Vertical Milling Machine

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Vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine compared to the main difference is the vertical arrangement of the spindle, in addition to the spindle layout is different, the table can be up and down, vertical milling machine with a relatively flexible milling cutter, a wider range of applications. You can use end mills, machine cutter cutter, drill and so on. Can be milling keyway, milling plane, boring and so on.

Horizontal milling machine can also use the above tools, but not as convenient as the vertical milling, mainly can use the rack to enhance the tool (mainly three blade cutter, sheet cutter, etc.) strength. Can be milling, milling plane, cutting and so on. Horizontal milling machines are generally equipped with vertical milling head, although the vertical milling head function and rigidity than vertical milling machine is strong, but enough to deal with vertical milling. This makes the horizontal milling machine overall function than the vertical milling machine strong. Vertical milling machine does not have this feature, can not be processed for horizontal milling of the workpiece. Productivity is higher than horizontal milling machine.

Table of content

1. Introduction of equipment

1.1 Introduction to machine tools

1.2 Structural features

1.3 Technical parameters

1.4 Structure classification

2. use conservation

2.1 Operational requirements

2.2 Maintenance measures

2.3 repair method

3.Other references

4.Vertical Milling Machine Manufacturers

1. Introduction of equipment

1.1 Introduction to machine tools

Uses: Suitable for processing all kinds of parts plane, slope, groove, hole, etc., is the machinery manufacturing, mold, instrumentation, instrumentation, automobile, motorcycle and other industries ideal processing equipment.

Saving equipment investment. But because of the zero milling of the vertical, this horizontal milling machine + vertical milling head of the way, in fact, every day hanging vertical milling head, when the vertical milling, but not as suitable for vertical milling machine. Horizontal milling is used for gears, splines, grooving, cutting and other processing, vertical milling machine in addition to the plane for processing, the plane has high and low straight geometric shape of the workpiece, such as mold, vertical milling can show their talents.

1.2 Structural features

Vertical milling machine milling head can be in the vertical plane along the counterclockwise adjustment ± 45 °; vertical milling machine X, Y, Z three-way motor feed; vertical milling machine spindle energy consumption braking, braking torque, stop Fast and reliable.

The main components of the base, the fuselage, the table, the middle slide, the lifting slide, the main shaft box and so on are all made of high strength material and are processed by artificial aging to ensure the long-term stability of the machine.

Vertical milling head can be in the vertical plane along the reverse rotation adjustment of ± 45 °, to expand the processing range of the machine; Spindle bearings for the tapered roller bearings, bearing capacity, and the use of energy consumption of the spindle, brake torque, Fast and reliable.

Table X / Y / Z to the manual feed, motor feed and motor fast forward three, feed speed to meet the different processing requirements; rapid feed can quickly reach the workpiece processing position, processing convenient, fast, shortened Non – processing time.

X, Y, Z three-way guide by sub-audio quenching, precision grinding and scraping research, with forced lubrication, improve accuracy and extend the service life of the machine.

Lubrication device can be longitudinal, horizontal and vertical screw and guide rail for forced lubrication, reduce machine wear and ensure the efficient operation of the machine; the same time, the cooling system by adjusting the nozzle to change the size of the cooling fluid to meet the different processing needs The

Machine design in line with ergonomic principles, easy to operate; operation panel are using visual symbol design, simple and intuitive.

1.3 Technical parameters

X5032 vertical milling machine spindle end to the table distance (mm) 45 ~ 415
X5032 Vertical milling machine Spindle center line to the vertical distance of the bed (mm) 350
X5032 vertical milling machine spindle hole taper 7:24 ISO50
X5032 vertical milling machine spindle diameter (mm) 29
X5032 vertical milling machine spindle speed (r.p.m) 18 30 ~ 1500/18 level
X5032 vertical milling machine vertical milling head maximum rotation angle of ± 45 °
X5032 vertical milling machine spindle axial movement distance (mm) 85
X5032 vertical milling machine table work surface (width × length) (mm) 320 × 1325
X5032 vertical milling machine table travel longitudinal / horizontal / vertical (manual / motor) (mm)
X5032 vertical milling machine 720 / 700,255 / 240,370 / 350
X5032 Vertical Milling Machine Table Feed Range Vertical / Horizontal / Vertical (mm / min)
X5032 vertical milling machine 23.5 ~ 1180 / 23.5 ~ 1180/8 ~ 394
X5032 vertical milling machine table fast moving speed longitudinal / horizontal / vertical (mm / min) 2300/2300/770
X5032 vertical milling machine T-slot number / slot width / groove distance (mm /) 3/18/70
X5032 vertical milling machine main motor power (mm) 7.5
X5032 vertical milling machine feed motor power (kw) 1.5
X5032 vertical milling machine dimensions (mm) 2530 × 1890 × 2380
X5032 vertical milling machine machine net weight (kg) 3200

1.4 Structure classification

(1) desktop milling machine: small for milling equipment, instruments and other small parts of the milling machine.

(2) cantilever milling machine: milling head mounted on the cantilever milling machine, the bed is arranged horizontally, the cantilever can usually move along the bed side of the column column vertical movement, milling head along the cantilever rail.

(3) Sleeve milling machine: The spindle is mounted on the pillow. The bed is horizontally arranged. The ram can be moved horizontally along the saddle guide. The saddle can be moved vertically along the column guide.

(4) gantry type milling machine: the bed is arranged horizontally, the both sides of the column and the connecting beam constitute the milling machine of the mast. Milling head mounted on the beam and column, can be moved along its guide. Usually the beams can be moved vertically along the column guide, which can be moved longitudinally along the bed guide. For large processing.

(5) plane milling machine: milling machine for the milling plane and forming surface, the bed is arranged horizontally, usually the table along the bed longitudinal movement, the spindle can be axially moved. It is simple in structure and high in production efficiency.

(6) copy milling machine: the workpiece to copy the milling machine. Generally used to process complex shapes of workpieces.

(7) Lift milling machine: A milling machine with a lift that can be moved vertically along the bed guide. The table and saddle mounted on the lift are usually movable longitudinally and laterally.

(8) rocker milling machine: rocker mounted on the top of the bed, milling head mounted on the rocker end, the rocker arm can be rotated and moved in the horizontal plane, milling head in the rocker arm on the end of a certain angle of milling machine.

(9) bed milling machine: the table can not lift, can be moved along the bed guide longitudinal, milling head or column can be used for vertical movement of the milling machine.

(10) special milling machine: for example, tool milling machine: milling machine for milling tools, high precision machining, complex processing shape.

2. use conservation

2.1 Operational requirements

1: Do not use the equipment overloaded by the operator.
2: Before driving, must be carefully checked in accordance with the checkpoint, and lubrication by lubrication chart.
3: parking more than eight hours and then start the device, you should first low-speed rotation of three to five minutes to confirm the smooth lubrication of the system after the normal movement, and then work.
4: the use of not allowed to leave and commissioned by others to take care, are not allowed to remove the security device, are not allowed to disassemble with the bit iron.
5: The beam spindle table and the lift should be released before the fastening screws, remove the surrounding debris, wipe the guide rail and oil.
6: in the fast or automatic feeding should be adjusted before the limit section of iron.
7: the work must always check the equipment, the operation and lubrication of the ministry. If the operation or lubrication is bad, should stop using.
8: Work table forbidden work, card gauges and workpieces.
9: Adjust the automatic cycle before driving must check the correctness of the machine automatically cycle.
10: work to put the handle in the non-working position, the table in the middle position, the lift falls below and cut off the power.

2.2 Maintenance measures

Before operating the machine, you should carefully read the machine’s instruction manual, fully understand the machine’s technology and function, according to the provisions of the way.
Wearing a uniforms.
Always check the machine and the machine around the obstacles.
Do not use the wet hands to operate the machine.
Refer to the inspection parts of this specification for regular inspection, adjustment and maintenance.
Do not arbitrarily disassemble, change safety devices or signs and protective devices.

2.3 repair method

Vertical milling machine vertical milling head, the main wearing parts are spindle, spindle sleeve and sleeve body hole. These parts, in the absence of serious wear and tear in the case of failure can generally do some repair and continue to use. The repair of the wear parts are as follows:

1, the spindle repair: XA5032 vertical milling machine milling head spindle structure and XA6132 horizontal milling machine milling head spindle structure is basically the same, the repair method can refer to.

2, the sleeve hole repair: sleeve body hole wear will lead to roundness of the hole, cylindrical degree of error increases, the surface roughness deteriorated. Due to normal use, will not produce serious wear and tear, it is generally only need to repair by grinding, you can restore accuracy. But before the repair need to do a separate set of grinding rod for grinding use.

3, sleeve repair: When the sleeve wear is not large, the body hole repair volume is also small, the sleeve can be used after repair. The purpose of repair is to compensate for its outer diameter wear, so that the sleeve and the body with the gap to meet the requirements. The repair of the sleeve is generally done with a tinplate repair process or a new sleeve is replaced.

First, the spindle outer cone damage repair

The front end of the XA5032 vertical milling spindle front end is the mounting base of the bearing 3, and the left outer circle is the mounting plane of the adjustment ring 2. The wear between them affects the spindle accuracy and cutting performance. The repair using brush plating technology to repair. The main advantage of the brush plating is that the bonding strength between the brush coating and the spindle material (45 # steel) is greater than 70N / mm2, the workpiece heating temperature is less than 70 ℃, will not cause the spindle deformation and metallographic changes, to meet the spindle repair requirements.

1,Brush plating process

Spindle surface mechanical preparation → electricity net → tap water rinse → 1 # activating fluid activation → tap water rinse → 3 # activated fluid activation → tap water rinse → no electric wiping → brush plating special nickel playing base → brushing fast nickel for size layer to the specified thickness → post-plating treatment → mechanical processing of the coating.

2, Brush plating process content

(1) mechanical preparation before plating
The spindle mounted on the lathe, respectively, at both ends of the repair 60 ° center hole, surface roughness Ra0.8. And then on the universal cylindrical grinder to the center hole as a base grinding 1:12 outside the cone and the left side of the park, grinding less good. And then wash with acetone to be plated surface, and with polyester adhesive tape will not be plated adjacent parts of the paste to protect, to prevent misplaced.

(2) electricity net
In the above-mentioned clean-up on the basis of electricity with electricity liquid processing workpiece to be plated surface, to rust. To the oil standard is flushing water film can be evenly separated in the workpiece surface. Note that the net time should be short, to reduce the workpiece hydrogen leakage.

(3) activation
Select the appropriate activator to activate the surface of the workpiece to remove the oxide film on the surface of the workpiece so that the surface of the workpiece exposed metal matrix for the coating and the substrate to create a good combination of conditions. But should pay attention to avoid the current, the activation time is long, the workpiece temperature caused by the workpiece surface oxide layer. After the discovery of the oxide layer should be cleaned immediately.

(4) brush the transition layer
On the basis of activation, followed by brushing special nickel as a transition layer, the brush coating thickness of 2μm can be. Brush plating is mainly to improve the bonding strength and stability of the coating and the substrate.

(5) brush plating working layer
Brush the transition layer after brushing the working layer quickly nickel, without washing. First no electric wiping 3 ~ 5μm, the polarity, voltage, speed can be the same power and then brush plating. Soak the spindle with warm water, heat the bath to 50 ℃, start plating with low current, and then gradually increase the current, to avoid the spindle and the bath temperature is too low and the choice of high voltage, high current caused by excessive coating stress, coating cracking Peeled off.

(6) finishing after brush plating
Remove the shield to protect the anode, cleaning the remaining residue on the workpiece, and for rust treatment.

(7) spindle plating to restore the size of the mechanical processing
The spindle mounted on the universal cylindrical grinder, the choice of green silicon carbide wheel. Because the nickel coating in the grinding without spark, in order to facilitate the knife, coated with red powder on the coating. Because 1:12 outer cone is only a big end of wear, so just looking for positive 1:12 outer cone no damage to the large surface, the coating recovery at the level of grinding; also with the new bearing cone hole with research, Color coverage can reach more than 80%.

Second, the bearing E46117 preloaded work

In order to improve the stiffness of the spindle support and reduce the axial axial movement of the spindle, apply the preload to the bearing E46117 to make the pre-deformation between the rolling element and the inner and outer rings to eliminate the clearance, improve the shaft rotation precision and rigidity, reduce the vibration and noise, Bearing load uniformity and service life.

3.Other references

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EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
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4.List of Vertical Milling Machine Manufacturers

Grizzly Industrial Inc.USAmicrovertical3universal
SIEG Industrial GroupChinamicrovertical3universal
Nano CorpJapanmicrohorizontal3universal
Kugler GmbHGermanysmallhorizontal5bothflycutting
DATRON AGGermanymediumvertical5bothdental
HAAS CNCUSAmediumboth5universal
DMG MoriGermanymediumboth5universal
HellerGermanylargeboth5bothcrankshaft, camshaft
PAMA MachineItalylargehorizontal5universal
CNC MastersUSAsmallvertical3universalCNC Baron$6,250.00
SaporitiItalymediumvertical3specialthread, worm
Liechti EngineeringSwitzerlandmediumhorizontal5special3D Profile
Waldrich CoburgGermanylargevertical5universalChina Owned
Shanghai SunmoreChinasmallvertical3universal
Weihai Huadong AutomationChinalargeboth3universal
WZChinalargeboth3bothrail, aluminum ingotaluminum ingot
Qinghai HuadingChinalargeboth3universal
CR OnsrudUSAmediumvertical5universal
Newway CNCChinamediumboth5universal
Victor MachineryUSAmediumvertical3universal
Shandong Weida HeavyChinamediumboth3universal
Nantong No.5 Machine ToolsChinamediumvertical3universal
Beijing Red FlagChinamediumvertical3specialauger attack, valve catheter, deep hole
Kasuga SeikiTaiwanmediumvertial5universal
WMW MachineryUSAmediumboth3universal
Dalian Machine ToolsChinamediumboth3bothcrankshaft, piston
Starrag GroupSwitzerlandlargeboth5both
Microlution IncUSAmicroboth5bothdeep hole
Crankshaft MachineUSAlargeboth3specialcrankshaft, camshaft
Clausing IndustrialUSAsmallboth3universal
Cincinnati GilbertUSAlargehorizontal3universal
American GFMUSAlargeboth3bothcrankshaft, camshaft
Acer SpringwoodUSAmediumvertical3universalTaiwan made
Weiss MachineryChinasmallboth3universal
Tacchi GiacomoItalylargeboth3bothdeep hole
SchiessGermanylargeboth5universalChina Owned
Heinrich GeorgGermanylargevertical5bothsheet metal, slitting
Dalian FulltonChinamediumboth3universal
Pietro CarnaghiItalylargevertical5universal
Ace MicromaticIndiamediumboth3universal
Accut MachineryChinalargeboth3universal
SordoniItalylargeboth3bothtransfer, thread, slot
Famar GroupItalymediumboth3bothtransfer
Ching Hung MachineryTaiwanmediumvertical3universalhigh speed
Tenzhou Tri UnionChinasmallvertical3universal
AZ SpaItalymediumvertical3universal
Nantong JiarongChinamediumvertical3universal
Maschinen WagnerGermanymediumvertical5universal
Kunming Machine ToolsChinalargeboth3universal
Cheto CorpPortugalmediumvertical5specialdeep hole
Holroyd PrecisionUKmediumhorizontal3specialrotor
HabramaGermanymediumvertical3specialprofile, gear
Yih ChuanTaiwanmediumboth5universal
Willemin MacodelSwitzerlandmicrovertical5bothdental, watch, jewelry, medical
WFL MillturnAustriamediumvertical5universal
VHF CamfactureGermanymediumvertical5universal
Urban MaschinenbauAustriamediumvertical3universal
Union ChemnitzGermanymediumboth3universal
TOS VarnsdorfCzechmediumvertical3both
TOS KurimCzechlargehorizontal5universal
Tongtai SeikiTaiwanmediumboth3universal
Skoda Machine ToolCzechlargehorizontal3universal
Shin Nippon KokiJapanlargeboth5bothrail, crankshaft, aluminum slab
Shenq Fang YuanTaiwanmediumvertical5universal
Rong FuTaiwansmallvertical3universal
RoedersGermanysmallvertical5bothdie, mold, opticals
Rich YoungTaiwanmediumboth3universal
Reiden TechnikSwitzerlandsmallvertical5universal
PrimaconGermanysmallvertical5specialwatch, jewelry
MB PortatecGermanymediumvertical5universal
Ping Jeng MachineryTaiwanmediumvertical5universal
PF MachinesSwitzerlandsmallvertical5specialjewelry,diamond
OPS IntersollGermanymediumboth5universalhigh speed
Gruppo ParpasItalymediumboth5universal
OKK CorpJapanmediumboth5universal
Niles SimmonsGermanylargeboth5bothcrankshaft, camshaft
Nicolas CorreaSpainlargeboth5universal
Mitsui Seiki KogyoJapanmediumboth5universal
Keppler MaschinenbauGermanymediumhorizontal5bothcylinder head
Kao MingTaiwanmediumvertical5universal
Kao FongTaiwanmediumboth5universal
Innse BerardiItalylargeboth5bothslot
IMES ICOREGermanysmallvertical5bothdental
Huron GraffenstadenFrancemediumboth5universal
She HongTaiwanmediumboth3universal
FPT IndustryItalylargeboth5universal
Fives GroupFrancemediumboth5universalprofile, router
First Long ChangTaiwanmediumvertical3universal
DufieuxFrancelargeboth5bothmulti spindle
CMI DurangoSpainlargevertical3universal
CB FerrariItalymediumvertical5universal
Agie CharmillesSwitzerlandmediumvertical5universal