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Do you have plans to renovate your home or office at some point, but at the same time, you are unsure of the most recommended tools and equipment to utilize? If that is the case, you are not alone.

Over the last several decades, many people have taken the DIY route to renovate their homes, basements, and offices for several reasons. Perhaps they developed an interest in DIY construction as a hobby or went that route to save costs. The prediction is that more and more homeowners and business owners will enter the DIY world, so they need to best brands’ access the best advice, tools, and equipment to use.

Whether you are an experienced builder or construction worker, or an avid DIYer, you must have the right power tools to complete your work correctly. You also want to make sure that you have the correct power tools to save yourself plenty of time and frustration while you are on the job.

That is why Wiki Machine is here. Wiki Machine focuses on construction equipment and DIY projects. Contributors to the site recommend the best power tools, building machinery, building accessories, electrical and plumbing, roofing tools, and more. Wiki Machine will help you discover the best power tools, woodworking, hand tools, patio, lawn, garden tools and equipment, accessories, and the best brands. You can find more out about these items in the categories section.


Machinery and Tools 101

Are you new at DIYing, or are you a professional builder? This section will learn about the different machinery, paints, and tools to use in any construction or renovation project. You can learn about the tips and tricks to utilize to save yourself time and frustration when using the machinery and tools properly. You will also learn about general cost-effective construction and DIY advice and tips whether you are a novice or a professional in this category.

Power Tools

If you are looking for the best advice on specific power tools to make your construction job quicker and easier, the power tools section is your go-to place to learn more. You will find out more about the best power tools such as electric nail guns, cordless reciprocating saws, cordless framing nailers, and metal cutting saws. If you are looking to do roofing work, you can learn about the best roofing nailers. If you want to sand your furniture or deck, you can find the best sanders in this section and so much more.


If you are thinking of building your patio or having one made but want to add more to it, this section is for you. Decks and patios are a perfect addition to your backyard so that you can have get-togethers, parties, and family gatherings. You will learn about the right power tools to build your deck, including the recommended sanders. In this section, you will learn about the must-have tools and equipment to create your patio in a short time – and to keep it maintained so it remains in mint condition regardless of the weather or season.

Lawn & Garden

Are you a landscaper? Or, are you someone who wants to care for your lawn and garden to save landscaping costs? Then you will need to learn about the best equipment, tools, and accessories to maintain your lawn and garden in this section. You will need to know about the best weed eaters, rooting hormones, garden tillers, trimmer lines, lawn sweepers, gas hedge trimmers, and rear-tine tillers. Do you have a small yard? Then you will need to know about the best equipment which includes the best lawnmowers. Don’t forget about the landscape fabric, which you will learn about this in this section too.

Woodworking & Hand Tools

If you are looking for the right woodworking and hand tools, this is the section for you. The most recommended router tables are in this category, as well as wood routers and wood fillers. Are you looking for the best drills and hammers? If so, in this section, you will find them as well. The same goes for framing hammers, brad nailers, butane torches, and drywall cutting tools, and more.


When you are working with equipment and tools, you need to have the right accessories to use with them. In this section, you will find the most recommended and necessary accessories to have on hand, which is a must-have for your safety. Those accessories include welding helmets and goggles, and hard hats. You will also want to know about the recommended chainsaw chains, tool belts, drill bit sets, pocket hole jigs, and more.


As a professional builder or avid DIYer, you only want to invest in the best brands’ tools, equipment, and machinery. Wiki Machine’s contributors are building, constructing, eclectic, and plumbing industries and will recommend the highest quality brands of machinery, equipment, and tools for you. Therefore, you do not need to spend time doing too much research on the recommended brands of building tools and equipment when you can find that information out in this section.

Who We Are

Wiki Machine has four significant contributors to the site. The founder and chief editor is the machine operator and handyman. There is also a carpenter, electrician, and plumber who share excellent and helpful Wiki Machine content.