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Company intro:

Accut Machinery Co. Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of heavy duty vertical lathe, boring mill, gantry milling machines.

Company highlights:

ACCUT Machinery is a heavy duty machine tool specialist supplying the latest turning, boring and milling technology to worldwide customers specializing in machine tools with high demanding performances and special design upon customer requests, is today active on the market in the production of: Vertical turning lathe; Boring mill; Gantry machining centre.

Intro video:

Company headquarter:


Registered office: No.572 Zhongshan Road,

Dalian 116021, P.R.


Phone: +86-(0)411-84804589

Fax: + 86-(0)411-84801649

Number of employees:


Year founded:


Annual revenue:


Products built:

VBM5110 – V Machine

VBM5112- V Machine

VBM5116- V Machine

VBM5120- V Machine

VBM5125- V Machine

VBM5130- V Machine

C5225 -Conventional double column VTL machine

C5228 -Conventional double column VTL machine

C5231-Conventional double column VTL machine

C5235 -Conventional double column VTL machine

C5240 -Conventional double column VTL machine

C5240H-Conventional double column VTL machine

C5250 -Conventional double column VTL machine

C5263-Conventional double column VTL machine

CK5225-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5228-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5231-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5235-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5240-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5240H-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5250-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5263-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5280-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK52100-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK52130-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK52160-Double Column VTL-CNC VTL Machine

CK5112-CNC Single Column VTL machine

CK5116-CNC Single Column VTL machine

CK5120-CNC Single Column VTL machine

CK5123-CNC Single Column VTL machine

CK5126-CNC Single Column VTL machine

MBC32-Movable Column & Beam Gantry Machining Centre

MBC42-Movable Column & Beam Gantry Machining Centre

MBC52-Movable Column & Beam Gantry Machining Centre

MBC62-Movable Column & Beam Gantry Machining Centre

FBMC32-Movable Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBMC42-Movable Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBMC52-Movable Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBMC62-Movable Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBC18-Fixed Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBC22-Fixed Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBC26-Fixed Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBC32-Fixed Column Gantry Machining Centre

FBC36-Fixed Column Gantry Machining Centre

TK6913-CNC Floor Type Boring Mill machine

TK6916-CNC Floor Type Boring Mill machine

TK6920-CNC Floor Type Boring Mill machine

TK6926-CNC Floor Type Boring Mill machine

T6913 -Conventional Floor Type Boring Mill machine

T6916 -Conventional Floor Type Boring Mill machine

T6920 -Conventional Floor Type Boring Mill machine

T6926-Conventional Floor Type Boring Mill machine

TK6513-Planer Type Boring Mill machine

TK6516-Planer Type Boring Mill machine

TPX618-Table Type Boring Mill machine

TPX6111-Table Type Boring Mill machine

TPX6111A-Table Type Boring Mill machine

TPX6111B-Table Type Boring Mill machine

TPX6113-Table Type Boring Mill machine

TPX6113A-Table Type Boring Mill machine

Industries served:

Wind Energy Industry

Aviation Industry

Shipbuilding Industry

Markets engaged:


Markets interested:


Distributors sought:


Hiring program:


Training program: