How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last?


Handymen and individuals who engage in DIY projects yearn to know how long cordless drill batteries last. Before we get into details of that, let’s briefly look at what cordless drills are and their composition. After which we examine how long cordless drill batteries last, how to preserve, and prolong their shelf life.

What are the corded drills?

Cordless drills are electric types of drills that make use of rechargeable batteries for drilling purposes. They have voltages as high as 14, 24, 28, and 36V which allow them to drill holes. Cordless drills do not make use of electricity to function. But they vary according to different types of drilling work. You should read this guide to learn about what the type of cordless drills you should buy for a particular task. Cordless drills work with Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a high acidic composition which allows the cordless drills to work well and last long. Now, let’s look at how long these Lithium-ion batteries in cordless drills last?

How long can you expect the battery of your cordless drill to last?

The reality is that Lithium-ion batteries in cordless drills do not have a precise functioning time limit. The battery longevity of your cordless drill depends on some factors like good usage and storage. But on the average, a quality cordless drill battery would last up to 3 to 4 years. Let us consider some factors that would allow your cordless drill battery to last up to 3 to 4 years and a bit more.

Environment of storage

The very first factor to pay attention to is storage. One thing that is very critical to the longevity or otherwise of your cordless drill battery is the environment in which you keep your drill(the battery would of course be inside the cordless drill). You should try as much as possible to store your cordless drill in a cool dry environment. This would prolong the shelf life of the battery as it should be at a particular air and temperature level. Do not keep your drill in hot places. This would reduce the shelf life of the battery.

Battery Care

Another thing you should pay attention to is battery care itself. You cannot choose to handle the battery of your cordless drill just anyhow. Whenever you want to remove your battery from the cordless drill, do so with care. Whenever you want to return the battery of your cordless drill to its storage, do not just throw it or place it just anywhere; this can damage your battery as it can collide with any other equipment or liquid spilling on it.

Proper Charging

Many cordless drill users do not know that charging tells a lot about the longevity of a cordless drill battery. It is the way you charge the battery of your cordless drill that would determine whether it would last long or not. If you are overcharging the battery after it’s fully charged, and you do not unplug it for some hours, this can seriously damage the battery over time. On the flip side, you should rather charge the battery fully and unplug afterward. This helps prolong battery life.

Another habit you should develop with regards to charging batteries is that you should charge it fully before use. If it is not fully charged and you want to use it, make sure you find a way to charge it fully before you use it. This helps a lot in extending and preserving the shelf life of your battery.

If you endeavor to follow through on the guides above in the way you use your cordless drill battery, you will get a good shelf life out of it. To know more about the longevity and composition of cordless drill batteries, watch this video, it gives additional insight regarding the best practices that aids how long cordless drill batteries last.


Cordless drills give a lot of perks in their usage. With cordless drills, you can work comfortably without having to depend on electricity always. This post has further enlightened you on how long their batteries last and how to preserve and prolong their shelf life. Read thoroughly and preserve the shelf life of your battery and also the cordless drill.