How To Snow Shovel a Driveway


The reality of snow shoveling a driveway is that it’s not an enjoyable and easy task. It can be quite stressful and strenuous. Yet, it’s necessary and unavoidable, especially in areas where it snows a lot, you cannot take it for granted. If you fail to snow shovel your driveway or any pathway whatsoever, you are risking possible accidents and hindrances that may limit your movement. As the snow is most likely to melt a little, freeze up again, and grow high.

How would this then cause an accident? When the snow refreezes, a sheet of ice would most likely appear and it can result in slips and falls. This can cause not only domestic accidents but also car accidents and the likes. To get you much more intimated about the dangers snow ice can cause, watch this video .

To avoid the accidents and hazards snow ice can cause, you should simply snow shovel your driveways and pathways. This is what this informational content would cover thoroughly. How can you snow shovel your driveway in such a way that you reduce risks to the barest minimum? Follow through!

How to snow shovel the right way

Many individuals snow shovel their driveways without taking into cognizance the fundamentals of the practice. Taking into consideration the fundamentals of snow shoveling is very important to avoid hazards. The following are safety tips to help avoid injury while snow shoveling and to facilitate a neat job.

Access your capability

The first thing to do is to put safety precautions in place. Before snow shoveling your driveway, you must, first of all, ensure you are ready for it. Your health is paramount, so wear thick and comfortable clothes.

Exercise and rest at intervals

It is a tiring and exhausting task, so first of all, exercise a bit. Do a bit of work out to get your body ready for the stress of packing the snow off your driveway. In the process of snow shoveling, make sure you take some rest at intervals. This is underrated but important. It is a core part of snow shoveling safely. You need to take rest at intervals to reinvigorate your body. You do not want to get overworked by this energy-draining work.


The next thing in undertaking safety precautions is to ensure you safely use your shovel. How do you do this? You should wax your shovel. This is important to prevent snow residue from sticking to it. If snow residues stick to it, it may cause some domestic accidents. You could use any type of wax to achieve this purpose; they all work well.

Shoveling styles

Step A

You now have to pay attention to your snow shoveling style. You have to snow shovel in a way that would be convenient for your body. A tested and trusted technique to doing it is letting your knees do the work. What does this mean? Whenever you want to pack a load of snow, you should bend towards your knees to have a firm grip. This way, your knees help you lift the load all at once, not over stressing all your body parts.

Step B

As you lift and grip a load of snow, keep the load close to you to reduce stress on your back spine. More importantly, make sure you do not rely on a particular arm in carrying the snow load. Always switch between your two arms to avoid strain and a quick tire out. You should also change your gripping position on the shovel at intervals.

Step C

The first thing to do as mentioned earlier is to wax the shovel you would be using. This is to ensure that no snow residues are stuck to the shovel. Then, you should try to level clear that driveway.

What is level clearing? This is mostly applicable when you have to clear large loads of snow. You should not try to clear a particular spot on the driveway at once. What you should do is to clear the top of the snow to a reduced rhyming level. This makes it easier to clear the other residue left of the snow load. This technique is even more important and useful as it aids the total snow shoveling of your driveway.

Snow shoveling around a vehicle

Most cars can have snow melting features. You can engage this feature to reduce the strength of the snow to make it easy when shoveling the snow around the car.

After shoveling from the edges to the middle, do not be overly bothered about the remainder of the snow around a vehicle. More snow will gather there even after you clean the vehicle.

Especially the entrance of your garage leading to the road, hold off on completely snow scooping it. As days pass by, more snow will accumulate in this zone. So spare this zone till you’re prepared to pull out with your vehicle, or till after you’ve rested up.

One more thing. At the point when you’re snow scooping, don’t burn yourself out trying to remove immense heaps directly along the edge of your vehicle when you aren’t ready to go out. This is because, some portions of the snow will likely fall more, which means you need to eliminate them twice.

Similarly, before you begin removing the heaps of snow and depositing it in a place, consider what space ought to be left open. For instance, don’t deposit the snow load before the entryway of a storehouse, particularly on the off chance that you plan on creating a path in the same place soon.


Snow shoveling your driveway is tedious and strenuous work but it is worth all the stress. You do not want to suffer accidents and hazards from snow ice. It’s best to follow the procedures discussed above to help snow shovel in the right way. Remember, always access your present health condition, rest while shoveling, follow the right body positioning, and clearing techniques.