Rue Industrielle 111, 2740 Moutier, Switzerland
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Company intro:

Tornos SA is a Swiss manufacturer of turning machines, turning centers, multi spindle bar automatics, single spindle bar automatics, single spindle universal automatic lathes.

Company Highlights:

Tornos uses a range of machining technologies with swarf removal capabilities to produce parts requiring extreme precision and quality ranging from machining simple or highly complex parts, in small or large runs, Tornos machines can offer a solution guaranteed to meet your needs!

Intro video:

Company Headquarter:


Rue Industrielle 111

CH-2740 MOUTIER Suisse


Phone: +41 32 494 44 44

Fax: +41 32 494 49 03

Number of employees:


Year founded:



Annual revenue:


Products built:

MultiSwiss Multi-spindle Swiss lathe

EvoDECO 10/10 Spindle Swiss lathe

EvoDECO 16/10 Spindle Swiss lathe

EvoDECO 20 Spindle Swiss lathe

EvoDECO 32 Spindle Swiss lathe

EvoDECO 10/8 Spindle Swiss lathe

EvoDECO 16/8 Spindle Swiss lathe

Swiss ST 26 Spindle Swiss lathe

Sigma 20/6 Spindle Swiss lathe

Sigma 32/6 Spindle Swiss lathe

SwissNano Spindle Swiss lathe

MICRO 7 Spindle Swiss lathe

MICRO 8 Spindle Swiss lathe

Gamma series Spindle Swiss lathe

Delta 12 Spindle Swiss lathe

Delta 20 Spindle Swiss lathe

Delta 38 Spindle Swiss lathe

SBF series Bar feeder

MultiAlpha series Multi-spindle CNC lathe

MultiSigma 8×24 Multi-spindle CNC lathe

MultiSigma 8×28 Multi-spindle CNC lathe

MultiDECO 20/8b Multi-spindle CNC lathe

MultiDECO 20/6b Multi-spindle CNC lathe

MultiDECO 32/6i Multi-spindle CNC lathe

SAS 16.6 Multi-spindle CNC lathe

Industry served:

Automotive Industry

Medical Industry

Electronics Industry

Micromechanical Industry

Markets engaged:


Markets interested:


Distributors sought:


Hiring program:

Training program:


distance: Unknown
Address Rue Industrielle 111, 2740 Moutier, Switzerland