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Company Intro:

UCAM is an Indian manufacturer of rotary tables, pallet changers, linear motion components.

Company Highlights:

UCAM is a preferred supplier for its products amongst the machine builders and users across India and also having export business to Countries like Italy, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, China, and Thailand etc.

Intro video:

Company Headquarter:

UCAM Pvt. Ltd.
A11/12, 1st Stage, 1st Cross
Peenya Industrial Area
Bangalore, Karnataka 560 058

Phone: +91 80 40744777
Fax: +91 80 40744711

Number of employees:


Year founded:



Annual revenue:


Products built:

URH-150- CNC rotary table

URH-170- CNC rotary table

URH-201- CNC rotary table

URH-251- CNC rotary table

URH-321- CNC rotary table

URH-401- CNC rotary table

URH-500- CNC rotary table

URH-631- CNC rotary table

URPS-201-Rotary production system

URPS-251- Rotary production system

URPS-321- Rotary production system

URH-125-2S -Multi spindle rotary table

URH-125-3S -Multi spindle rotary table

URH-170-2S -Multi spindle rotary table

URH-170-3S-Multi spindle rotary table

UDDR-T 200/100 without Table Top-Direct drive rotary table

UDDR-T 200/100 with Table Top-Direct drive rotary table

ULBR-320-Large bore rotary table

ULBR-400-Large bore rotary table

ULBR-500-Large bore rotary table

ULBR-630-Large bore rotary table

ULBR-800-Large bore rotary table

URV-800-Vertical mounting rotary tables

URV-1000-Vertical mounting rotary tables

URH-800-RH -Large size rotary table

URH-SQ-800-RH-Large size rotary table

URL-1000-RH-Large size rotary table

URL-SQ-1000-RH-Large size rotary table

URH-1200-RH-Large size rotary table

URH-SQ-1200-RH-Large size rotary table

URL-1600-RH-Large size rotary table

URL-SQ-1600-RH-Large size rotary table

URH-1600-RH-Large size rotary table

URH-SQ-1600-RH-Large size rotary table

URH-152-TN -Tilting rotary table

URH-200-TN -Tilting rotary table

ULSR-200-TN-Tilting rotary table

URH-250-TN -Tilting rotary table

URH-320-TN-Tilting rotary table

URH-320i-D-T-S-Deep tilting table

URH-320-D-T-S-Deep tilting table

URH-500-D-T-S-Deep tilting table

URH-630-D-T-S-Deep tilting table

URH-180-ST -Swivel table

URH-500-ST -Swivel table

URH-600-ST-Swivel table

USTR-310-SQ-SI-Tilting head

UTTR-630-H-MT-Table in table

UTTR-800-H-MT-Table in table

URH-800-SP-Sector table

URH-800-CT-Continuous milling rotary table

URH-1200-CT-Continuous milling rotary table

URH-1500-CT-Continuous milling rotary table

URH-1700-CT-Continuous milling rotary table

Hmc rotary tables

Manual pallet changer

Auto pallet changer

Roto pallet changer

Industries Served:

Automobile Industry

Aerospace Industry

Power Generation Industry

Medical & Orthopedic Implants Industry

Oil & Gas Exploration Industry

Pumps & Valves Industry

General Engineering Industry

Markets engaged:


Markets interested:


Distributors sought:


Hiring program:

Training program: