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We really believed in this project: manufacturing high quality vacuum furnaces according to your personal specifications and fully complying with industry standards and regulations. Sensitive to the value of the constant innovation, TAV VACUUM FURNACES has achieved high levels of reliability and competence thanks to the human and professional qualities of its staff, but also through the challenges offered by its customers in every part of the world.

Customization, technology and quality. These three core values have driven us since 1984 positioning our company as a market leader for vacuum furnaces. Due to its characteristic of high-specialization in vacuum engineering, TAV VACUUM FURNACES designs and manufactures top-quality vacuum furnaces for a wide range of industries and applications worldwide, where the demand for highly innovative products is greater.
Thanks to our wealth of experience in vacuum furnaces and ovens, we have established ourselves, over the years, as a leading supplier for the world’s preeminent companies.