Tropical Sod Webworms – A Threat to Our Lawns?

Introduction Tropical sod webworms, known scientifically as Herpetogramma phaeopteralis Guenée, are pests that can cause the destruction of lawns in areas that fall under the tropical and subtropical zone. The southeastern parts of the United States, such as Florida, Texas, and countries in the Caribbean, fall into this zone. The impact of tropical sod webworms … Read more

Tools You Need to Grow and Keep a Lawn

Introduction It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to put together a lawn, grow it until it takes the desired shape, and maintain it. To do this, you will need some tools and other materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, etc. If some of these tools are lacking in your lawn, you may not … Read more

The Lawnmower: An Unexpected Therapist

INTRODUCTION Were you aware that you can cut down on stress by mowing the grass of your lawn? Everyone has various methods that they practice to relax and relieve their mind of stress. Some people may have various activities. Some of these activities are common and quite normal, while some can be extraordinary; either way, … Read more

THE Art of Picking The Right Grass

INTRODUCTION A beautiful and well-kept lawn usually has a combination of various, unique, grass types with each one having its unique weaknesses and strengths. When you pick the right grass for your lawn, it may save you a lot of stress and headaches later on. Planting the wrong kind of grass will lead to it … Read more

Taking Care Of Your Lawn – 101 Guide

INTRODUCTION A lush, healthy lawn is every homeowner’s goal for their lawns. It helps to beautify the home and increases Its value. It is also a great space for family bonding and picnics. Maintaining the beauty of your lawn isn’t as hard as you may think. It does not require long hours of work or … Read more

Repairing a Damaged Lawn

Introduction We all desire lush looking lawns adorning our compounds; however, this kind of lawn don’t appear through magic. It takes conscious effort to take care of a lawn, and this includes caring out repairs when the need arises. However, some people make the mistake of not acting on minor issues in their lawn until … Read more

Patchy Grass? This Is What You Can Do

Introduction There’s almost nothing worse than having patchy or thin grass on your beautifully laid lawn. It is every homeowner’s worst nightmare because it totally disfigures the lawn. Patchy grass can be a huge problem, especially if you don’t know what may have caused it. It may be easier just to add fertilizer and spread … Read more

Paclobutrazol for Sturdier and Fuller Grass

Overview Caring for your lawn also includes applying substances such as fertilizers and other substances like plant regulators. Paclobutrazol doubles as a plant regulator and a fungicide. However, it is mostly applied to perform the functions of the former. It helps to delay top growth on plants and while making the plants fuller and sturdier. … Read more

Leaf Blowing And What The Law Says

INTRODUCTION The leaf blower is a common power tool that is used for gardening that blows out air from a nozzle to move debris like leaves and so on. As spring approaches and lawns are worked on, it is important to consider the laws that govern the use of leaf blowers in your town or … Read more

Laying a New Lawn: Step-By-Step

Introduction laying a new lawn can be pretty much painless; thus, as long as you understand the best time to apply it and you can equally acquire good turf raised from seeds, you can also establish a lush green lawn with just minimal effort. If your goal is to have a healthy lawn, then it’s … Read more