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Located in over 170 countries throughout the world, REMA TIP TOP is the world leader in Tire Repair Products and in high-quality Conveyor Belt Maintenance, Wear Protection and Corrosion Prevention.
REMA TIP TOP products include the leading edge products like our MINICOMBI one-piece repair units, RAD 100 Series Radial Repairs, SPECIAL CEMENT BL, and a complete line of OTR products including Radial and Bias Heat Cure, Uncured & Clothback tire repair units, cements, cushion gums, repair cords, extruder rope and environmentally friendly REMA TIP TOP Aquas water-base cement. All manufacturing is in the state-of-the-art 155,000 square foot Madison, GA plant. Other capabilities include calendaring, extruding, mixing, compounding and production of chemicals & solvents.