Is A Leaf Blower Worth The Investment?


A leaf blower becomes a gardener’s favourite tool when the autumn season sets in. The leaf blower provides a straightforward but yet effective way of moving and collecting fallen leaves and gardens debris, like grass cuttings, when the cold season starts to creep in.

The Big question remains, should homeowners around the world, invest in a leaf blower or are these just some home tools to be used once in every ten months? Well, the exciting thing is that you might be surprised to know that leaf blowers have several uses aside from just blowing leaves. Thus a homeowner will significantly benefit from this cleaning ‘wonder tool’.

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Here Are Reasons Why Leaf Blowers Are Worth The Investment:

A Leaf Blower Saves Time

Leaf blowers are incredibly efficient in helping you save time when you’re engaged in a cleaning task. Many people have noticed that clean up that usually consumes up hours of their time is done in minutes using a leaf blower. Having this feature alone qualifies it as an essential buy.

A Leaf Blower Makes Cleaning Effortless

Not only are you saving time with a leaf blower, but you are also protecting yourself from the stress that’s associated with clean up. Both the electric and gas leaf blowers are lightweight. Hence they are straightforward to swing around and can be used overhead. Hardcore gardeners would find this tool valuable as it makes their work easy.

Leaf Blowers Are Affordable

As highlighted earlier, leaf blowers are either in gas or electric type, so if you’re wondering about the funds, you will be spending on fuel, then cease from that stress because you won’t be needing fuel.

Leaf Blowers Move Leaves into Pile

This is a no brainer because judging by its name, and this tool is very efficient in blowing leaves into a pile by using a massive burst of air, before putting them into a bin-bag for disposal. Since dead autumn leaves are very light, there won’t be any need to turn up the device power to the max, except of course you’re trying to blow leaves from a distance.

Leaf Blowers Clears up Spider Webs

Who would have thought that leaf blowers would be efficient in clearing up spider webs around the house? If not for anything else, this reason alone has just hiked the value of a leaf blower. By aiming in a vertical position, you can remove old cobwebs that have clustered around your ceiling for too long.

Leaf Blowers Blows off Snow

One of the most unheard uses of leaf blowers is that they can blow off the snow. Hence, these tools aren’t only useful for blowing leaves during the fall season, but in the middle of winter, they can blast snow blocking walkways and driveways. However, note that this effective only when the snow is airy and fluffy and not effective when they are compacted or sopping wet.

How Does a Leaf Blower Work?

Developing a Good Strategy for Using Your Leaf Blower

One of the smartest uses of the leaf blower is to use it in gathering piles of dead leaves to pile up, for easy removal. Nevertheless, don’t attempt to move every last bit of leaf, else that will frustrate you. After using a leaf blower, you can follow up your cleaning with a leaf rake.

While using the leaf blower, it is advisable to use in vacuum mode when trying to clear leaves in less accessible spots, especially where the use of rakes would be ineffective.


Leaf blowers are such an essential home improvement garden tool. Although the leaf blower comes in different types, they are very efficient and worth the investment. Furthermore, when using the leaf blower, endeavour to have your eye and ear protection.