Jianye, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210019
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Company intro:

Weiss Machinery Co. Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of turning machines, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, sawing machines, CNC engraving machines, metal forming machines, accessories.

Company highlights:

In 2002, Weiss Group was founded by several inspectors in Nanjing with very simply target to provide the qualified products to the market with a vision to integrate product development, innovation, quality control, service and marketing, located in the golden business area of Olympic center in famous ancient city Nanjing and now it can provide top-quality products in China to all the foreign customers.

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Company headquarter:


Rm. 2304, No.1 Building

Zixin Zhonghua Plaza

No.128 Mengdu Ave


Jiangsu Province

China 210019

Phone: +86 25 86562775

Fax: +86 25 86562772

Number of employees:


Year founded:


Annual revenue:


Products built:

WL300/320/360 CNC Lathe

CL400 CL460 CL500 CNC Lathe

CL530/560/660 CNC Lathe

CL910/1000/1100 CNC Lathe


CSL25/CSL25A CNC Lathe

CSL35 CNC Lathe

CLC15/CLC15B CNC Lathe

CLC25/CLC25H CNC Lathe

CVL460/650/850 CNC Vertical Lathe

V16 V18 CNC Michining Center

V13 V15 CNC Machining Center

V11 V11L CNC Machining Center

V10 Eco Bed Type Cnc Milling Machine

V8 V8L V9 Machining Center

V7L CNC Machining Center

V5 V5L CNC Machining Center

T5 CNC Tapping Center

E6 CNC Engraving and Milling Machine

WM180V Lathes

WM210V Lathes

WM210V-G Lathes

WM240V Lathes

WM250V Lathes

WM250V-F Lathes

WM250AV-F Lathes

WM280V Lathes

WM280V-F Lathes

WM290V Lathes

WM290V-F Lathes

WL200 Lathes

WM240 Lathes

WM250 Lathes

WM250G Lathes

WM250-F Lathes

WM250A-F Lathes

WL260 Lathes

WM280 Lathes

WM280-F Lathes





WMD40 Milling machine

WMD45 Milling machine

WMD45A Milling machine

WM7550 Milling machine

WUM7550 Milling machine

WM6350 Milling machine

WM6350F (M1254 M1255) Milling machine

WM6350F (M1256 M1257) Milling machine

WM20 WM20V Milling machine

WM23 WM23V Milling machine

WM25 WM25V Milling machine

WM30 WM30V Milling machine

WM33 WM33V Milling machine

WUM30 WUM30V Milling machine

WUM100 Milling machine

WM6326 Milling machine

Drilling machine









TPM6 Drilling machine

TPM12 Drilling machine

MBD19 Drilling machine

MBD49 Drilling machine

MBD30 Drilling machine

MBD50 Drilling machine

WD25 Drilling machine

WD25A Drilling machine

WD25B Drilling machine

WD30 Drilling machine

WDM30 Drilling machine

WD30F Drilling machine

WDM30F Drilling machine

WD35 Drilling machine

WD40 Drilling machine

WD50 Drilling machine

WDM50 Drilling machine

WG150 WG175 Grinding machine

WG200 WG250 Grinding machine

WG300 Grinding machine

WG200S Grinding machine

WG200P Grinding machine

WG250P Grinding machine

WG350P Grinding machine

WBG75 Grinding machine

WBG150 Grinding machine

WPG-76 Grinding machine

DG-13 SERIES Grinding machine

DG-26 SERIES Grinding machine

UDG-21A Grinding machine

UDG-80A Grinding machine

MG-X3 Grinding machine

MG-X5 Grinding machine

MG-X6 Grinding machine

MG-X7 Grinding machine

CG-F4 Grinding machine

CG-F6 Grinding machine

CG-A4 Grinding machine

R200 Grinding machine

R300 Grinding machine

SBG-Q5 Grinding machine

SBG-Q6 Grinding machine

SBG-Q7 Grinding machine

SBG-S280 Grinding machine

SBG-S350 Grinding machine

LTG-M2 LTG-M3 Grinding machine

UTG-20 UTG-U2 Grinding machine

WBS90 Saws

WS100G Saws

WS100GA Saws

WBS115 Saws

WS125G Saws

WS150G Saws

WS170G Saws

WBS180 Saws

WBS180A Saws

WS180G Saws

WBS205 Saws

WS220G Saws

WS230G Saws

WS250G Saws

WS270G Saws

WS280G Saws

WS250 Saws

WS250A Saws

WS250B Saws

WS350G Saws

3 in 1-Combination Shear Metal Forming machine

FB-4 Metal Forming machine

UB-70 UB-100 Metal Forming machine

HB300 Metal Forming machine

HB-4822A Metal Forming machine

HB-4816 Metal Forming machine

BPF-4812 Metal Forming machine

BPF-12016 Metal Forming machine

WFM1020 Metal Forming machine

WFM2000 Metal Forming machine

WFM1020B Metal Forming machine

WFM1270B Metal Forming machine

WFM1020A Metal Forming machine

WFM2000A Metal Forming machine

WHB1020 Metal Forming machine

WHB1250 Metal Forming machine

WHB1050A Metal Forming machine

WHB1050B Metal Forming machine

WHP-4×2500 Metal Forming machine

WHP-4×3050 Metal Forming machine

WS-1.5x1300B Metal Forming machine

WS-2.5x1300B Metal Forming machine

WS-1.5x1300TDF Metal Forming machine

WS-1.5x2500TDF Metal Forming machine

WPB1250 Metal Forming machine

WPB2440 Metal Forming machine

W62K 3×2500 Metal Forming machine

W62K 4×3200 Metal Forming machine

WC67Y 25×1600 Metal Forming machine

WC67Y 300×5000 Metal Forming machine

WE67K100x3200 Metal Forming machine

WE67K1000x6000 Metal Forming machine

W24Y-400 Metal Forming machine

SD2616 CNC Engraver

SD3025SV CNC Engraver

SD3025MV CNC Engraver

SD4030MV CNC Engraver

SD8070 CNC Engraver

SD2030 CNC Engraver

ST8070 CNC Engraver

ST1630 CNC Engraver

ST8070S CNC Engraver

ST1630S CNC Engraver

VG1313 CNC Engraver

VG2040 CNC Engraver

SV1318 CNC Engraver

SV2040 CNC Engraver

DK1313 CNC Engraver

DK2030 CNC Engraver

TC1313 CNC Engraver

TC2030 CNC Engraver

SM1318 CNC Engraver

SM2040 CNC Engraver

SG1325 CNC Engraver

SG1360H CNC Engraver

SL1515CNC Engraver

SL2030S CNC Engraver

SL6040 CNC Engraver

SL1216S CNC Engraver

SL4030 CNC Engraver

VP1515 CNC Engraver

VP1630 CNC Engraver

SP1515 CNC Engraver

SP1630 CNC Engraver

SD360 CNC Engraver

SD1350 CNC Engraver

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Address Jianye, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210019
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