18050 Trans-Canada Hwy KIRKLAND, Quebec H9J 4A1 Canada
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Founded in 1921, in Hanau, Germany, WECO dealt in new ideas from the beginning. The Company’s first major success was the patent granted for the development of jacket clamps used in electrical installations. The rapidly expanding use of electricity and all its related technologies promoted the improvement and development of electrical and electronic connectors. WECO was the first to use thermoplastics in the design and manufacturing of coupling and splicing techniques. Today, WECO offers more than 10,000 products to a world wide customer base. Combining revolutionary modern design with trusted European standards of engineering, our four manufacturing facilities base in Germany, Canada, Switzerland and Tunisia provide high quality products for a very large variety of applications in diverse industries. The North American operation, WECO Electrical Connectors Inc., is located in Montréal, Canada. Since 1983, we have spe… cialized in producing terminal blocks, connectors for printed circuit and panel/chassis applications and, increasingly, for rail mounted applications. At WECO, we design connectors with people in mind. The reality is that our product is very close to all of you. Connectors are quiet unassuming, daily companions; you will find them in household appliances, in alarm systems, in power tools, and in medical equipment, to name only a few. They are the invisible, but essential components of industries ranging from telecommunications to high risk mining. As emerging new technologies develop, our connectors – our unassuming, but essential components – will be part of the lifeblood of new age businesses and operations. WECO is caught up in the journey to a new age and its challenges – a dramatic process of change. We are in the business of producing quality solutions for people – that too is a process of change. Our quality assurance policy will continue to ensure adherence to the ISO 9000 program. It’s this kind of commitment to rigorous international standards which has made us a trusted presence in the electrical and electronics industry for decades. At WECO, technology wears a human face.   more

18050 Trans-Canada Hwy KIRKLAND, Quebec H9J 4A1 Canada
Tel.: (514) 694-9136
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Address 18050 Trans-Canada Hwy KIRKLAND, Quebec H9J 4A1 Canada