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Company headquarter:
Specialty Hose Corp.
Phone: +1 888-275-3586

Products built:
Bronze Hose
Compressed Gas Hose
Ducting Expansion Joints
Expansion Joints
Fittings Hose Assemblies
Gasoline Oil Hose
Hose, Flexible Metallic
Industrial and Commercial Machinery and Equipment, NEC
Interlocked Hose
Leaf Collector Hose
Loading & Unloading Hose
Low Temperature Hose
Machinery & Equipment
Marine Hose
Material Handling Hose
Materials & Chemicals
Metal Lined Hose
Military Specification Hose
Natural Gas Hose
Paint Spray Hose
Pumps, Valves & Accessories
Reinforced Hose
Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting
Rubber Hose
Sanitary Hose
Solvent Resistant Hose
Stainless Steel Hose
Steam Hose
Tank Truck Hose
Ventilating Hose
Water Hose
Wire Reinforced Hose