What is a Heat Gun?


A heat gun is a tool or device that blows hot hair, and now you may be thinking what’s so special about that. The temperature of the hot air is between 200 to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. A heat gun is a handheld tool with a handle and a trigger; it looks similar to a hairdryer but be careful when handling serious bodily injuries that can occur when handling a heat gun.

Heat guns are used in laboratories, manufacturing, electronics, home repairs, and construction. They are sometimes referred to as hot air guns. One major advantage of the heat gun is that it is flameless compared to other heating tools. The heat gun has the same layout as a handgun, which is why it is called a hot air gun.

How Does a Heat Gun Work?

The heat gun blows a stream of hot air, but how does it do this? Well, the gun has a fan that acts as a suction, which brings in the air, which is then pushed across a heating element, after which it is blown out through the nozzle.

The heating element is usually electrically powered, but there are other mediums of heating the air, such as gas. If the air pressure isn’t sufficient, it’s complemented by an electric fan, which helps it move.

The nozzle of the gun is specially designed to help direct and concentrate the hot air on a point. There are different types of nozzles, each with a specific use. These are the types of heat gun nozzles:

  1. Flat Nozzle: It is used when you need to cover a wider area than is possible with the regular nozzle
  2. Reducer Nozzle: The reducer nozzle helps you to concentrate the hot air on a specific point
  3. Reflector Nozzle: If you have a cylindrical object like pipes you want to use the heat gun on, this is the nozzle that’ll get the job done. The nozzle will wrap around the object so you can heat it evenly.
  4. Glass Protector Nozzle: If you need to strip paint off a window, use this nozzle as it will help protect the glass by preventing direct heat from reaching it.

Types of Heat Guns

There are four variations of heat guns; gas, electric, infrared, and industrial heat guns. You can get heat guns as either corded or cordless types.

Gas Heat Gun

Gas heat guns are powered by butane or propane. These heat guns are used in welding and large manufacturing processes. These types of heat guns are expensive to purchase and operate.

It is particularly beneficial to professionals who have to work in remote areas lacking access to electricity. It also eliminates the risk of electrical hazards that may occur when using electrical cords.

The gas-powered heat gun delivers more a lot of power and allows you to complete jobs faster than an electric heat gun.

Electric Heat Gun

Electrical heat guns are the most popular types of hot air guns; you can find them in tool-sheds and have various use from crafting to industrial applications. These hot air guns use an electrical heating element to heat the air. It is the most cost-effective type of heat gun.

Infrared Heat Gun

The infrared heat gun is a recent innovation and is what you’ll most likely find in households and DIYers toolkits due to its relative cheapness. Just as the name suggests, it uses infrared heat. It is the perfect heat gun for DIY projects and home projects.

The temperature of the infrared is low compared to other heat guns and is safer to use than gas heat guns.

Industrial Heat Gun

Industrial heat guns are not something you’ll find lying around randomly; these heat guns are specially designed for industrial use. They are heavy duty heat guns, utilized in engineering, construction, automobile repairs, stripping paint from large areas.

Industrial heat guns are made for professional use and are capable of delivering intense heat, and they have higher fan speeds compared to other hot air guns. These guns are not suitable for projects that require precision and accurate temperature control.

Uses of Heat Guns

You may be wondering what a hot air gun is useful for. Here we’ll answer your question as to what heat guns are used for by showing you some of its uses.

You can use a heat gun is a quicker alternative to stripping paints with chemical solvents. Heat guns are used to shrink wrap quickly, shrink heat shrinking tube and shrink film. You can use it to weld strips of plastic using a special nozzle and bend the plastic.

A heat gun can successfully raise the temperature of adhesives until it is soft enough to remove. In electronics, you can use a heat gun to de-solder. If you have frozen pipes, a heat gun will come in handy to help you thaw it.

In manufacturing processes, heat guns are often used to test overheating protection devices, dry wet wood. Heat guns are also used in crafting and other home projects and DIYs.


Heat guns are handy and useful tools in the world of crafting, manufacturing, and construction. When using a hot air gun, ensure you follow safety precautions to avoid damage to property. When you want to purchase a heat gun, ensure it caters fro your needs; you should not get a heat gun that has more power than you will need as this will be wasteful.