6 Best Gas Hedge Trimmers in 2021

Tanaka TCH22EAP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Husqvarna 122HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Hedge Trimmer

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The change of seasons comes with the pesky need to continually tend to our hedges. Cutting, pruning, and trimming hedges growing around our homes can be an activity that may range from extremely difficult to the easiest of tasks, depending on how equipped we are to face this task. Hedge trimmers have been around for a while and their remarkable abilities for cutting, pruning, and trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes have seen their use soar. This article takes a deep dive into the different factors that must be considered before buying gas hedge trimmers. It begins with a good background for understanding what gas hedge trimmers are and how the marketed variants are different from each other.

A good understanding of what hedge trimmers are must be our first point of call. A gas hedge trimmer is essentially any tool, device, or piece of machinery that enables us to cut, trim or prune hedges or small clusters of vegetation commonly found around homes and workspaces. Hedge trimmers may be manual, electric, or gas-powered and these distinctions come with experiences that are unique to the different types. In this article, we take a deep dive into the best gas hedge trimmers on the market in a bid to highlight strengths, weaknesses, and stand-out features.

Manual hedge trimmers are the oldest types of hedge trimmers. This is what most people refer to as hedge shears or hedge clippers. They are the large scissors-looking piece of equipment most will be familiar with. Electric hedge trimmers on the other hand came into fashion most recently and they have become quite popular as well. They have seen a quick rise in popularity due to qualities such as being more lightweight and easier to use. However, these qualities do not make up for the lack of power they often possess. This is where gas hedge trimmers and the large power they supply come in.

Gas hedge trimmers are machines that use gasoline to power engines that move blades mechanically. The power of gas hedge trimmers makes them essential for use when dealing with dense hedges whose plants may have thicker stems and branches. Using a gas-powered hedge trimmer will make cutting through these hedges faster and more efficient. Although their costs can be higher than those in other categories, having one in your possession means there is often no vegetation density that you will not be ready for. They also offer the benefit of not having to deal with the limitations of using an electric gas hedge trimmer connected to a power outlet. This means you are free to move around and narrow in on tighter spots of bushes in your yard.

Other factors to look out for and which we will be covering more intensively as we dive deep into individual products are the length of blades, how far apart the blade teeth, how easy the device is to use and maintain, and how safe it is for use. The blade lengths dictate how flexible the hedge trimmers can be used for example short hedge trimmers can get into very tight corners. Blade types on the other hand dictate what branch radius you can cut without damaging the equipment. Factors such as safety and ease of use are seen in design features such as single and double-sided blade surfaces. These can make or mar the experience you have with a hedge trimmer.

The Best Six Gas Hedge Trimmers Are Reviewed Below

The rise of technology has seen a continued increase in the production of gas hedge trimmers. For this reason, several gas hedge trimmers are marketed for different purposes. Their different properties and capacities can make purchasing one a task that is difficult to approach. The different variants of gas hedge trimmers come with features that make them function differently from one another. The best of these trimmers have been researched and this list has been presented to help you make a more informed choice. Features, pros, and cons are discussed for every tool. Factors about efficiency, maintenance, and safety are highlighted extensively throughout this article.


Tanaka TCH22EAP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The first on our list is the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 gas hedge trimmer. This power-laden beast of a machine was fashioned to drive all the needs of a professional hedge trimming endeavor. It has an efficient 21cc 2-cycle engine that supplies a massive amount of power for outstanding performance. When this engine is coupled with its 20-inch dual-edge blades, the amount of cutting action that you can do with this device is almost without rival.

This machine also has a large 0.3 fuel-tank that can hold sizeable amounts of gasoline for prolonged usage. A one-time top-up can ensure that you are not interrupted by the need for a refueling break thereby increasing the amount of work that can be done in a session.

Despite the huge tank that is fitted to this device, the Tanka still has a weight that comes in at around 9.4 lbs. This lightweight design makes for easy handling even when used in uncomfortable positions such as overhead or when it is held for extended periods.

Some of its other astounding features include a 180 degrees rear handle that can be adjusted into different shapes and positions including positioning for left-handed usage. It also has an S-start feature which reduces the amount of pull force needed to start the engine by up to half.

Overall, the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 is a machine of top-notch quality that combines a lot of features that will make your hedge trimming experience enjoyable. It has a few weaknesses including the absence of a vibration absorption mechanism. This can make for a rather unsettling experience when the machine is held for a long time. Another is that it is made of plastic parts that make it less durable than similar devices of metal form.

Key Features:

  • Forward-facing exhaust
  • S-Start system
  • 21 cc commercial grade-2 cycle engine
  • 0.3 lb fuel tank
  • 20-inch grade blades of reciprocating action


  • Brand: Tanaka
  • Model: TCH22EAP2
  • Its 21 cc engine provides remarkable power
  • The S-Start technology makes starting up easier
  • 180-degree Quick-Twist handle enables easy handling
  • The dual reciprocating blades seamlessly cut vegetation
  • 30mm tooth makes cutting thicker
  • It has no vibration absorption
  • Plastic parts mean reduced durability


Husqvarna 122HD60 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The Husqvarna 122HD60 is one of the most efficient gas hedge trimmers. It is a versatile gas hedge trimmer that combines power and flexible usage. It comes with a powerful 21.7cc engine that is supplied by a 10.14-ounces tank with efficient fuel consumption. This engine delivers around the output of 0.8 horsepowers. This super power-laden engine with its large engine tank supplies all the power you need to trim hedges of various sizes.

The Husqvarna 122HD60 also has to support the engine a 23 inches double-sided blade that can cut shrubs and branches of up to 0.8 inches in diameter. This excellent cutting ability enables the Husqvarna 122HD60 users to cut through dense hedges at a fast pace. These fast-acting blades are also made from stainless steel that protects them from corrosive action.

Another great feature is the rear handle that can be easily adjusted to make the machine easy to use in uncomfortable positions. The handle rotates easily for smooth transitions, helping you reach plants in corners that may be ordinarily hard to reach. The gas trimmer also has a sheath for its blade so that you can carry it around safely.

One of the strongest points of this device is its noise and vibration dampening feature. Even though the machine is quite heavy, with a weight of around 10.8 lbs (without fuel), this noise dampening feature makes the added vibrational weight during usage reduced and so even though the device is heavier than most in its class, it can still be used for relatively comparable periods. Less noise also means that your neighbors have less to complain about.

This device may be expensive and heavy, but what it loses in these areas, it makes up for in other areas such as power delivery, fuel tank capacity, smart starting features, and incredible durability. It is one of the best gas hedge trimmers on the market.

Key Features:

  • 21.7cc engine
  • 10.14 ounces fuel tank
  • Quick start feature
  • The excess air disposal system


  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Model: 122HD60
  • Impressive shock-absorbing mechanism
  • Efficient 21.7cc engine
  • The quick-start feature makes it easier to start
  • An adjustable handle makes for convenient usage
  • It is more expensive than most gas trimmers
  • It can be quite heavy


Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The Poulan Pro PR2322 comes donning 22-inch wide blades that can effectively cut around branches and stems of about 1 inch in diameter. Driving this mean mechanical blade is a formidable 23cc 2-cycle engine that brings a lot of power to the table. As a 2-cycle engine, it delivers adequate quantities of power without adding too much weight to the general net weight of the machine. It is one of the most powerful gas hedge trimmers out there.

Its 22 inches blade is serrated, stainless steel corrosion-proof blades that can easily cut branches of up to 1 inch in diameter. It can even cut thicker branches but it would take more time and effort. The joint action of this serrated, sharp blades combined with the power of the engine makes for a machine efficiency that is at the very top of its class.

It has a rotating handle that makes it easier to work with. Different positions can be set with the handles to prevent having to bend yourself into awkward positions just to get at hard-to-reach hedges. This handle is also equipped with a vibration resistance that helps you achieve control during operations with the machine. The low weight of the machine coupled with the vibration control makes it one of the most enjoyable gas hedgers for use.

Lastly, this machine comes quite cheap for the properties it possesses, however, there is a catch. It has a lowered durability due to its lack of metallic covering. It has a plastic covering and an unreinforced fuel line seal. For this reason, it has been the case that this occasionally leads to a leaking fuel or breakage when the device is stored inadequately. Overall, this is an impressive device. The downsides can be managed with great care and attention to detail.

Key Features:

  • 23cc 2-cycle engine
  • Dual-Sided 22 inches blade
  • Rotating handle
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
  • Lightweight 11.1 lbs design


  • Brand: Poulan Pro
  • Model: PR2322
  • The anti-vibration mechanism makes it easy to use
  • The mechanical power supplied to the blades increases efficiency
  • Rotating grip increases convenient usage
  • The steel blades are stainless to protect against corrosion
  • Plastic parts make it prone to breakage
  • The lack of fuel line reinforcement can cause fuel leakage
  • It does not have a quick start technology


XtremepowerUS Gas Hedge Trimmer

The XtremepowerUS Gas Hedge Trimmer has a 26cc 2-cycle engine that is one of the most powerful on this list we have compiled. This huge beast of an engine has a 2-cycle engine that serves to give it more power. The engine supports dual-sided blades that enable it to cut through fairly large expanses of land.

It is also very easy to start up. It has a smart power switch from which it can be easily switched on, allowing for reduced stress. It also has a low noise technology feature that makes it operate at a low noise level. When it comes to environmental pollution, it has one of the best systems available on the market. Its powerful air filter scrubs the exhaust gases that are released from its combustion chamber.

Despite the powerful 2-cycle engine that this device has, it has a fairly lightweight design that tries to manage its bulky size. This design makes it appropriate for use without the risk of quick fatigue to the arms. The low noise feature and vibration control also ensure that using it to work for long periods is easier and less stressful. Ergonomics as a science has been given a lot of importance in recent years leading up to now and it has featured more heavily in technology for this reason. The XtremepowerUS is one device that keys into this area and makes comfort a priority.

One of the best things about this device is the great power it brings to the table. Nearly no device in this range of products delivers the cutting power of the Xtremepower US. It can cut branches greater than one inch in diameter and some more. This incredible cutting force can do a lot of damage to even the densest hedges.

Overall, this device has a lot of good qualities that make it one of the best in its class. A few drawbacks are the glaring lack of safety features such as blade covers for the machine. Its large and powerful engine also means more heft. However, these few drawbacks cannot rival the number of positives this machine brings to the table.

Key Features:

  • Commercial Grade 26cc engine
  • Double-sided serrated blades
  • Easy start feature
  • Noise control feature


  • Brand: XtremepowerUS
  • 26cc 2-cycle Gas Powered Hedge
  • The extremely powerful engine can cut branches of big diameters
  • It has a huge fuel capacity meaning longer usage
  • It has a noise dampening feature for more enjoyable use
  • Heavier than most hedge trimmers in its category


Husqvarna 966532302 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The Husqvarna 122HD45 is similar to the 122HD60 that has been discussed in this piece. The 122HD45 is an iteration of the Husqvarna range of products that achieved the same outstanding welcome most products in this Husqvarna range receives. It comes with a 21.7cc 2-cycle engine that does not make large amounts of noise. The 21.7cc engine is not particularly large but it does a good job of providing satisfactory levels of power.

It has a SmartStart feature that means that the switches on the device are set to an automatically on the position such that the device can be set up very quickly for use. Its lower capacity engine also means that it is a lightweight device that can be engaged in prolonged use without the user suffering from quick exhaustion.

Most gas-driven devices give off a vibration that may make it less than optimum for use especially when it is a handheld device like the gas hedge trimmer is. This is where the anti-vibration mechanism of the machine comes in. The dampeners of the machine make for more control during use. The damped vibration combines with the machine’s lightweight design to make it easier to use.

Overall, the Husqvarna 122HD45 Gas Hedge Trimmer may have a few features on which it misses out like handle adjustment and an exhaust air filter control system, it still manages to do its best with the resources it works with. Its 21cc engine and 18 inches blade bring raw cutting power to the table. The blades do a lot of damage to basic hedges that require trimming and cutting. This device is worth every cent attached to it.

Key Features:

  • 21.7cc 2-cycle engine
  • 10.36 lbs in weight
  • Low noise engine
  • Anti-vibration mechanism
  • Stainless steel 18 inches blades


  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Model: 122HD45
  • It has a lightweight for convenient handling
  • Its vibration dampers mean means more controlled use
  • It has a quick startup feature that does not warrant pulling
  • Shorter 18 inches blades make it harder to reach high heights.


Echo HC-152 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The Echo HC-152 has a 21.2cc engine that employs a gas cocktail of combination 50 parts gas to one part oil. The engine is supplied by a fuel tank of about 15.6 fluid ounces capacity. This large capacity means that you can work for prolonged periods without stopping to top-up or refuel.

The weight of the machine is about 11.7 lbs without fuel. This is heavier than most electric variants of gas hedge trimmers and even some gas hedge trimmers in its category. This may make it tiring to use when held for long periods, especially in awkward positions.

The engine also has a noise muffling feature that serves to dampen the noise produced by the engine when in use. It also protects the user from emissions by directing them away while the hedge trimmer is in action.

The Echo HC-152 has 20-inch steel teeth with serrated edges that enable them to cut with speed and accuracy. Although the blades are shorter than in most other popular gas hedge trimmers, it still makes a good dent when used on thin to medium-sized branches. The shorter blades also have the advantage of being more versatile in use. The shortness of the blades makes for a good level of control over the machine during use.

Other important features include an ergonomic rear handle that is large in size and wrapped with a material that is easy on the palms. It is, however, worth noting that this handle is not adjustable like the handles of many in this category. This inability to be adjusted means the handle can not be maneuvered to help the user work in uncomfortable positions.

Overall, the device makes a good impression, however, one gets the feeling that some vital features may be missing from this device such as vibration control. This would have added to the amount of control that the user has over the device during use. Despite the absence of few features like vibration control, long blades, a quick start, and long blades, this device still has a lot of impressive features that make it optimum for domestic use by homeowners looking to do small to average-sized hedge trimming projects.

Key Features:

  • 20-inch double-sided blades
  • Professional 21.2cc engine
  • Fixed large rear handle
  • 15.6 fluid ounces fuel tank


  • Brand: Echo
  • Model: HC-152
  • Large fuel tank for prolonged usage
  • Impressive engine delivers adequate power
  • Noise muffling feature makes for less noise pollution
  • Emission disposal does not face towards the user
  • It has a fixed, unadjustable rear handle

Buying Guide Questions

Despite some concerns about the environmental implications of burning hydrocarbons, sometimes large amounts of power are needed for certain projects. Gas hedge trimmers are known for a large amount of power they bring to the table. To this end, we have gathered a list of questions most people interested in gas hedge trimmers ask. These questions have been answered from data gathered through personal experience and investigation work done by listening and reading the best reviewers of hedge trimmers.

What is the best gas hedge trimmer?

The best product for a project will vary from user to user. User-specific needs and budgets may cause users to prioritize certain qualities more than others. Factors that may drive user needs include how much power they can get from the machine, how portable the equipment is, how easy to use it is based on features such as adjustable handles and air filtering systems, the length of its blades, and so on.

The best products that take the best of these qualities are discussed in our best gas hedge trimmer article above. Our top-rated three in no specific order are the Poulan Pro PR2322, Husqvarna 122HD60, and the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 gas hedge trimmers.

Is Stihl better than echo?

Stihl and Echo are famous brands popular for their powered yard devices and tools. Both have deep roots and have made some of the most efficient tools that are on the market today. Many of their products are so good that a lot of users often have loyalties that run deep depending on what products they have been exposed to.

When it comes to gas hedge trimmers, both companies have done an excellent job. They both have gas hedge trimmers with a fuel holding capacity of around 24 fluid ounces which is as good as they come. The most popular Echo model, the Echo SRM 3020T has a displacement engine of around 30.5 ccs while the Stihl FS 311 has a displacement engine of about 36.3cc. This makes the Stihl gas hedge trimmer bulkier and heavier than the Echo gas hedge trimmer. The increased engine capacity on the Stihl, however, was designed such that it reduces less carbon emission to the environment.

Overall, due to its reduced weight and noise, the Echo is more appropriate for domestic use while the Stihl with its bigger engine and increased power will be more suited to professionals.

What fuel do hedge trimmers use?

Most gas hedge trimmers use fuel mixtures such as a two-stroke engine oil. This is because most gas hedge trimmers use 2-cycle engines. A good two-stroke engine oil is essentially a mixture of fuel and oil that is added directly to the fuel tank. A good ratio to use is anywhere from 32:1 gasoline to oil ratio to 40:1 gasoline to oil ratio.

Factors that should determine the specific ratio you use include state regulations, engine manufacture year, the quantity of stroke oil you want to ultimately produce, and so on. A good rule of thumb is to use 40:1 mixtures if you are in doubt.

Are Stihl hedge trimmers any good?

Stihl gas hedge trimmers are very efficient hedge trimmers due to some of the features they possess. They use a good 2-mix engine that has a good fuel economy system. Their air-filer system also caters to the environment, ensuring the engine is well protected as well. They also come with sharp, dual-sided blades that can deliver accurate and well-placed cuts to hedges.

Are gas hedge trimmers better than electric?

Electric gas hedge trimmers have grown in popularity due to the low impact they have on the environment and how easy they are to set up. Most are either powered by batteries or are connected to external AC electric power sources during use. Their advantages include cost-efficiency due to their cheapness and the fact that you do not need to purchase gas and oil to run them. They are also usually less bulky and therefore easier to handle.

Gas hedge trimmers on the other hand have downsides such as being heavy, more costly, and need to be maintained regularly because of its mechanical parts and emissions. The place where it wipes out these disadvantaged is with its performance. It can cut bigger branches and work for longer periods.

Overall, gas hedge trimmers are better for commercial applications or for homeowners looking to carry out big hedge trimming projects while electric hedge trimmers are good for domestic, leisurely use.

How big a branch can a gas hedge trimmer Cut?

Most gas hedge trimmers can cut around ½ inches to ¾ inches of branch diameter but due to the amount of power some brands now carry, there are gas hedge trimmers like the Husqvarna 122HD60 that cuts up to 0.8 inches and the Poulan Pro PR2322 that cuts as high as 1 inch thick branches.

Which is better gas or battery trimmer?

Most battery hedge trimmers bring features as being less expensive, easier to maintain, easier to handle, better to the environment, and easier to start to the table. These advantages are often also accompanied by disadvantages such as limited cutting power, the need to recharge batteries, limitations by connection to a power source, and bring more costly to repair.

This is where the gas-powered hedge trimmer comes in. It excels in areas such as having a longer lifespan, being better for big projects, delivering greater power, and therefore being able to cut denser hedgers more quickly. On the downside, it has disadvantages such as increased gas emissions, the need for maintenance, extra cost due to buying of gas and oil and it may be too difficult to control for beginners.

What should I look for when buying a gas hedge trimmer?

Things to look out for when buying a gas hedge trimmer includes the power you need for your project. Higher power means that you will cut through more dense hedges more quickly and being able to cut thicker branches.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the blade. Most hedge trimmer blades range from around 15 inches to about 35 inches. A good rule of thumb is to settle for a length you can control. Longer hedge trimmers mean longer reach but they may be harder to control. You can aim for hedge trimmers of around 18 inches or below if you are new to using hedge trimmers.

Lastly, you need to look out for the overall weight of the device. A really heavy machine can make it harder to control and use.

What is the difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter?

A hedge trimmer, as the name suggests trims hedges. This involves light pruning and trimming of slim branches that outgrow their perimeter. Cutters on the other hand involve heavy-duty work. They deal with thicker expanses of vegetation. They are often used for cutting work after which trimmers are used to add finishing touches to the hedge formation.


In conclusion, the hedge trimmers you choose can make or mar the experiences you have. A good combination of choices depending on your needs is vital. In this article, we have presented everything you need in a straightforward manner.