Do Electric Chainsaws Work?


Chainsaws have been invented for quite some time, and they came into being as a faster solution to the traditional saw. Gas-powered chainsaws were made not long after the first set of manual chainsaws were made, and they have gone to dominate the chainsaw scene since then. However, gas chainsaws are not the only type of chainsaws around today, thanks to the development of electric chainsaws.

Gas-powered chainsaws have proven to be quite efficient in handling heavy duties. However, questions tend to arise when electric chainsaws come into the picture. Both chainsaws can be used for milling.

Questions such as, are electric chainsaws any good or do electric chainsaws work are expected, especially from people who have not tried them before or a new to the chainsaw business. Well, this article is designed to provide answers to those questions and give insight into the highlights and shortcomings of these chainsaws relative to gas chainsaws.

Features and Advantages of an Electric Chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are known to be relatively light, safer and easy to start and use. Some electric chainsaws stay idle when they are not in use and only come active when needed. However, the fact that they are safer does not mean they are tools to be played with; you should ensure you take necessary safety precautions when working with these tools, whether electric or gas-powered.

Electric powered chainsaws come in two types which are the corded electric chainsaw and the cordless electric chainsaws. The cordless electric chainsaws are battery powered, meaning you have to charge them before use. This affords users more flexibility compared to corded electric chainsaws where the length of the wire restricts users.

Because they are powered by electricity, electric chainsaws produce lesser noise compared to their gas-powered counterparts. They are environmentally friendly and help you save more when it comes to running cost as well as the cost of maintenance.

Also, electric chainsaws come in different sizes designed for users of different size and experience. Some are a combination of chainsaws and pole saws designed for completing tasks without changing tools. They also come in various types of bar sizes.

Electric Chainsaws Vs Gas-powered Chainsaws

Initially, electric-powered chainsaws did not produce enough power to perform tasks such as the cutting of trees. Today, the same cannot be said as there are electric chainsaws on the market with high power ratings that can perform these tasks, although most are limited to cutting small trees.

However, when it comes to power, and speed, gas-powered chainsaws still run the show are suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting of large trees and branches. Gas-fueled chainsaws also have their shortcomings. They tend to release gases that are not good for the environment, they are louder, and they have high running costs as opposed to electric chainsaws.

Shortcomings of Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws may not be the best for some projects, and some of them do have limitations. Hopefully, these areas should be looked at in the future by manufacturers.

  • Performance: There are electric chainsaws with impressive performance; however, gas chainsaws still beat them when it comes to cutting down tall and bigger trees. Electric chainsaws may take longer in cutting down trees of that nature.
  • Flexibility: Users of corded electric chainsaws cannot go farther than the length of the cord. While cordless chainsaws help to solve that problem, they can only last as long as their battery.


So, to answer the questions raised in the beginning, yes, electric chainsaws do work, and they do a good job is chopping down small trees, branches, clear debris, etc. They also present users a cleaner option for the environment while saving themselves extra costs.

Looking at the direction the world is heading regarding tools that are powered by fossil-fuel, electric chainsaws are the future.