How Many Cubic Feet In A Wheelbarrow?


It is vital to know your wheelbarrow volume. This piece of information will let you know how much you can carry in your wheelbarrow for every trip you make. There different volumes of wheelbarrows, and they can accommodate varying sizes of loads and applications. They come in different measurements ranging from 2 cubic feet, which is quite shallow, to 6 cubic feet, which is deep. A basic garden wheelbarrow with a deep basin can accommodate up to 3 cubic feet, and the shallow ones can hold about two cubic feet.

A cubic yard of mulch is the same as 27 cubic feet; this means you would have to make up to nine trips if you use a basic three cubic feet wheelbarrow. If you use a deep wheelbarrow, that will mean fewer trips, but it will also mean that you will be carrying a heavier load. If you are beginning a new project from the start, you need to calculate how much material you’ll be carrying. This will give you a range of what size of a wheelbarrow to get for the job.

Mixing Concrete In A Wheelbarrow

You don’t have a cement mixer; You don’t need to worry! With a bit of effort, you will be able to mix batches of medium sized concrete in your wheelbarrows tub. You should be able to mix concrete after following these simple steps on how to mix the perfect concrete in your wheelbarrow.

  • Put the bag of cement mix at one end of the wheelbarrow and open it up. Allow the mix to empty into the wheelbarrow.
  • Instead of using the garden hose, measure the amount of water you need in a bucket or jug, and pour it in.
  • Use a hoe or spade to make a trough by dragging it through the mix. If the mix is still crumbly, you can add more water.
  • Once you have achieved your desired consistency, pour the concrete where it is needed by simply tipping the wheelbarrow.
  • After you’re done, ensure that you use a steel brush to scrub your wheelbarrow and tools and also rinse them properly. It is almost impossible to remove hardened concrete, so deal with it while it’s still wet.

Can You Purchase Fold Wheelbarrows

Using a folding wheelbarrow can make your household work and garden tasks easier and lighter. They can be easily stored due to the fact that they can be folded into a compact size. These type of wheelbarrows are constructed from a canvas material that is quite durable; they also have pockets which are in-built for extra storage space for small tools. These wheelbarrows have a maximum load capacity even though they are made from canvas.

The inner part of the canvas is supported by a metal frame that is both durable and lightweight. Do not think that you can use then for all sorts of heavy-duty tasks because they are durable. They have a smaller maximum capacity than the basic wheelbarrow. Some of these folding wheelbarrows come with more than one wheel to support the weight of heavy loads.

Most of the time, they have about two, three, or four wheels, and this makes it hard to empty the wheelbarrow by tipping it. They can also be difficult to control and maneuver through small spaces.

Benefits Of The Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow from Worx is a yard cart and a multipurpose wheelbarrow. It comes with different features such as fold-out extension arms and oversized flat-free tires. It has the ability to double as eight different carts, including a wheelbarrow, rock lifter, hand truck, potted plant mover, cylinder holder, bag lifter, extended dolly, and a trailer mover.

The Worx Aerocart can carry a load that weighs 300lb and has a 3-foot cubic tub. It has a slightly narrow and shallow tub, but this allows you to use it as a handcart; if the tub were wider, it wouldn’t be able to double as a hand cart. It is able to carry loads of wood, building supplies, and rocks. Its extension arms can support loads of about 80lbs, while its patented two-wheel design can adjust to the center of gravity.

This allows you to haul large loads easily. The Aerocart can make a 200lb load easier to carry, so your joints and back won’t be overworked.

How Much Is A Wheelbarrow in KG?

A basic wheelbarrow used in construction can hold about six cubic feet. To measure it in kilograms, multiply the cubic feet times the weight of each cubic feet of sand, and you will come up with about 290 kg.


Like you would do with any other thing, ensure that you conduct your research before purchasing a wheelbarrow. Make sure that it suits your needs, and you get value for your money.