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We are specialised in laser marking machine manufacturing, special machine manufacturing and design of specific production lines with more than 15 years of experience in laser industry

Founded in 1887 we are the world’s leading manufacturer of guillotine cutters and offer an unmatched machine quality, efficiency and durability: WINICKER & LIEBER top performance cutters are BUI

Italian manufacturer of precisions instruments, rolling mills, hydraulic presses, spinning lathes, cutting, welding, tumblers, lost wax casting, melting precious metals.

Swiss manufacturer of welding machines, solutions in the area of ​​thermal joining or separating, pressure regulator and gas equipment for welding, cutting, brazing, heating and straightening.

Liechtenstein manufacturer of anchor systems, cutting, sawing and grinding, installation systems, measuring systems.

German manufacturer of bending machines, press brakes and guillotine shears used in sheet metalworking.

German manufacturer of products and services of turnkey production lines for the manufacturing of tubes, bars and profiles, comprising among others, machines for pointing, internal gripping, drawing,

US manufacturer of filler metals, CNC cutting machines, gas apparatus, arc welding machines, plasma, welding automation, personal protection equipment.

A German manufacturer of cutting machines, assembly machines, wiring machines, handling equipment, testing machines for panel manufacturing.