Are hand circular saws better?


A saw is known to be a tool used to cut through woods, metals, masonry, and other materials. But what are hand circular saws? A hand circular saw is a handheld work tool with a round blade that rolls in a circular motion to cut through wood, plastic, and other tough materials.
There are several other tools that work similarly to a hand circular saw. We have the table saw, and the miter saw. These saws are used for similar purposes and they all perform excellently.

A common question many who use saws in their vocation ask is- are hand saws better? The truth is would be incorrect to say yes or no. And this is because each of these saws mentioned above has areas of work where they are better than each other. Let’s take a look at these areas and see which of the saws performs best in all regards.

Deciding Factors


For DIY projects or professional jobs that require the use of saws, mobility can be sometimes important. In this case, a table saw would be hard to move around. Since a table saw is attached to a table, moving it around even within the home or work area can be difficult. A miter may have the saw problem due to the extra attachments on it.
A hand circular saw on the other hand is mobile. It’s easy to transport across places. A professional who works at different sites will find it easier to carry the hand circular around than other types of saws.


Due to the static nature of the blade on the table saw, it’s easy to use, and it can cut more accurately without requiring a lot of skill. For amateurs or individuals with little experience in saw use, a table saw will prove easier to use than a miter or hand circular saw. While a miter may still be quite easy to use due to the attachments on it that gives steadiness, a hand circular saw is different.

Hand circular saws require a skillful user with experience before accuracy can be achieved. So, for amateurs, a hand circular saw may not be the best option when trying to cut through objects accurately. Also, look at the difference between a jigsaw and reciprocating saw


When cutting from different angles, the strength and size of the material will require the use of hand circular saws. With hand circular saws a user can skillfully cut through objects. And when it comes to metals, the blade can be changed to a tougher type to get the job done. While all these are possible using a hand circular saw, a table saw or miter will be difficult to use.


The table saw is the easiest to use, followed by the miter saw, and the last is the hand circular saw. A user will have to carry the hand saw throughout a cutting session. However, both table saw and miter saw have table attachments.


From the assessments above, in terms of mobility and versatility, hand circular saws are better. But in the aspects of accuracy and easiness of use, hand circular saws fall short. So, evaluate your type of work based on these aspects and make a decision.