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Aircraft Appliances and Equipment Limited (AAE) is a diversified company engaged in the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul, and distribution of equipment for aircraft and naval ships. Founded in 1949, AAE’s rapidly growing capability is supported by an 80,000 square foot facility. Initially, the company’s operation was the repair and overhaul of aircraft accessories and the distribution of aircraft electrical product accessories to Canadian owners and users of aircraft built by U.S. companies. Over time expertise has been developed in the areas of design engineering and manufacturing. In 1959 the firm designed and began the manufacture of fuel filters and also pioneered the development of coalescers for the separation of water and solid contaminants from lubricating and fuel systems for marine gas turbine power plants. The design and manufacture of aircraft tachometer generators commenced in 1966. Thes… e generators, meet all the requirements of MS25038-1.-2,-4, and GEU-7/A. They are primarily designed to provide power for speed-indication systems in aircraft, including helicopters for both military and commercial appli- cation. AAE has also designed and manufactured voltage regulators again for both military and commercial use. The Repair and Overhaul Division is a Department of National Defence and Ministry of Transport approved facility for the repair and overhaul of commercial and military aircraft equipment, ground support equipment, power supplies, generator test stands, and test equipment of all kinds. The division services automatic flight controls, sensing devices, electrical power system components, pumping systems components, ground power units, motor generators, and fuel test stands. The company is registered to quality assurance standard, ISO 9001-2000 and AS9100B In the field of avionics testing equipment, the company offers a Universal Avionic Component Tester, a self-contained manual tester with flexible capability, power control, signal service, and measuring devices. It also repairs, overhauls, and rewinds stators, armatures, and rotors for aircraft rotating equipment. As repair and overhaul is a crucial aspect of product support, AAE provides and exchange program on many of its products and offers a 24 hour, seven days a week AOG service for its aviation customers. More than 30 years’ experience in research and development by the Fluid Power Division has resulted in the installation of AAE equipment on many U.S. and Canadian naval ships. Instal- lations range from simple in-line filters to duplex coalescers that automatically change over from clogged filter elements to clean ones. They come complete with service indicators, pressure and temperature gauges, heaters, automatic level controls, safety locks, and other features. The equipment can accommodate flow rates from 0.1 g.p.m. to 200 g.p.m., and many designs meet rigid military standards for shock and vibration. Several patented designs are available in different alloys to cope with the most demanding shocks-from arctic vessels to the high-frequency vibrations of hydrofoils and surface-effects ships. Micronic filters and pipeline strainers have been produced for the most advanced navies in the world. Major filtration systems are being supplied to all U.S. and Canadian built frigates and destroyers. In the area of the test equipment, AAE ha designed and manufactures a test stand to support the P-3/CP140 Series Aircraft engine driven compressor. The stand delivers advanced diagnostic performance data on the unit thus allowing for service depot level maintenance. This stand is available with a full logistics support package. Other equipment, offered includes MC2 conversions, accelerometer testers, inverter test stands and various other electrical/electronic/hydraulic test stands. The Technical Sales and Service Division functions as a stocking distributor for products manufactured by others. Selling equipment to the Canadian aerospace industry, this division has distribution rights for aircraft electrical, avionics, and fuel accessories produced by divisions of leading heading reference units, land navigation systems, muzzle velocity radar, display and transceiver units, self-lubricating bearings, anti-corrosion protective components and a wide range of other commercial and military related products.   more

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