Johannes-Gutenberg-Straße, 63128 Dietzenbach, Germany
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Company intro:

Pittler T & S GmbH is a German manufacturer of vertical turning machines, vertical machining centers.

Company Highlights:

Pittler is well known for its technological innovations and customer orientation for the widest range of production solutions based on the main idea of “unit cost reduction” as well as the experience and know-how from the many thousands of lathes supplied around the world, specific customer requirements were systematically analyzed and state-of-the-art technological research findings taken into consideration for these developments.

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Company Headquarter:

Pittler T & S GmbH
Johannes-Gutenberg-Straße 1
63128 Dietzenbach

Phone: +49 6074 4873-0
Fax: +49 6074 4873-294

Number of employees:


Year founded:


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Products built:

PV SL N1 series High-speed precision CNC lathe

PV SL 2, PV SL 3 series High-performance CNC vertical lathe

PV 1250 series3-axis CNC vertical machining center

PV 3000 series Heavy-duty 3-axis CNC vertical machining center

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distance: Unknown
Address Johannes-Gutenberg-Straße, 63128 Dietzenbach, Germany
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