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resolfe GmbH & Co. KG is an Austrian manufacturer of machining centers of heavy duty, robot cells, transfer lines.

Company highlights:

Resolfe specializes in CNC automation.

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Liebochstraße 7

8143 Dobl


Phone: + 43 664 30 31 595

Fax: +43 3136 55 7 44

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Heavy duty systems: Milling centers are today in a wide variety and variety available.

Concatenation of milling centers: In the concatenation of several machine tools not only the operation of individual milling centers, but also machines can be optimized across.

Pallet handling small batches:

With a large variety of parts and small batches, pallet handling is the most economical automation solution. Workpieces are clamped manually on machine pallets.

Einzelfräszentren : Individual milling centers are automated pallet changers or round pools.

Pallet changer :

Through the use of a pallet changer to your CNC machine tool you allow a runtime parallel race. During the machining of a workpiece, the next workpiece is already mounted on a precision range.

Circular Pool:

A circular pool is a cost effective and economical pallet system for individual machines.

Robot cells: resolfe robot cells represent the most flexible automation solution

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