How to remove paint from carpet


Were you just putting some finishing designs on the wall of your roomor sitting room when you just mistakenly spilled paint on your carpet that you don’t plan on replacing anytime soon? And maybe you didn’t even notice until it dried. You can feel pained just as if you just spilled paint on a shirt or pant But, how exciting would it be if you have a way to redeem your carpet! The points below will talk about how to remove paint from the carpet.

First, identify the type of paint. Whether it’s latex, water-based paint, or Oil paint.

To know if the paint is water-based or latex, simply check the label on the paint’s container to see the type. This type is usually used in decorating. So if you were decorating when the carpet got stained, then it’s probably the water-based latex paint.

If perhaps you are unable to find the paint container and you’re not sure of the type of paint. Simply do a little test. Dip a ball of cotton wool into denatured alcohol and gently rub it on a small part of what you’re painting. If it is latex or water-based, the paint will come off. But, if it doesn’t come off, then it is oil-based.

But, if you really don’t want to rub off the paint off your piece of design, just flashback to how you cleaned your brush. solvents like mineral spirits or turpentine are used to wash off brush used for oil-based paint. while you need only water to wash the brush if it’s latex or water-based paints.

To remove water-based Paint

To remove water-based Paint follow these steps below.

Mop the spot

To ease the paint, mop the spot with a wet paper towel if the paint hasn’t dried up. But if it has already, pour dishwashing detergent into hot water and apply it on the surface. Let it soak the stained spot and leave it for a while to fade.

Use a knife

Make use of a knife to scrape off the dried paint as much as you can. Continue to apply the mixture of hot water and detergent again then continue scraping to get rid of the paint stain.

Use a steamer

If after applying the mixture, the paint is still not coming off, it’s high time you made use of a steamer. A handheld steamer to be precise. Use it while scraping off the paint. Until the paint comes off.

To remove water-based Paint

Follow these steps If it’s latex paint.

Simply mop

Just mop the spot if the paint is still wet. Try to get off as much wet paint as you can while mopping with a wet cloth. But note, do not scrub. Scrubbing the surface will only make the stain spread to other unaffected parts.

Mild detergent

Pour into the water a mild dishwashing detergent. The detergent should be about a teaspoon while the water should be lukewarm. Apply this mixture to the affected area. Press a neat cloth onto the surface and gently mop the stained area. Do not apply too much pressure. It should be a gentle mop.


Allow for the spot to dry completely. Finish up by vacuuming the spot.

What if the paint is oil-based?

You can know if it’s oil-based by simply checking the container. If the container is not found, do a simple test by dipping a ball of wool into denatured alcohol then gently rub it on a little part of what you’re painting. If it doesn’t come off, then it’s oil-based

Now after determining the nature of the paint, do the following, if the paint is dry already:

Use a steamer

Use a steamer. The work of the steamer is to ease the paint stain on the carpet. So that the dried paint will come off easily. Make sure to apply the steam directly on the spot.

Use a needle

Use a needle or perhaps a pin to break the stuck paint apart. Then, gently pull the paint off by scraping with the needle or pin. Make sure to apply the steam while doing that. Both should be done simultaneously. Continue this process until you get rid of the carpet of the paint. Be careful not to damage the fiber of the carpet. You don’t want a rough carpet. So do it gently and carefully. Never forget to do a removal test on an invisible spot on the carpet. If the dried paint is still not coming off, it’s time to try the following steps :

Acetone or hydrogen peroxide

If after trying the process above the paint is still not coming off. Dip a cloth in acetone or hydrogen peroxide and use it to mop the spot. gently press the cloth against the stained area and try to get off the paint as much as you can.

Although, this method may cause discoloration of the carpet. But you’ll be able to get rid of the paint stain. That is why it is only like the last option if the former methods didn’t work.

Use a scissors

After mopping the spot with any of the solutions, use a pair of scissors to trim the tips of the carpet as there might still be little paint remaining exactly on the tip on the fiber of the carpet. While getting rid of the remaining paint, make sure you trim away a little of the tip. And try to get off as much stain as possible.

This trimming method should only be a last resort. Because you might trim away too much of the carpet while trying to get rid of the paint stain which will make the spot look bald or bare.


We are no perfect persons. So no matter how careful we may be, there are times that the unwanted happens. So spilling paint on a carpet isn’t the end of the carpet. With the above points, you’ll be able to get rid of any type of paint stain restoring your carpet to normal.