Are Drill Bits Universal?


Due to all the numerous jobs in the house, there will come a time when you need to drill a hole for something, whether it is installing shelves, hanging a picture or building new cabinets. Especially now, that we see a lot of D-I-Y improvement projects, and this makes the demand for high-quality and non-professional tools very high. Possessing a multipurpose drill bit will allow you to complete your projects quickly and easily; it might even make it entertaining. Because of the increase in want for high-quality tools for DIYs, power tool companies have produced a line of universal or hybrid tools to satisfy the masses.

Universal drill bits can drill holes in different materials that range from wood to steel to plastic. The universal drill bits can be found at local home improvement and hardware stores. But keep in mind that many of these universal drill bits may not be suitable for drilling into materials such as glass and ceramics.

What Are Drill Bits Used For

Having universal drill bits in your possession means that you don’t have to purchase numerous drill bits for every type of material except for glass and ceramic. High-quality drill bits are expensive and should be cared for properly. Place them in a secure box to prevent them from rolling about and getting blunt, which will affect the quality of your work. If you need to sharpen the drill bits, ensure you use the appropriate sharpening tools.

Universal drill bits make life easier for both the professionals that work at construction sites and the DIYs that love taking on projects around the house. Drill bits allow you to handle almost any task with just one set.

Can Your Drill Fit Any Drill Bit

It is not necessary for you to change your drill, make sure it has a standard chuck size and you will be able to use any universal drill bit set. You will be able to find an extensive range of universal drill bits in today’s market. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, compounds and fluting. Avoid purchasing large tips, the common chuck sizes are ½ inch (13 millimetres), and it is suitable for shafts of ½ inches and heavy-duty use, there is also the 3/8 inch (10 millimetres), and this accepts shaft of 3/8 inches and is suitable for light duty jobs.

Types Of Drill Bits

There are different types of drill bits, but the three major types include:

  • Wood Drill Bits: These drill bits are great for woodworking such as the Brad-point, Auger and Wood spade or paddle. The Auger drill bit look like twist bits, but they have a larger flute and are best suited for wood and soft materials such as plastic. They can drill deep, straight holes as their flute easily removes debris.
  • Metal Drill Bits: The metal drill bits are also known as twist bits, and they are usually used with an electric drill. Twist bits are the most common drill bit, they can drill a straight hole, and the spirals on it remove the debris as it goes deeper. They come with different kinds of materials and coating, the one you choose will depend on the material or surface you intend on drilling into.
  • Special Drill Bits: These drill bits are used for specific types of drilling and are mostly used in professional applications and home improvement projects. These drill bits include the tile, glass, saw and screwdriver drill bits. The tile bits are made for drilling into glass and ceramic surfaces; a lubricant is usually used to cool down the surface being drilled into. The tip is made out of ground tungsten carbide.

The screwdriver bits are usually used in drilling pilot holes for securing installations; they can also be used to push flat head or Philips-type screws down.


Universal drill bits can be expensive, but they are worth the investment because they will make your job so much easier. They save time and also money and increases the income potential of any project.