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Hydroflux Industrial is the wastewater treatment expert for industry.

We use our in depth knowledge and understanding of wastewater processes, together with science and technology, to design a solution specifically for you.

Working across all industries including meat processing, dairies, general food processing, beverage, manufacturing, power and construction, we can design and construct your plant and supply all equipment.

Our primary wastewater treatment systems include:

– Wastewater Screens
– Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems
– Clarifiers and Oil Water Separators

Our high rate biological systems comply with the most stringent requirements for discharge and include:

– High Rate Anaerobic Systems
– Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)
– Sequential Biological Reactors (SBR)
– Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors(MBBR) and Fixed Film Reactors
– Conventional Activated Sludge Plants

We also have extensive experience in handling and dewatering sludge from clarifiers, dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems and biological processes.