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Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc. is a fully integrated, world class mould manufacturer in aerospace, building products, and automotive markets. Founded in 1962, Weber builds molds, tools, NVD (Nickel Vapour Deposition) Nickel shells and NVD Nickel products. Weber also machines precision components for the Aerospace industry. Weber molds and tools are used for a wide range of composite applications including: Hand Layup (Autoclave), Compression (SMC), Injection, RTM, RIM, RRIM, Resin Infusion, Urethane Overmolding etc. Weber builds molds and tools, and machines components, in a wide range of materials including Invar, Steel, Aluminium and NVD Nickel. Nickel Vapour Deposition is a unique process whereby solid, precision nickel shells are produced in a low pressure chamber by passing nickel carbonyl vapour over a heated master (or mandrel) as it is called. The master is precision machined aluminum or steel, and is c… ompletely re-usable. Nickel shells can be produced up to 30mm in thickness, at a rate of 0.25mm/per hour! Weber is completely integrated. Our modern engineering group of skilled designers supply CAD files to our paper-less manufacturing operation using solid models created in UG NX. We have a full complement of CNC machining centres; including a group of (5) 5-axis DMG machines and (15) large, 3, 4 and 5 Axis machines and gun-drills for large (up to 6m) applications. Weber has in-house tool fabrication including GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG) and Laser welding capabilities. We build tools using solid steel shoes, steel or aluminum weldments. Our pattern shop provides tooling and models in wood, urethane, silicone and epoxy. Multiple assembly bays allow us to manage large, multi-tool programs. Our handwork and polishing group is capable of applications including media blast (3 separate rooms), draw, high polish or class A finish. Weber utilizes 2 large CMM?s to inspect every tool or component we produce. We issue clear, comprehensive dimensional reports to our own layout and to the customers specification. Every project at Weber is managed from start to delivery using MS Project. The manufacturing and engineering teams meet weekly to review every project, and Timelines are updated and sent to customers every 2 weeks. Unique to Weber is our Nickel Vapour Deposition facility. In operation since 2000, this facility is capable of producing nickel shapes in 99.98% pure nickel; to high precision, for moulds, tools or complex nickel components. The process replicates fine surface details and textures from the master mandrel into a solid nickel shell with extremely high fidelity. NVD nickel shell cavities are used to compression mold SMC fiberglass components, such as our new, residential entry doors, that are exact duplicates of hiqh quality oak, mahogany or cherry masters. NVD Nickel shell molds are also used for LFI, Injection, RTM, Resin Infusion, Lay-up, Slush and Spray applications. Rate tools are easily produced from the re-usable mandrel and shell type tooling offers a thermally conductive yet robust mold face with the potential for conformal heating and cooling. This provides rapid and uniform heating of the mold face and facilitates temperature changes during the molding cycle. Nickel shell thicknesses can be specified anywhere from 3mm to 30mm. Molds and tools are then custom designed and optimized to each application customer specification and NVD nickel shell molds are a very cost effective alternative to Invar tooling for aerospace applications. Weber also supplies nickel shells and molds for a variety of liquid composite applications including kitchen sinks, vanity sinks and bathtubs. Autoclave applications for exterior panels have included helicopter and commercial jet fuselage components, military vehicle panel and recently, high end, automotive class A exterior panels. Weber is ISO 9001:2008 and is registered with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program (satisfies ITAR requirements).   more

16566 Hwy 12 MIDLAND, Ontario L4R 4L1 Canada
Tel.: (705) 527-2976
FAX: (705) 526-3818