About Us

Many homeowners and business owners want to renovate their homes or offices, typical for decades. Avid DIYers frequently do not know where to turn to find the best information on construction tips and advice, as well as how to find the most recommended tools, equipment, and machinery. That even applies to professional builders and construction workers. That is what was behind Wiki Machine’s establishment.

A machine operator and handyman is also the one who decided to establish Wiki Machine to help solve the biggest hurdles for avid DIYers and professional builders. Wiki Machine is the place to learn about the most highly recommended tools, equipment, and machinery for construction, plumbing, electrical work, and construction work maintenance. The site also provides you with a load of tips and advice on utilizing the tools and machinery most time and cost-effective ways.

Contributors to the site include a carpenter, a plumber, and an electrician who will share those tips and recommend the best brands for tools, equipment, and machinery for any type of construction or maintenance work. Whether you need machinery and tools to fix or maintain your roof, build a patio, maintain your lawn, renovate your basement, or build an extra bathroom, Wiki Machine has all of the information you need.

Brad Roberts

Brad Roberts was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and during his youth, he used to build wooden toy airplanes and cars. His parents also enrolled him in pottery classes, and  Brad took more of an interest in hands-on work than academics. He attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and took the carpentry course. After graduation, a local home renovation company hired Brad to work on various private construction projects. He helped to build and furnish multiple basements, attics and made plenty of gazebos. Brad specializes in roofing, upholstery, carpet, and wood construction.

Brad is also currently a student in the civil engineering program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, where he lives. He contributes plenty of excellent content to Wiki Machine. When Brad is not working or going to school, he enjoys spending time with his friends and traveling.

Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, to a mother who was a cook and a father who worked in a factory. Aaron learned how to fix appliances, paint walls, and did essential handyman work from a young age. He was the hands-on type when he attended schools, whereas his classmates went to Aaron if they wanted an item fixed. Aaron attended several colleges, which included the South Seattle College as he took the home-improvement course.

Aaron also learned to operate many machines as he currently works as a machine operator and handyman. As he wanted to teach people who wanted to renovate their homes and businesses home improvement DIY skills, he had other desires. Aaron wanted to be resourceful for professional builders who needed advice on tools, equipment, and machinery for construction and landscaping. That was the motivation behind the establishment of Wiki Machine, and he is also the chief editor. Since he could recruit an electrician, plumber, and carpenter to contribute to the site, Aaron is happy that he has a powerful resource for builders and avid DIYers.

Aaron still lives in Seattle, is married to a beautician, and has three children, a son and two daughters, and a Labrador Retriever. When Aaron is not working, he enjoys cooking and watching suspense thriller films.

Greg Anton

Greg Anton was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and as a child, Greg had an interest in cooking, which remains present to this day. However, Greg did not enter the culinary field as he chose a cooking hobby rather than a career. Instead, Greg wanted to go into the construction field and decided to study electrical technology. After high school, Greg attended Dallas College and took the electrical technology course. After graduation, Greg worked as an electrician for various construction projects and became an independent contractor.

Greg decided to expand his skills, so he is currently a mechanical engineering student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He is also a worthwhile contributor to Wiki Machine. When Greg is not working or attending school, he cooks during his spare time for his family and fiance. He also has an intense interest in space and science fiction.

Dwayne Murray

Dwayne Murray was born in Detroit, Michigan, and had a fascination with pipes as a child. That is what fueled him into becoming a plumber. Dwayne was not the type that did exceptionally well in academics, and during high school, he knew he was not the university type. Therefore, Dwayne decided to attend the Detroit Training Institute of Technology and took the plumbing course.

After graduation, Dwayne became a licensed plumber who worked as an independent contractor. Renovation companies also hired Dwayne to work on the plumbing for significant construction and renovation projects. He is also a regular contributor to Wiki Machine.

Dwayne lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with his wife and two sons, and a cat. When Dwayne is not working, he spends his time with his family and playing the drums in his basement.