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Company intro:

Hofmann Mess- und Teiltechnik is a German manufacturer of NC indexing devices, rotary tables, balancing stands, Z collet chuck stands, tail stocks.

Company highlights:

The Müller Group comprises four companies and a trading enterprise: WAGNER® Werkzeugsysteme Müller GmbH in Pliezhausen, the Alphatool AG subsidiary in Volketswil near Zürich, the Group’s own Müller CNC GmbH turnery shop in Pockau and Alpha Fluid Hydrauliksysteme Müller GmbH, and as the newest member: HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik Müller GmbH; at HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik, 80 years’ experience is combined with fresh creativity, innovative strength and unique know-how in respect of measuring and dividing technology and today, they are a sought-after partner for leading manufacturers of machine tools and machining centres in metalwork – thus perfectly augmenting the rest of the Müller Group’s product range.

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Company headquarter:

HOFMANN Mess- und Teiltechnik Müller GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Straße 5

DE-72124 Pliezhausen


Phone: +49-0-7127 / 973-130

Fax: +49-0-7127 / 973-015

Number of employees:


Year founded:


Annual revenue:


Products built:

RWNC Series Dividing Units

RSNC Series Dividing Units

HD Series Dividing Units

EDR Series Dividing Units

RE Series Tailstocks

GH Series Steady

Z Series Collet Chuck Stands

HPRS Series Tilting Rotary Tables

HTH-UTH Series Tilting Dividing Heads

HTH Series Half-Universal Dividing Unit

UTH Series Universal Indexing Device

R Series Rotary Tables

RI Series Rotary Tables

RD Series Rotary Tables

RDI Series Rotary Tables

R Series Rotary Tables

RH Series Rotary Tables

RHI Series Rotary Tables

WR Series Angled Rotary Table

WRI Series Angled Rotary Table

WRD Series Angled Rotary Table

WRDI Series Angled Rotary Table

TSH Series Small Dividing Units

VTS Series Direct Dividing Units

ABL Series Balancing Stands

ABS Series Balancing Stands

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