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Kinematik mit Luft: From air bearings to complex air-cushioned systems. If you need maximum precision, zero friction, no wear, high speeds and cleanroom compatibility, then EITZENBERGER is the right p

Company Background: More than 10 years before the CNC control was starting to become widely accepted, the first NUM CNC controller was developed in 1964 making NUM one of the first in this market and

Swiss manufacturer of tool presetting device, PWB systems, spindles.

German manufacturer of special bearings, complex mechanical and mechatronic assemblies and spindles, and services.

Chinese manufacturer of machining centers, EDM, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, ball screws, machine spindles, specialty machines, etc.

Canadian repairer of machine spindles, AC/DC motors, vacuum pumps, angle heads, live tools, suction pods, tool holders and collets, frequency drives, etc.

Canadian manufacturer of machine spindles, broach splines.

Swiss manufacturer of boring bars, chucking systems, clamping devices, expanding mandrels, inserts, milling arbors, tapping devices, attachments, spindles, tool holders.

Japanese manufacturer of angular heads, boring and facing heads, boring devices, chucks, milling arbors, multispindle heads, tapping devices, attachments, spindles.

Italian manufacturer of collet chucks, drill chucks, milling devices, shrink chucking equipment, tapping devices, attachments, spindles, threading devices, tool holders.

US manufacturer of broaching machines, special machines, machine spindles, slides, broach tools, spline rolling tools, cold forming tools.

German manufacturer of changing devices for clamping parts, chucking , chucks with coding, clamping devices, hydraulic, expanding mandrels, spindles.