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W.R. Davis Engineering Limited (DAVIS) is a high technology Canadian company, with a proven capability in the development, design and fabrication of defence equipment for the marine and air environments. DAVIS has supplied unique defence technology to Canada and more than fifteen other countries for twenty years. The company has specialized in signature management in both the Infrared and underwater ELF electromagnetic spectra, and has developed unique countermeasure products in both areas. Using proprietary software, we can simulate these fields and conduct studies to validate new designs. DAVIS is recognized as a world leader for our engine IR suppressor devices for both ships and helicopters, and our active shaft grounding mine countermeasures for ships and submarines.

606-1260 Old Innes Rd OTTAWA, Ontario K1B 3V3 Canada
Tel.: (613) 748-5500
FAX: (613) 748-3972

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