What Is The Difference Between a Chop and Miter Saw?


During construction, many materials are present, from zinc, wood, to plastic. These materials need to be cut into smaller pieces to create the perfect house, boat, rocket – basically any structure you desire. Chinese legend claims that Lu Ban is the engineer who had the genius idea to invent the saw.

A saw is a tool made of a serrated blade, chain or wire with a sharp-toothed edge. The saws’ general purpose is to cut through materials like wood, metal, and stone. Although saws are said to have been designed by the Chinese people, there is a lot of evidence pointing out the need for a tool that could cut through rigid material existed in every civilization. Some archaeologists in Egypt, Europe, and Greek were lucky enough to find tools that possessed designs and functions which were very similar to those of the modern saw.

The first saws in Egypt were in use as early as circa 3,100 – 2,686 BC; that is, during the Early Dynastic Period. These versions of saws had copper as the primary material used in its creation. 

The significant difference between the Egyptian saw and modern saw is that the Egyptian saw was copper that had been serrated and hardened to cut through substance on both push and pull strokes, unlike the new saw, which uses an alternating set of teeth to divide materials.

As time went by, the saw went through several adjustments in its design and configurations. Different sizes, shapes, and types of saws exist, but in this article, the Chop and Miter saw will be the main focus.

Chop Saw

Chop saws provide efficient power and astonishing capacity in cutting through heavy material. This kind of saw is mainly used professionally by industries, commercial ventures, etc. The blade of the chop saw cuts at 90 degrees. Although still capable of cutting at other angles, it is hard to control, hence using the miter saw for such cuttings. 

This saw is dangerous and requires lots of caution in its usage significantly when cutting angles other than 90 degrees. It can pose a significant risk when not handled by professionals as it moves in an up and down motion. It is good to have in mind that the chop saw uses are only specific to it.

However, people mainly employ chop saws for cutting through metals as it makes the cutting look like child’s play with its effortless cutting speed. The saw’s blade size is fully capable of cutting through any material, hence its application in majorly industrial settings.

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Miter Saw

Anybody involved in the field of woodworking can attest to this. In times of old, all a carpenter needed for work was a hand saw and chisel; this has changed with time due to the amount of energy and time those equipment consumed. 

The miter saw makes angle cuts in degrees other than 90 by setting a mounted blade on aboard. It is capable of cutting through materials like wood. Woodworkers, carpenters, and others have fallen in love with this equipment due to the variety it provides. Standard or power miter saw, compound miter saw, dual compound miter saw, sliding compound miter saw, and laser or led miter saws are the types of miter saws which provide this variety. 

Difference between Chop and Miter Saw

The chop and miter saw have similar functions and striking similarities as well. They both use a circular blade in a front to back motion to cut through materials. Here are differences that can identify the den making purchases of saws.

Cutting Style

The cutting style is the main difference between the two saws. The miter saw creates angled cuts at mainly other degrees aside 90 degrees which is a straight line but can only cut through thinner materials. The chop saw, on the other hand, can only make straight cuts, i.e. at 90 degrees and cut through any material whatsoever easily.


The p saws generally are more considerable when placed in comparison with the Miter saws. The blade is a size 14-inch at minimum. However, the miter saws are size at 10-12 inches blade size. 


The chain saw due to technicality in usage can only be used by professionals. The miter saw, on the other hand, can be used by DIYers and just anybody without any form of professionalism.

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When next you require a saw for whatever purpose, it won’t be difficult choosing with this guide. A Chop saw cuts through thick items and at 90 degrees whilst a Miter saw cuts thinner materials at any degree other than 90 mainly but can still cut at 90 degrees called crosscuts. The choice of saws now is made more accessible.