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Temisko focuses on the superior quality of its specialized custom designed and manufactured semitrailers. With the advent of free trade and in order to secure a constant growth, the pursuit and perfection of this goal has become of utmost importance. In an econmic world of specialized mass production requiring high standards of production, Temisko is dedicated to maintaining and intensifying its commitment to quality and innovation. Temisko will continue to manufacture products delivering superior quality standards and durability, specifically customized to the needs and requirments of its clients. In order to develop and offer appropriate solutions and alternatives Temisko must understand its client’s particular work requirements and inherent problems. Therefore, Temisko ofter assumes the role of consultants and, in so doing, maintains its high quaity of services and products. Member of the Forest Industries…  Export Bureau   more

91 Ontario St NOTRE-DAME-DU-NORD, Quebec J0Z 3B0 Canada
Tel.: (819) 723-2416
FAX: (819) 723-2467