cnc turning machine, 4 axis vertical turning machine
HirscheiderGermanymediumhorizontal2end facing machine, OD turning machine
HWACHEONSouth Koreamedium,largehorizontal2,3horizontal turning center, box way turning center, turning center for long shaft, heavy duty cnc lathe, large cnc roll lathe
Hyundai WiaSouth Koreamediumhorizontal2,3cnc turning center
IMT IntermatoItalymedium,largevertical2,3high speed lathe, vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe
INDEX-WerkeGermanymediumhorizontal,vertical2,3,5production turning machine, multi spindle turning machine, turn mill center, vertical turning center, turn grind center
Ingersoll CM SystemsUSmedium,largehorizontal2,3camshaft turning machine, crankshaft turning machine
InventhorGermanymediumvertical2,3vertical turning center, twin spindle turning center, cnc vertical lathe
Jarng YeongTaiwanmediumhorizontal2cnc lathe, automatic lathe, dual spindle lathe, swiss type lathe, multitasking cnc lathe, sliding head type cnc lathe
Jesco MachineryTaiwanmediumhorizontal2,3high speed precision lathe, flat bed teach in lathe, slant bed cnc lathe
Jinn Fa MachineTaiwanmediumhorizontal2,3Swiss type cnc lathe, turret type cnc lathe, compact lathe, automatic lathe
Zhejiang KaidaChinamedium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3cnc vertical lathe, universal turning center, large turning center, face turning machine, thread turning machine, cnc turn mill, heavy duty turning machine
KREWEMAGermanylargehorizontal2,3horizontal cnc lathe, heavy duty turning machine
Kummer FreresSwitzerlandmediumhorizontal2high precision lathe, 12 station turret lathe, 15 station turret lathe, twin spindle lathe, cnc lathe automation line, cnc lathe
MACPOWERIndiamediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc turning center, cnc turn mill center, cnc vertical lathe
MAIERGermanymediumhorizontal2,3Swiss type turning machine, automatic lathe, cnc turning center
MANURHIN K’MXFrancemediumhorizontal2,3Swiss type lathe, cnc lathe, automatic lathe
MatechTaiwansmall, mediumhorizontal,vertical2,3slant bed cnc lathe, piston turning machine, ultra precision turning center, nana class turning machine
MAUSItalymediumvertical2vertical turning machine, cnc vertical lathe
MCMItalymediumhorizontal2horizontal lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe
Mekay MakinaTurkeymediumhorizontal2,3cnc lathe, horizontal lathe
A. MonfortsGermanymediumhorizontal2,3cnc turning center, double spindle cnc lathe, high precision cnc lathe, mill turn drill center, high performance turning center
Murata MachineryJapansmall,mediumhorizontal2,3twin spindle cnc chucker, cnc chucker, cnc turning center, cnc lathe, in-line opposed twin spindle turning machine, cnc shaft turning machine, self loading chucker
Nakamura-TomeJapansmall,mediumhorizontal2,3ATC super multitasking lathe, twin spindle turret lathe, opposed twin spindle and twin turret lathe, cnc turning center, cnc turning line
Ningjiang Machine ToolChinamediumvertical2vertical turning machine
OMG ZanolettiItalymedium,largehorizontal2,3horizontal lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe
OMOSCzechlargevertical2,3cnc vertical lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe
PINACHOSpainmedium,largehorizontal2cnc horizontal lathe
PittlerGermanymedium,largevertical2,3cnc vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe
Quick-Tech MachineryTaiwanmediumhorizontal2,3sliding stock cnc lathe automation, cnc turn mill center, cnc turret lathe
RAFAMETPolandlargehorizontal,vertical2,3double column cnc turning center, vertical turn mill center, cnc wheel reprofiling lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe,
RASOMAGermanymedium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3,4vertical turning center, 4 axis shaft turning center, turn mill center, end machining center
SafopItalymedium,largehorizontal2,3horizontal lathe, axle turning machine, wheel turning machine, turning and grinding machine, shaft turning lathe
SalaItalysmallhorizontal2,3high precision cnc turning machine, multispindle turning machine, diamond cnc turning machine, multispindle turning centers for bar, tube, coil, castings, forgings
SchaublinSwitzerlandmini,smallhorizontal2,3high precision mini lathe, mini cnc lathe, 3 axis turning center, high precision production turning machine, cnc lathe automation, cnc turn grind center
Scherer FeinbauGermanymediumvertical2,3cnc vertical lathe, flexible turning center, twin spindle turning machine, vertical shaft turning center
SCHIESSGermanylargevertical2,3heavy duty vertical lathe
SchütteGermanymediumhorizontal2,3multiple spindle automatic lathe, high performance cnc turning machine, multi spindle cnc turning center
SCHUSTERGermanymediumvertical2,3flexible turning center, pick up turning center, turn grind machine, twin spindle lathe, vertical turn mill cell, vertical turning hobbing cell, end facing cell
Willi SeigerGermanymediumhorizontal2,3cycle controlled lathe, facing lathe, bench lathe, special lathe
SELICATaiwanmediumhorizontal22 axis cnc lathe, y axis cnc lathe, Swiss type cnc lathe, vertical cnc lathe
SEMAAustriamediumhorizontal2slant bed cnc lathe
SIRMUItalylargevertical2vertical turning machine, wheel set turning machine
SPINNERGermanysmallhorizontal2high precision cnc lathe, high performance cnc turning center, turret cnc lathe
Star MicronicsJapansmallhorizontal2,3Swiss type lathe, 3 turret cnc lathe, y axis cnc turning center, automatic cnc lathe
TAJMAC-ZPSCzechmediumhorizontal2cnc sliding stock lathe, Swiss type cnc lathe, multispindle cnc turning center
TakamatsuJapanmediumhorizontal,vertical2high speed turning machine, multispindle chuck automate, cnc vertical turning machines
TakisawaJapanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc lathe for long workpiece, cnc turn mill center, twin spindle cnc lathe, twin turret twin spindle cnc lathe, combination lathe
JashicoTaiwanmediumhorizontal2,3cnc turning center, c axis turning center, large cnc turning center, multi axis turning center, manual lathe, toolroom lathe
TornosSwitzerlandmediumhorizontal2multispindle Swiss type lathe, multispindle cnc lathe
TranscoGermanymediumhorizontal2,3axle joint lathe, multispindle chucker automates, single spindle chucking automates, twin spindle automatic lathe
TRAUBGermanymediumhorizontal2,3cnc turning machine, high speed automatic lathe, bar automates, chuck automates
TsugamiJapanmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc Swiss type lathe, twin spindle cnc lathe, cnc vertical lathe, cnc turn mill center, y axis cnc turning center, high precision cnc lathe
Union MechatronicTaiwanlargehorizontal2,3heavy duty lathe, bar turning lathe, crankshaft turning machine, camshaft turning machine, roll turning machine, wheel set turning machine, cnc turning center
Weiss MachineryChinamedium,largehorizontal2variable speed lathe, bench lathe, engine lathe, heavy duty lathe, combination lathe
WEISSERGermanymediumhorizontal2,3cnc pick up lathe, cnc precision lathe, twin spindle pick up lathe, cnc precision pick up lathe
ZiegenhainGermanymediumhorizontal2,3cnc vertical lathe
WohlenbergGermanylargehorizontal2,3cnc horizontal lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe, heavy duty turning machine, heavy duty mill turn center
YU SHINETaiwanlargevertical2,3heavy duty vertical lathe, double column turning machine
Yunnan CY GroupChinamediumhorizontal2,3cnc lathe, cnc disc lathe
ZMMBulgariamediumhorizontal2conventional lathe, universal lathe, cnc lathe, automatic lathe
Acer SpringwoodUSmediumvertical2cnc turning center
Bardons & OliverUSmediumhorizontal2cnc lathe, cut off lathe, 4 axis turning center, 2 axis big bore lathe, 4 axis sub spindle lathe, 4 axis center drive lathe, 4 axis disc lathe, slant bed lathe
Clausing IndustrialUSmediumhorizontal2,3large swing cnc lathe, cnc combination lathe, cnc turning center
Doosan InfracoreUSmediumhorizontal,vertical2,3horizontal turning center, vertical turning center, multitasking cnc turning center
Ecotech MachineryUSlargehorizontal2,3cnc flat bed lathe, big bore oil country cnc lathe, manual facing lathe, cnc facing lathe, heavy duty horizontal lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe
Eurotech EliteUSmediumhorizontal2,3multi axis turn mill center, multi axis Swiss type automatic lathe
Fryer MachineUSmedium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3toolroom lathe, vertical turret lathe, slant bed turning machine, heavy duty cnc lathe
Ganesh MachineryUSmediumhorizontal2,3multi axis bar turning machine, cnc turn mill center, cnc slant bed lathe
HurcoUSmediumhorizontal2,3cnc lathe, horizontal turn mill center
Marubeni Citizen-CincomUSsmallhorizontal2,3Swiss type turning center, fixed headstock turning center
MilltronicsUSmediumhorizontal2,3slant bed turning center
MTABIndiamediumhorizontal2cnc turning center, turret turning machine
OkumaJapanmedium,largehorizontal,vertical2,3horizontal cnc lathe, vertical cnc lathe
Southwestern IndustriesUSsmall,mediumhorizontal,vertical2cnc lathe, cnc turning machine
Toyoda MachineryJapanmedium,largevertical2,3heavy duty vertical lathe, vertical turning machine
Machinery SolutionsUSAmediumhorizontal2engine lathe, toolroom lathe
New WayChinamediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc horizontal lathe, cnc vertical lathe
Citizen MachineryGermanymediumhorizontal2sliding head automatic lathe, fix head automatic lathe,
EMAGGermanymediumhorizontal,vertical2,3cnc vertical lathe, multi spindle automatics, vertical turning center, shaft turning center
FFG WerkeGermanymediumhorizontal,vertical2,3universal cnc lathe, horizontal turning center, horizontal turn mill center, vertical turning center
MaierGermanymediumhorizontal2,3cnc Swiss type lathe
Konrad SeidlerGermanymediumvertical2,3cnc vertical lathe,
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LehrwerkstätteSwitzerlandmediumhorizontal2manual horizontal lathe, cnc horizontal lathe
WEYRAUCHGermanymediumhorizontal2manual lathe, cycle controlled lathe
Wuhan HeavyChinalargevertical2cnc vertical lathe, heavy duty vertical lathe, double column vertical lathe
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Jinan FirstChinamediumhorizontal,vertical2cnc horizontal lathe, cnc vertical lathe