52 Ungnam-dong, Seongsan-gu, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
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Company intro:

Hankook Machine Tools Co. Ltd. is a South Korean manufacturer of vertical turning machines, horizontal turning machines, roll turning machines, portal type machining centers, floor type boring machines, lapping and polishing machines.

Company highlights:

The Hankook Machine Tools, medium-sized company founded in 1969, has specialised in the development and manufacture of machine tools concentrating on large and high performance lathes in Korea each year according to the newest production standards.

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Company headquarter:

Hankook Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

52 Woongnam-dong, Sungsan-gu

Changwon-city, Gyungnam


Phone: +82 55-282-7781

Fax: +82 55-284-9791

Number of employees:


Year founded:


Annual revenue:


Products built:

VTB (VTC) 2530E

VTB (VTC) 3040E- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 4050E- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 5060E- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTC 3040F- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTC 3040Y- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTC 4050Y- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTC 5060Y- CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VLB (VLC) 3070E4080E – CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VLB (VLC) 4080E – CNC Large Vertical Lathe

VTB 100T- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 100- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 125- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 140- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 160- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 125E- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 140E- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 160E- CNC Vertical Lathe

VTB (VTC) 200E- CNC Vertical Lathe

PROTEC-5N- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTEC-6N- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTEC-7NA- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTEC-7NB- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTEC-9N- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTEC-11N/13N- CNC Horizontal Lathe

HANTURN CNC Series- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTURN-60- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PROTURN-60B- CNC Horizontal Lathe


PROTURN-100(M) – CNC Horizontal Lathe

DYNATURN Series- CNC Horizontal Lathe

DYNATURN-11R- CNC Horizontal Lathe

DYNATURN-13R- CNC Horizontal Lathe

PMC (PMF) 21–Portal type Machining Center

PMC (PMF) 26 –Portal type Machining Center

PME (PMH) 21–Portal type Machining Center

PME (PMH) 26 –Portal type Machining Center

PME 32–Portal type Machining Center

PME 40 –Portal type Machining Center

PME 50–Portal type Machining Center

VMC 2030–Portal type Machining Center

HBM 160F – Floor type Boring Machine

R10M-CNC Roll Lathe

R16M-CNC Roll Lathe

R25W-CNC Roll Lathe

R50W-CNC Roll Lathe

R70W-CNC Roll Lathe

LAPOS Series – Lapping & Polishing Machine

PROTEC-750– Manual Lathe

PROTEC-150B – Manual Lathe

HPL– Manual Lathe

PROTEC-9E– Manual Lathe

PROTEC-10– Manual Lathe

PROTEC-10– Manual Lathe11– Manual Lathe

PROTEC-10– Manual Lathe13– Manual Lathe

HANTURN M Series – Manual Lathe

KM– Manual Lathe

KM III– Manual Lathe

KH III– Manual Lathe

KH III (5) – Manual Lathe

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Markets engaged:


Markets interested:


Distributors sought:


Hiring program:


Training program:



distance: Unknown
Address 52 Ungnam-dong, Seongsan-gu, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
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