305 Baffin St DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX, Quebec H9A 3G4 Canada
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DDI is a well-established company (since 1980) experienced in the design and manufacture of plate type CUBE, NON-PLUG ABLE, Heat Exchangers specifically suitable for Heat Recovery applications, from liquid waste materials containing large size solids such as municipal sludges & other processes. Our unique Heat Exchanger & Recovery design was developed with an input of large capital and R&D investment, & solutions provided by several top design Engineers working on R&D with the Government help & encouragement. In every industry the Heat Recovery and Energy savings have become even more critical. DDI has designed and installed Sludge Heat Exchangers that have been in operations for as long as 10 (Ten) years without the need for any maintenance. We are Seeking sales representatives Our specialized type of HEAT EXCHANGERS destined…  for: A) Recovery of Wasted Heat in Sewage Treatment Plants (or other industries), by preheating of Raw sludge with the outgoing sludges. B) Preheating of Raw Sludge with hot liquid before introduction to the anaerobic digesters. C) Cooling of Digested Sludge. The cost for this innovative Heat Recovery Equipment could be recovered within a few years, allowing for substantial Savings to the Municipality or Industry, year after year. With the use of DDI equipment, ENVIRONMENTAL benefits can be realized together with Reduced Maintenance Costs. Advantages Of DDI “Cube”, ?Square? Non-Block Heat Exchanger and Heat RECOVERY Systems. 1) Larger Circumference compared to Tube in Shell (round). For the same flows area, LARGER Heat Transfer Surface. Please see at http://www.ddi-heatexchangers.com/compts.htm 2) Smaller foot print then Tube. Less area required (about 1/3). Please see at http://www.ddi-heatexchangers.com/compts.htm , # 3 3) More Turbulence flow then in Tube or Spiral. I.e. better Heat Transfer due to zigzag channels. 4) Non-Block design, (no spacers or obstacles as in Spiral type http://www.ddi-heatexchangers.com/CompSpiral.htm ). 5) Gaps of 3 Inches Minimum, i.e. No Sludge Blockage. 6) No need for expensive Macerator & Blades to grind Sludge. Savings of about 450,560 $, in 20 years. http://www.ddi-heatexchangers.com/pcompare.htm 7) Both sides have doors, with full access to internals. 8) Designed for Optimum Height (Non Plug) for each liquid, 9) Designed for Optimum Width, best FAST flows speed, to avoid BAKING. 10) Quotes with Viscosity =1 CPS as others, and with Computerized, assumed, more realistic Viscosities 4-40 CPS. 11) VERY LOW MAINTENANCE, once in a few years. (Some competition requires back flush every shift). 12) Can be used in Municipal, Agriculture or Pulp & Paper. 13) Can be manufactured from different metals or alloys. 14) Modular system, Can be used for Water-to-Sludge or Sludge-to-Sludge Heat Recovery. (Back up units, while not in use, could Be utilized as Sludge to Sludge Heat Recovery) 15) THICKNESS of minimum 0.25? which allows for Corrosion And ABRASIONS as well. (Tube HX has sometimes just 1/16? or 1/8? thick inner tube from Stainless Steel, it is OK against corrosion but NOT ENOUGH allowance against abrasive flow???) 16) HEAT RECOVERY, can have Payback within a year. http://www.ddi-heatexchangers.com/energy_savings.htm 17) Tested, in continues Use for 9 years in North America, Was NO need to open doors, nor for any maintenance.   more

305 Baffin St DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX, Quebec H9A 3G4 Canada
Tel.: (514) 696-7961

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Address 305 Baffin St DOLLARD-DES-ORMEAUX, Quebec H9A 3G4 Canada