Plasma Cutting Machine

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The plasma cutting machine is a machine that uses metal cutting technology to process metal materials.

Plasma cutting is a processing method that utilizes the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to partially or locally melt (and evaporate) the metal at the cut of the workpiece and to remove the molten metal by the momentum of the high speed plasma to form the cut.

Table of content

1. Overview

2. Features

3. Structural performance

4. Working principle

5. Operating procedures

6. Operation procedure

7. Production and application

8. Cutting specifications

9. Maintenance

10.Other references

11.List of Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturers

1. Overview

Plasma Cutting Machine is the use of plasma cutting technology for the processing of metal materials machinery.

Plasma cutting is a processing method that utilizes the heat of a high temperature plasma arc to partially or locally melt (and evaporate) the metal at the cut of the workpiece and to remove the molten metal by the momentum of the high speed plasma to form the cut.

1, Automatic and semi-automatic cutting dual mode selection
2, Digital precision control cutting length
3, Easy to operate

2. Features

Plasma cutting machine with different working gases can cut a variety of oxygen cutting difficult to cut the metal, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) cutting effect is better; its main advantage is cutting thickness Large metal, the plasma cutting speed, especially in cutting ordinary carbon steel sheet, the speed of oxygen cutting method up to 5 to 6 times the cutting surface smooth, hot deformation is small, almost no heat affected area.

Plasma cutting machine development to the present, the working gas can be used (working gas is the plasma arc of the conductive medium, but also heat the body, but also to exclude the incision in the molten metal) on the plasma arc cutting characteristics and cutting quality, speed Have a significant impact. Commonly used plasma arc working gases are argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, water vapor and some mixed gases.

Plasma cutting machine is widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel and other industries.

The metal is subjected to a hot working process (cutting, welding, brazing, quenching, spraying, etc.) of a metal having a thickness of 0.3 mm or more by a safe, simple, effective, versatile and environmentally friendly method of obtaining plasma from water vapor, The history of processing industry is the first.

The plasma product “Multiplaz 3500” consists of a plasma gun and a chassis with a total weight of 9 kg. The nature of the plasma process is such that the arc between the inner nozzle (anode) and the electrode (cathode) is ionized so that the moisture is ionized between them. At this time, the ionized vapor is ejected from the internally generated pressure in the form of a plasma beam at a temperature of about 8 000 ° С. To carry out cutting, welding, welding and other forms of heat treatment for non-combustible materials.

Main advantage

Multi-function products “Multiplaz 3500” the most important feature is its economic and practical.
As its use does not require a compressor, transformers, cylinders and other auxiliary equipment, relatively light, and with a welder’s shoulder bag, easy to carry.

3. Structural performance

1, The rack is fully welded, solid and reasonable, simple and durable.

2, Cutting speed, high precision. Cutting small, neat, no dregs phenomenon. In the traditional CNC system on the basis of improved cutting control mode, to avoid the secondary finishing process.

3, Suitable for low carbon steel plate, copper plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet, titanium plate and other metal sheet.

4, CNC system configuration is high. Automatic arc, stable performance, arc success rate of 99% or more.

5, Support standard G code path file. Control system using U disk exchange processing files, easy to operate.

4. Working principle

Plasma is heated to very high temperature and highly ionized gas, it will arc power will be transferred to the workpiece, high heat so that the workpiece melting and blown away to form a plasma arc cutting work.

Compressed air into the torch by the air distribution of two, that is, the formation of plasma and auxiliary gas. The plasma gas arc acts as a molten metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the individual parts of the torch and blows off the molten metal.

The main circuit includes contactor, high leakage resistance of the three-phase power transformer, three-phase bridge rectifier, high-frequency arc coil and protective components and other components, the main circuit and the control circuit in two parts. By the high leakage resistance to steep the power of the external characteristics. Control circuit through the torch on the button switch to complete the entire cutting process:

Pre-ventilation – main circuit power supply – high frequency arc – cutting process – arc – stop.

The main circuit of the power supply by the contactor control; gas short by the solenoid valve control; by the control circuit to control the high-frequency oscillator ignited the arc, and after the establishment of the arc to stop high-frequency work.

In addition, the control circuit still has the following internal locking function: thermal control switch action, stop working.

5. Operating procedures


(1) before use and when cutting

1, should check and confirm the power, gas, water, no leakage, leakage, leakage, grounding or zero safe and reliable.

2, car, the workpiece should be placed in the appropriate location, and should make the workpiece and the cutting circuit is connected to the cathode, cutting the surface should be equipped with slag pit.

3, should be based on workpiece material, type and thickness of the nozzle diameter, adjust the cutting power supply, gas flow and the electrode shrinkage.

4, automatic cutting car should be empty car operation, and select the cutting speed.

5, the operator must wear protective masks, welding gloves, hats, filter dust masks and noise earmuffs. Do not wear protective goggles are strictly prohibited to observe the plasma arc, bare skin is strictly close to the plasma arc.

6, cutting, the operator should stand on the wind at the operation. Can be ventilated from the lower part of the table, and should reduce the open area on the console.

7, cutting, when the no-load voltage is too high, should check the electrical grounding, then zero and torch handle insulation, the table should be insulated from the ground, or in the electrical control system to install no-load circuit breaker.

8, high-frequency generator should be equipped with shielding shield, with high-frequency arc, should immediately cut off the high-frequency circuit.

(2) cutting operation and with personnel protection

1, the scene of the use of plasma cutting machine, should be equipped with rain, moisture, sun protection of the shed, and should install the appropriate fire equipment.

2, high-altitude cutting, must be fastened seat belts, cut and cut around the bottom and should take fire prevention measures, and should be hand care.

3, when the need to cut pressure vessels, sealed containers, oil drums, pipes, stained with flammable gases and solutions of the workpiece, the container and the pipeline should be eliminated before the pressure to eliminate combustible gases and solutions, and then flush toxic, Substances; on the existence of residual grease containers, should first use steam, alkaline water rinse, and open the lid, to confirm the container clean, and then filled with water before cutting. In the container welding should be taken to prevent electric shock, poisoning and suffocation measures. Cut the sealed container should be left out of the pores, if necessary, in the inlet and outlet equipment ventilation equipment; container lighting voltage shall not exceed 12V, welder and the workpiece should be insulated; containers should be set up special care. It is forbidden to be cut in containers that have been painted with paint and plastic.

4, the pressure state of the pressure vessels and pipes, charged equipment, bearing the structure of the force parts and flammable, explosive materials are prohibited for cutting the container.

5, rainy days in the open-end welding and cutting. When operating in wet areas, the operator should stand in the place where the insulation is covered and wear an insulated shoe.

6, after the operation, should cut off the power, turn off the gas and water.

6. Operation procedure

1, manual non-contact cutting

(1) the torch wheel contact the workpiece, the nozzle from the workpiece plane to adjust the distance between 3 ~ 5mm. (Host cutting will be “cut thick choice” switch as high as).

(2) to open the torch switch, ignited the plasma arc, cut through the workpiece, the direction of moving to the cutting speed, cutting speed: cut to wear as a prerequisite, should not be slow. Too slow will affect the quality of the incision, or even broken arc.

(3) cutting is completed, close the torch switch, plasma arc extinguished, then, compressed air delay spray to cool the torch. After a few seconds, the jet stops automatically. Remove the torch, complete the whole process of cutting.

2, manual contact cutting

(1) “cut thick selection” switch As for the low-grade, stand-alone cutting thin plate use.

(2) Place the torch nozzle at the cutting point of the workpiece, turn on the torch switch, ignite the plasma arc, and cut the workpiece, and then move along the cutting direction can be even speed.

(3) cutting is completed, open and close the torch switch, this time, the compressed air is still ejected, a few seconds later, automatically stop spraying. Remove the torch, complete the whole process of cutting.

3, automatic cutting

(1) automatic cutting is mainly applied to cutting thick workpiece. Select the “cut thick selection” switch position.

(2) the torch roller removed, the torch and semi-automatic cutting machine connected to the solid, with accessories in the annex.

(3) connected to a semi-automatic cutting machine power supply, according to the shape of the workpiece, the installation of rails or radius bar (if the linear cutting guide, if the cut circle or arc, you should choose the radius bar).

(4) If the torch switch plug is dialed, replace the remote control switch (supplied with the supplied accessory).
(5) according to the workpiece thickness, adjust the appropriate walking speed. And semi-automatic cutting machine on the “down”, “Shun” switch placed in the cutting direction.

(6) Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece to 3 to 8 mm and adjust the nozzle center position to the starting bar of the workpiece slit.

(7) open the remote control switch, cut through the workpiece, open the semi-automatic cutting machine power switch, you can cut. In the initial stage of cutting, should always pay attention to the situation of cutting, adjust to the appropriate cutting speed. And always pay attention to whether the normal work of the two machines.

(8) cutting is completed, turn off the remote control switch and semi-automatic cutting machine power switch. At this point, complete the whole process of cutting.

4, manual cut round

According to the workpiece material and thickness, select the single machine or machine cutting method, and select the corresponding cutting method, the random attachment in the bar on the torch cage screw, if a length is not enough, To the desired radius length and tighten, and then adjust the distance between the tip and the torch nozzle (the factor that must be taken into account for the width of the cut), depending on the length of the workpiece. After tightening, tighten the top fastening screws to prevent loosening and loosening the cage to tighten the knurled screws. At this point, the workpiece can be cut round work.

7. Production and application

The advantages of plasma cutting machine is that the plasma arc energy is more concentrated, the temperature is higher, the cutting speed is faster, the deformation is small, but also the cutting stainless steel, aluminum and other materials.

Plasma cutting is the lack of strong arc, noise, dust and more pollution to the environment, many of the thickness is used underwater plasma cutting, cutting thickness also has some restrictions. Similarly, the gas flow, arc length, telegraph quality, current size, cutting speed are affecting the quality, not well conceived, not as simple as flame cutting. Plasma cutting gun should not be more, because the cutting speed, vulnerable to the impact of the above factors appear incompatible, so that the quality of cutting is not the same. In general, the thickness of the cut surface of the plasma cutting is better than that of the fire, and the slag is very small.

In recent years, manufacturers have developed a new technology called fine plasma or called high-precision plasma, by improving the design of the torque, significantly improve the quality of the workpiece cutting surface, Shao vertical degree of up to 0-1.5 ° It is particularly advantageous to improve the quality of slab cutting. As a result of improved cutting guns, the electrode life is several times higher. But the cutting distance from the steel plate is higher, requiring the height of the gun on the sensor response is more sensitive, cutting guns faster response.

Therefore, the use of plasma cutting 4-30 mm steel plate is an ideal way to avoid the lack of oxygen B cutting speed is slow, deformation, incision is serious, heavy slag and other shortcomings. Get a certain thickness of stainless steel and other materials under the material.

8. Cutting specifications

Prometheus Plotting - @raindrift looks on as TechShop's new CNC plasma torch cuts @SYZYGRYD cube face prototypes.

1, no-load voltage and arc column voltage

Plasma cutting power supply must have a sufficiently high no-load voltage in order to easily arc and cause the plasma arc to stabilize combustion. No-load voltage is generally 120-600V, while the arc column voltage is generally half of the no-load voltage. Increasing the arc column voltage significantly increases the power of the plasma arc, thereby increasing the cutting speed and cutting a larger thickness of the metal sheet. The arc column voltage is often achieved by adjusting the gas flow rate and increasing the internal shrinkage of the electrode, but the arc column voltage can not exceed 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise the plasma arc will be unstable.

2, cutting current
Increasing the cutting current also increases the power of the plasma arc, but it is limited by the maximum allowable current, otherwise the plasma arc column becomes thicker and the slot width increases and the electrode life is reduced.

3, gas flow

Increasing the gas flow can improve the arc column voltage, but also enhance the compression of the arc column leaving the plasma arc energy is more concentrated, the spray force is stronger, which can improve the cutting speed and quality. But the gas flow is too large, but will make the arc column shorter, loss of heat increased, so that cutting capacity weakened until the cutting process can not be normal.

4, the electrode shrinkage

The so-called internal shrinkage refers to the distance from the electrode to the tip of the tip, the appropriate distance can make the arc in the cut mouth to get a good compression, access to energy concentration, high temperature plasma arc and effective cutting. The distance is too large or too small, the electrode will burn seriously, cut mouth burned and cut capacity decreased. Internal shrinkage generally take 8-11mm.

5, cut mouth height

The tip height refers to the distance from the cutting tip to the surface of the workpiece. The distance is generally 4 ~ 10mm. It is the same as the electrode shrinkage, the distance should be appropriate to give full play to the plasma arc cutting efficiency, otherwise it will cut the cutting efficiency and cutting quality or cut the mouth burned.

6, cutting speed

The above factors directly affect the plasma arc compression effect, which is the impact of plasma arc temperature and energy density, and plasma arc of high temperature, high energy determines the cutting speed, so the above factors are related to the cutting speed. In ensuring the quality of cutting under the premise, should be as much as possible to improve the cutting speed. This not only improves productivity, but also reduces the amount of deformation of the part to be cut and the heat affected area of ​​the cut zone. If the cutting speed is not appropriate, the opposite effect, and will increase the sticky slag, cutting quality.

9. Maintenance

1, the correct assembly torch

Properly and carefully install the torch to ensure that all parts are well fitted to ensure the flow of gas and cooling air. Installation Place all parts on a clean flannel to prevent dirt from sticking to the parts. In the O-ring with the appropriate lubricants to O-ring bright as the prevailing, not more.

2, consumables in the complete damage before the timely replacement

Do not replace the consumable parts with complete damage, because severely worn electrodes, nozzles and vortex rings will produce uncontrollable plasma arcs that can cause serious damage to the torch. So when the first time to find the quality of cutting down, it should promptly check the consumable.

3, cleaning the torch connection thread

In the replacement of consumables or routine maintenance inspection, be sure to ensure that the torch, external thread clean, if necessary, should be cleaned or repair connection thread.

4, cleaning the electrode and nozzle contact surface

In many torches, the contact surface of the nozzle and the electrode is a live contact surface. If these contact surfaces are dirty, the torch does not work properly and should be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent.

5, check the gas and cooling gas every day

Check the flow and pressure of the gas and cooling air flow every day. If the flow is found to be inadequate or there is a leak, you should immediately stop troubleshooting.

6, to avoid the torch collision damage

In order to avoid damage to the torch collision, it should be properly programmed to avoid the system overrun, the installation of anti-collision device can effectively avoid the collision when the torch damage.

7, the most common causes of torch damage

(1) torch collision.
(2) Damage caused by damage to the consumable plasma arc.
(3) Damage caused by dirt.
(4) loose parts caused by destructive plasma arc.

8, note

(1) Do not apply grease on the torch.
(2) Do not overuse the O-ring lubricant.
(3) Do not spray anti-splash chemical when the protective cover is still on the torch.
(4) do not take the hand torch when the hammer to use.

10.Other references

EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAD(Computer Aided Design)
cnc router

11.List of Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturers

ManufacturerHQProducts Built
Alfred WagnerAustriamanufacturer of components made of sheet metal, edged parts, gas cutting, gas-cut parts, laser cutting, plasma cutting.
Machitech AutomationCanadamanufacturer of plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, waterjet cutting machines, beam cutting machines, robotics & automation, accessories.
Boschert GmbHGermanymanufacturer of notching machines, punching machines, press brakes, tool grinding machines, shears, plasma cutting machines, deburring and finishing machines; safety chucks, pneumatic chucks, brakes.
Ajan ElektronikTurkeymanufacturer of sheet metal oxy-fuel cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, CNC pipe cutting machines, CNC drilling machines.
Ajan Electronik Serv. Tic Ltd. St.Turkeymanufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machines.
MVD MakinaTurkeymanufacturer of press brake, Guillotine shear, plasma cutting machine, turret punching machine, laser cutting machine.
ERMAKSAN MakinaTurkeymanufacturer of laser cutting machines, press brakes, plasma cutting machines, punch press, shears, iron workers.
DurmazlarTurkeymanufacturer of press brakes, laser cutting machines, punch press, shears, plate rolls, plasma cutting machines, profile bending machines, iron worker, band saws, corner notching machines.
COSKUNÖZ MetalformTurkeymanufacturer of hydraulic mechanical press, press brakes, resistance welding machines, plasma cutting machines.
Bend-Mak MakinaTurkeymanufacturer of plate bending machines, profile bending machines, bordering machines, sheet rotator, adjustable welding positioners, flanging press, tube bending machines, plate edge beveling machines, plasma cutting machines, manufacturer of plate bending machines, profile bending machines, bordering machines, sheet rotator, adjustable welding positioners, flanging press, tube bending machines, plate edge beveling machines, plasma cutting machines, column boom systems.
Akyapak MakinaTurkeymanufacturer of bending machines, profile bending machines, pipe bending machines, drilling machines, oxy plasma cutting machines, welding solutions, and special purpose machines.
MultiCam Inc.USmanufacturer of CNC router, CNC knife cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, waterjet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, robot sliders.
HyperthermUSmanufacturer of cutting equipment: handheld plasma cutting device, laser cutting machines, waterjuet cutting machines, controls, CAD/CAM nesting software, torches, consumables, etc.
Komatsu America Industries, LLCUSmanufacturer of mechanical press, plasma cutting machines.
Arc SpecialtiesUSmanufacturer of automated systems and cells: cladding systems, hard banding systems, machine tending robots, plasma cutting machines, robotic lapping machines, submerged arc welding machines, pipe inspection and measuring machines, plasma welding machines, etc.
MegaFabUSmanufacturer of ironworker, punching machine, drilling machine, plasma cutting machine, plate rolling machine.