10 Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards in 2021

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

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As you may have guessed, there are different types of lawn mowers that are classified based on the type of blades they use, their power source, size of your lawn, or topography. If your home is above ground level, that is, it’s built on a hill, you can check Best Lawn Mower For Hills for more ideas on the best lawn mowers for that area.

Before you decide to get a mower, you should have an idea of the different types available in the market. Here’s a list of types of lawn mowers for small yards you can find;

CYLINDER LAWN MOWERS: They are also known as reel mowers. They have cylindrical blades that rotate vertically at the front of the mower, and it cuts against a fixed blade. These vertical blades range from 3 to 11 in number. This lawn mower works perfectly on flat lawns and soft grass; it may not work well on uneven or rough surfaces.

ROTARY LAWN MOWERS: These mowers have a single blade that rotates horizontally at a very high speed. Its blade is situated under the mower and cuts the grass it comes in contact with. They are versatile and work better with medium to long grass.

HOVER LAWN MOWERS: These mowers hover above the ground, making it better at mowing uneven surfaces, unlike the cylinder mowers. They are very easy to handle, and they reduce friction because of their minimal contact with the ground.

PUSH LAWN MOWERS: This mower requires you to push it across your lawn manually. It is pocket friendly, lightweight, easy to handle, and allows the user to direct where it goes and move around obstacles.

SELF-PROPELLED LAWN MOWER: These kinds of mowers don’t need the users to push them back and forth. They work by using a speed control lever that causes them to move forward. Unlike the push lawn mowers, they are more technical and require more maintenance.

Lawn mowers can also be classified based on how they are powered. These power sources include:

ELECTRIC POWERED LAWN MOWER: These can also be called corded mowers. They are powered by electricity through a cord connected to the mower. They are the most common type of lawn mowers and are inexpensive.

BATTERY POWERED OR CORDLESS LAWN MOWER: This type of lawn mower operates using a lithium battery. Asides the difference weight and absence of the constrictions caused by a cord, they work just like the electric-powered mower.

GAS POWERED LAWN MOWER: The engines of these run on petrol and are easier to maneuver around obstacles. They are also more powerful and heavier than electric powered or battery-powered mowers and cut grass faster.


POWER SOURCE: The power source a lawn mower uses is an important factor to consider because each power source has its limitations and disadvantage. An electrical lawn mower, for instance, needs a constant supply of electricity, and the cords attached to it could cause accidents. A battery-powered lawn mower gives you freedom around the house, but the batteries don’t last long; the gas-powered mowers are considered noisy and need a lot of maintenance.

CUTTING WIDTH: This refers to the area of lawn or amount of grass a lawn mower can cut at a time. A lawn mower with a wide reach allows you to spend less time mowing your lawn. You should always choose the one with the best cutting width for maximum performance and efficiency.

CUTTING HEIGHT: When mowing your lawn, the height you want the grass to be is quite an important factor to consider. Most lawn mowers allow you to adjust the height settings to suit your taste. Make sure to look out for mowers that can cut your grass at the range of height you want.

MAINTENANCE: Easy maintenance is definitely something to consider before choosing the mower perfect for your lawn. Choose a lawn mower that won’t need you to spend a lot of time and money maintaining it, one that can easily be stored and won’t get faulty after using it for a short period. It would be stressful having to take your mower in for a repair every two months.


  1. Read the manual before operating the mower. Yes, reading the manual can be uninteresting and time-consuming, but this gives you an understanding of how to operate the machine safely. Also, do well to follow the instructions on the manual
  2. When using your mower for the first time, get it serviced to ensure that it’s working properly and will not cause havoc in the future.
  3. Do not remove the safety shields or guards around the switches; they are there to ensure safety while operating the mower
  4. Use a broom or a stick to remove debris from the mower, not your hands
  5. If you are using a gas-powered lawn mower, do not fuel the mower while it’s running or hot
  6. Wear safety goggles, gloves, overalls or long pants and thick shoes when mowing
  7. Don’t leave your lawn mower running or unattended. Always turn off the engine if you have to walk away from it
  8. Remove any obstacles that may be on your lawn like stones or toys before mowing, so to prevent you from getting injured by flying objects

Keeping your lawn clean after mowing could also be a problem; for this, you can use Best Lawn Sweepers to keep your lawn free of dirt or fallen leaves.

In this guide, we provide you with information on the best lawn mowers for small yards you can find on the market. It also includes answers to questions that may be on your mind about the use and maintenance of lawnmowers.

The Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards Are Reviewed Below

Below is a list of the best lawn mowers for small yards along with their features and specification.


Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

The Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022 is a durable lawn mower that uses a strong 12 amp electric motor. It has a flexible range of setting to cut any grass regardless of its height and texture. It has a durable 20-inch steel deck. Its 7-position height adjustment offers a wide range of cutting height from 1-1/2 to 3-3/4 inches suitable for all types of grass, and this height adjustment works in a way that you can raise and lower the body of the mower so you can cut at any height you want.

This compact lawn mower is very suitable for small spaces. It has a rear bag that can be removed. Asides its mowing function, it allows you to mulch your grass clippings or discharge it to the side as a means of disposal. You can start this mower with its power button, and it has to be pushed manually for operation.

Key Features:

  • 12 Amp motor
  • 20-inch steel deck
  • 7-position height adjustment
  • Foldable handles for compact storage


  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Model: Greenworks 20-Inch 3-in-1 12 Amp Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022
  • Dimension: 26.9 x 16.1 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • Compact enough to operate in tight corners
  • Has 3-in-1 features that include side bag, mulching, and rear bag
  • Its handles can be folded for storage
  • Works well with different types of grass irrespective of the height or texture
  • An extension cord is not included
  • Does not cut well when in mulching mode


American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded Electric Lawn Mower is a corded mower that has to be plugged to a power outlet for it to operate. With a powerful 11 Amp motor, this lawn mower has the power to cut all types of grass smoothly. It features a 5-position adjustable cutting height that can be regulated between 1 – 2.5 inches; it is capable of cutting grasses within 14 inches.

It includes an in-built rear bag with a capacity of 16 gallons and a level indicator for easy disposal of the grass clippings. This lawn mower has a compact and slim body; the height of its handle can be adjusted to makes it comfortable and easy to be operated by all users. Its handles can be folded for easy storage.

Key Features:

  • 11 Amp motor
  • 5-position easy-change cutting height
  • 2-in-1 rear discharge and mulching
  • 16 gallon rear bag


  • Brand: American Lawn Mower Company
  • Model: American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Corded Electric Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 46 x 18.5 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 26.5 pounds
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Operates quietly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Its blade may jam at the root of the grass
  • Not very sturdy


EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

This EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower is a battery-powered lawn mower with an advanced Arc-Lithium 5.0 Ah 56V battery that charges fast with an included charger. This mower can run for about 55 minutes before it needs to be recharged. It has the ability to cut grasses within 20 inches allowing you to spend less time mowing.

This lawn mower can be easily started with its push-button, and it operates very quietly. It can be used under any weather conditions, and it has LED headlights that allow you to mow your lawn even at night. Its handles can be folded easily for convenient storage without damaging any of its parts.

Key Features:

  • Arc-Lithium 5.0 Ah 56V Battery
  • 3-in-1 function: Superior mulching, rear bagging, and side discharge performance
  • 20-inch cut capacity
  • 600W High torque magnetic motor
  • LED headlights
  • Push-button start


  • Brand: EGO Power+
  • Model: EGO Power+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 37.4 x 21.65 x 16.14 inches
  • Weight: 56.2 pounds
  • Operates quietly
  • Its LED headlights allow you to mow when it’s dark
  • Cuts grass effectively after charging it once
  • Its battery charges fast and can last for up to 55 minutes
  • Its safety feature may not work
  • The lid on the battery is not strong


BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower (MTE912)

The 3-in-1 BLACK+DECKER MTE912 can not only mow your lawn, but it also serves as an edger and a trimmer. It has an automatic feed system that allows it to keep working for a long period without getting jammed or stopping suddenly. It runs excellently with a 6.5 Amp motor allowing it to mow your lawn smoothly.

The trimmer also has a handy automatic line feeder for maximum performance. It’s lightweight and compact body make it easy to maneuver and ideal for working in small areas and tight spaces.

This lawn mower is cordless and uses 20V Max Lithium batteries, which are rechargeable and can last for a long time. When it’s in edger or trimming mode, its gear drive transmission makes it operate smoothly and prevents it from bogging down. It has the ability to cut grasses that are about 1.6 to 2.4 inches tall.

Key Features:

  • Automatic feed system
  • Gear drive transmission
  • 6.5 Amp motor


  • Model: BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower (MTE912)
  • Dimension: 15.31 x 36.56 x 7.38 inches
  • Weight: 13.1 pounds
  • It is easy to switch between the mower, trimmer and edger function
  • Height of handle can be adjusted
  • The deck is lightweight, firm and ideal for sloppy terrain
  • It is easy to use and easy to clean
  • Due to its small size, mowing your lawn would take quite some time


Husqvarna L121FH FWD Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna L121FH FWD Lawn Mower is a portable gas-powered lawn mower with a front wheel drive technique that helps to cut your grass conveniently. It has a 3 in 1 mulch, collection, or side discharge grass tipping disposal option.

With a cutting width of 21 inches and an adjustable cutting height ranging from 1.25 inch to 3.44 inch, you can trust that this lawn mower can cut a large area of your lawn in a short time.

The wheels at the rear end of this mower are bigger than those at the front; this feature allows for control and easy maneuvering. Its soft-grip handle makes it easy to guide around and also allows you to use it comfortably for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Front-wheel drive
  • 3-in-1 mulch, collection or side discharge option
  • Soft grip handle
  • High rear wheels
  • 21-inch cutting width
  • 1.25 to 3.44 cutting height


  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Model: Husqvarna L121FH FWD Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 64.75 x 21 x 41 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Has comfortable handles
  • Can be maneuvered easily
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Self propel function may stop


PowerSmart DB8621 Gas Self Propelled Mower

This gas-powered PowerSmart Mower is a cost-effective and very powerful lawn mower, powered by 170 cc engine, and this mower is said to just the right amount of power to give your lawn a smooth cut. It has a 3-in-1 discharge option, which allows for mulching or side discharge of the grass tipping.

It also features an 18-gallon rear bag that is easy to release from the machine. Its 8 inch rear wheels make it steady when mowing through rough areas and also makes it easy to mow up or down a slope. Its cutting height can be adjusted with its 5-position height adjustment allowing you to cut your grass at the height you want.

Key Features:

  • 170 cc engine
  • Easy pull start
  • 18 Gal. rear bag
  • 5-position height adjustment


  • Brand: PowerSmart
  • Model: PowerSmart DB8621 Gas Self Propelled Mower
  • Dimension: 33 x 23 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 62.9 pounds
  • Has a self-cooling system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Its mulching feature works excellently
  • Three in one discharge option can be switched easily
  • It emits carbon, and that may be a problem
  • Replacing the oil could be messy


Goplus 14-Inch 12 Amp Lawn Mower

With a weight of 15 pounds, the Goplus 14-Inch 12 Amp Lawn Mower is pretty lightweight, it saves energy and allows for a stress-free mowing. Its ergonomic curved handle makes it comfortable to grip, making it convenient for you to finish mowing your lawn in no time. Its cutting height can be adjusted to a minimum of 1 inch and 2.2-inch maximum, making it suitable to cut grass of different types.

It features a very compatible deck making it ideal for tight spaces; this feature also allows for easy maneuvering and great balance. It has a collection bag with a capacity of 30L ensures a clean lawn while mowing. At the push of a button, this lawn mower would start operating. It has foldable handles allowing you to store without taking too much space.

Key Features:

  • Corded mower
  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable grip
  • 30L capacity collection box
  • 3 level adjustable cutting height


  • Brand: Goplus
  • Model: Goplus 14-Inch 12 Amp Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 15.5 x 43.5 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Cushioned grips make it comfortable to use
  • It’s very easy to assemble
  • Operates quietly and does not emit fumes
  • Lightweight makes it easy to move around or carry
  • It stops working when in contact with twigs and roots
  • Maneuvering is not easy on uneven yards


Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower has a 13 amp engine that can be started with a push-button. Its compact design makes it able to reach small corners. Its lightweight makes it easy to maneuver and handle for a long time. It has a 3-position height control that allows you to adjust the cutting height to fit suit your taste.

This lawn mower has a removable grass collection bag that prevents the grass clippings from messing up your lawn; this 10-gallon rear bag stores the grass clipping for dispersal. It is ideal for different types of grass and terrain.

Key Features:

  • 13 Amp motor
  • 14-inch cutting width
  • Tailor cutting height
  • 14-inch steel blade
  • 10-gallon capacity bag


  • Brand: Sun Joe
  • Model: Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 36 x 16 x 38.5 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Lightweight makes it easy to maneuver
  • Height adjustment is easy to fine-tune
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ideal for any type of terrain
  • The handle is a little high
  • Having just three adjustable height might be a problem


Earthwise 60420 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The Earthwise 60420 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower runs on two 40V Lithium-ion batteries producing enough power to run your battery for a long time in a single charge. Its battery also has a LED monitor that keeps track of its battery power level.

With a 3-in-1 grass dispersal function, this lawn mower gives you the options of mulching the grass clipping, dispersing it to the side, or storing it in a bag at its rear end. It has a 20-inch deck made up of durable steel; its cutting height can also be adjusted by a single lever to cut your grass between the minimum height of 1.5 inches and a maximum of 4 inches. Its handle can be folded to make storing hassle-free.

Key Features:

  • Dual 40V Lithium-ion batteries
  • LED battery monitor
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • Safety bar
  • Foldable handle


  • Brand: Earthwise
  • Model: Earthwise 60420 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 52 x 22 x 43 inches
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • It’s easy to start and use
  • The handle can be folded for storage
  • Has a safety bar maintains its durability
  • Its height can be adjusted easily by a single lever
  • Assembling the battery may be difficult


Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21

The Snapper XD 82V lawn mower is a powerful self-propelled mower powered by two Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium-ion 2.0Ah Battery. Each of these 2 Ah batteries has a running time of up to 45 minutes. It also comes with a very fast charger, so you don’t have to wait too long to recharge its batteries.

This mower works fast, therefore, saving time and energy. Its deck is about 21 inches and made of steel. It also has a grass dispersal function that provides three options; mulch, bag, or side dispersal. It is very easy to start with its push-button, and its 10-inch rear wheel provides sturdiness and balance when it is used on a slope. Its height can be adjusted to 7 positions by a single lever.

Key Features:

  • Self-propelled transmission
  • Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium-ion 2.0Ah Battery kit
  • 21 inches steel mowing deck
  • Seven position height adjustment
  • Push-button start


  • Brand: Snapper
  • Model: Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Dimension: 44.5 x 21.5 x 19 inches
  • Weight: 80.9 pounds
  • It has seven height adjustments, and this height can be adjusted easily with a single lever
  • Has an efficient load sensing technology
  • Very easy to assemble and operate
  • Its battery charges fast
  • Noise from blade may be disturbing
  • Breakable rear bag flap door

Buying Guide Questions

What is the best lawn mower for small yards for the money?

The BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower (MTE912) is the most affordable top-notch lawn mower you can get. For $99, you can trust that this mower would effectively mow your lawn smoothly. It can also serve as an edger, and a trimmer and its compact size make it easy to maneuver and use in tight corners.

What is the smallest lawn mower?

From our review, the smallest lawn mower also happens to be the BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 String Trimmer/Edger & Lawn Mower (MTE912). It has a dimension of 15.31 x 36.56 x 7.38 inches and a weight of 13.1 pounds. This mower is small enough to mow a small yard of any size and can be handled very easily. The only downside to its size is that you may take a longer time mowing your lawn.

What is the most reliable lawn mower for small yards?

Our top choice, the Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022, is the most reliable lawn mower for small yards on the market. It uses a strong 12 amp electric motor, and its cutting height can be adjusted easily to 7 different positions. It is very easy to maintain, and its durable build makes it sturdy. It can also withstand any weather conditions.

How do I choose a lawn mower?

Below is a list of factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower

SIZE OF YOUR YARD: The size of your yard is a very important factor to consider because it determines the size of mower you would get. If you have a small yard, it is advisable to get a mower that can reach the corners of your yard.

CUTTING WIDTH: This is the amount of grass the mower can cut at once. This equally important because it helps you save time and emerging mowing your lawn.

CUTTING HEIGHT: You probably have an idea of the height you would like your lawn to be. Getting a lawn mower with an adjustable height setting is a great place to start. This allows you to control the cutting height of the mower to cut at the height you want.

MAINTENANCE: Getting a lawn mower that is very easy to maintain is definitely something to look out for. Servicing, oiling, and charging should come easy with any lawn mower you choose to get. Storage is also very important. The mowers we have listed in this review have foldable handles making it easy to store without taking so much space or damages.

POWER SOURCE: Lawn mowers operate on different power sources. Some need to be plugged to be a power outlet; some use battery, and others run on gas. Pick the one that will be most effective for you.

PRICE: Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank to get a lawn mower. There are lots of lawn mower which are cost-efficient, a lot of which is listed in the review above. Your lawn mower should be cost-efficient and also provide maximum performs.

What should I look for when buying a self propelled lawn mower?

  1. Rear-wheel drive: The rear wheels provide sturdiness and allow the self propelled mower to move on a slope or uneven terrain. It also allows for easy control and maneuverability.
  2. Adjustable speed setting: This allows you to control how fast or slow your lawn mower goes depending on the weather or condition of the lawn.
  3. Blade brake clutch: This allows the engine to keep running whenever you have to move an obstacle, instead of having to put it off every time.

What is the lifespan of a lawn mower?

A lawn mower has an average life span of about ten years if it is maintained properly. A poorly managed lawn mower would last for about 4 to 5 years, which is half the original lifespan.

Are mulching lawn mowers any good?

Mulching lawn mowers deposit the grass clippings back on the lawn. Some find mulching good for the lawn, but it really depends on the length of the grass clippings. Smaller grass clippings fall to the ground without clumping together, but longer grass clippings are more likely to clump. The smaller the grass clipping, the better.


The best lawn mowers would keep your lawns smooth and maintain it irrespective of the weather. It keeps your lawn mower neatly cut and attractive.

As much as it is important to mow your lawn, adequate watering is also very important to maintain that fresh, green look. For this, check out Best Oscillating Sprinklers.

You should mow your lawn at least once or twice weekly to keep it smooth and soft. We hope this review has given you more clarity on the best lawn mowers for small yards you kind find on the market.