129 Sinchonri, Jinbukmyeon Masanhappogu 631-821 Changwon, Kyungsangnam, South Korea
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Company intro:

DSK Machinery Co., Ltd. is a South Korean heavy duty portal type milling machines, plano milling machines, vertical turning machine, horizontal turning machine, roll grinding machines.

Company highlights:

Since DSK Machinery was established, they have successfully supplied large sized heavy duty machines that can make products for shipbuilding, nuclear power, wind power, power generation and steel industry such as the Plano miller which can machine frame box, bed plate, and marine diesel engine block part in shipbuilding industry, is one of their major products.

Intro video:

Company headquarter:

DSK Machinery Co., Ltd.
129 Sinchonri, Jinbukmyeon
631-821 Changwon, Kyungsangnam
Korea, Republic of

Phone: +82 55 1644-4144
Fax: +82 55 289-4520

Number of employees:


Year founded:


Annual revenue:


Products built:

DPM4500 Plano Miller Milling Head

DPM5500 Plano Miller Milling Head

DPM6500 Plano Miller Milling Head

DPM7500 Plano Miller Milling Head

DPM8500 Plano Miller Milling Head

DVTL5060 Vertical Turning Lathe

DVTL6070 Vertical Turning Lathe

DVTL7085 Vertical Turning Lathe

DVTL80100 Vertical Turning Lathe

DHL 1Horizontal Lathe

DHL 2 Horizontal Lathe

DHL 3 Horizontal Lathe

DHL 4 Horizontal Lathe

DHL 5 Horizontal Lathe

DRG-W Roll Grinder

DRG-B Roll Grinder

DRG-T Roll Grinder

Industries served:

Shipbuilding Industry

Power Generation Industry

Cement Industry

Heavy Industry

Steel Industry

Aerospace Industry

Automotive Industry

Markets engaged:


Markets interested:


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Training program:





distance: Unknown
Address 129 Sinchonri, Jinbukmyeon Masanhappogu 631-821 Changwon, Kyungsangnam, South Korea