Am Steinsborn 2, 55286 Sulzheim, Germany
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Company intro:

KREWEMA is a German manufacturer of turning machines, milling machines, cut off machines, roll turning machines, wheel set turning machines.

Company highlights:

KREWEMA ® was founded on 1st January, 1965 by Alfred Kretschmer, specializing early on trade with Italian machine tools for pipe manufacturing and processing, Ablängtechnik and end processing. 1967 his brother, Otto Kretschmer went into the company but the big breakthrough was initiated in 1998 with the development of semi-Frontal lathe HFDM 45.

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Company headquarter:

A. & O. Kretschmer

Machine Tool GmbH

At Steinborn 2, D-55286 Sulzheim

Phone: +49 (0) 67 32 94 29-0

Fax: +49 (0) 67 32 70 74

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Products built:

SIN-O-MATIC TOP Series 1000- Cutting and end forming machines

SIN-O-MATIC series TOP 2000- Cutting and end forming machines

HFDM 45-Half head lathes with motorized sliding upper bed

HFDM 55-Half head lathes with motorized sliding upper bed

M-5/M-6/M-7/M-8-TRAVIS CNC milling machines

Transfer machining systems

Boring and milling machines

Saw -Vertical mitre, from the simplest version up to the sawing center

Rohrum form machine-Cold forming machines

Stab tubes-Rohrabs tech and chamfering machines with planetary driven cutting head

Grinding tubes-Planetary head-Band schleif machine

Digital instruments Positioned computer-For retrofitting of machine tools of all kinds as well as measuring and marking machines

Pipe manufacturing-Pipe production lines

Pipe stacking systems

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Address Am Steinsborn 2, 55286 Sulzheim, Germany
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