How Long Do Electric Leaf Blowers Last


Electric leaf blowers have several benefits over the regular gas-powered blower. Today, we see that electric leaf blowers have gained a lot of popularity because they are easier to use and offer outstanding convenience; and this makes it a worthy consideration to buy.

Electric leaf blowers are as sturdy and durable as their gas-powered counterparts, and they can even last longer if properly managed. If you want to compare gas-powered leaf blowers to electric leaf blowers, check out Are Electric Leaf Blowers Better than Gas

How Long Do Leaf Blowers Last

Typically, leaf blowers will give you about 1000 hours of use or about ten years before breaking down. You may have to carry out routine checks and servicing during this period. If you use an electric leaf blower, you can expect to get this amount of work out of it. Proper usage and maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of your leaf blowers.

Tips to Make Your Electric Leaf Blower Last Longer

If you are using a corded blower, make sure that you use the appropriate extension cord with it. The output of your blower depends on the gauge and length of the cord if the cord is too long, then the power reaching your leaf blower may not be enough.

If your leaf blower stops working, confirm first whether the fault is from the power outlet or a faulty cord. If you have a damaged cord, consult the owner’s manual as to the type to get as a replacement.

Keep your electric leaf blower away from the weather elements, and store in cool shade or indoors. If you are not using the blower, then keep it out of the sun, as the heat can damage the components. Please avoid using the electric leaf blower or leaving it under the rain or snow because the electric motor will get damaged.

For cordless electric leaf blowers make sure you charge the batteries with the appropriate chargers to preserve the lifespan. Store your electric leaf blower batteries in a cool, dry area to prevent water and heat from damaging them. Proper storage of batteries is proven to extend the lifetime.

The battery of a cordless leaf blower may last up to 3 years depending on how you use it. Also, the running time per charge depends on battery capacity, so if you want to use it in a large area, go for a higher battery capacity leaf blower.

Corded leaf blowers usually have an extension not longer than 100 feet and as such are confined to a small area, while the battery-powered leaf blower can be used for a larger area, but is often lacking in power.


Electric leaf blowers are lighter and less noisy than gas-powered leaf blowers and offer greater convenience. Electric leaf blowers are very sturdy, so you don’t need to worry that they’ll quickly breakdown.

If you handle your leaf blower properly and don’t mishandle it, then it will last for a long time before it needs replacement or repairs. After each use, store the electric leaf blower in a shed to keep it protected from direct heat and moisture. Taking the necessary precautions will ensure your leaf blowers last a long time. Always consult the owner’s manual if you run into any problems while using your electric leaf blowers.