Kobalt vs Dewalt

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Whether you’re buying for your primary set of tools or you’re a competent professional replacing your tool, earning the highest value for your dollar is constantly a fundamental concern.

New groups like Kobalt have appeared, and their products give high-end captions at an important price level. But, how do Kobalt products stack up against an extra ancestral brand, like DeWalt?

Read on To learn more about Kobalt vs DeWalt.

As we disclose what you wish to understand about these two brands, and examine their most prominent tools in the head-to-head war of Kobalt vs DeWalt.

Brand History

When it arrives to Kobalt vs DeWalt, the record of the brands is a considerable reflection you’ll need to deal with as you determine which tools are adequate for you.

Kobalt is a moderately new brand. The Kobalt brand is acquired by Lowe’s home development stores, and Kobalt tools debuted entirely at Lowe’s in 1998. Lowe’s was wishing to compete with the incredibly prominent special label brands Craftsman and Husky, which were auctioned by Sears and The Home Depot, respectively.

Initially, Kobalt concentrated on mechanics tools. Right now, they develop a full line of mechanics tools, storage solutions, lithium-ion power tools, and more.

Meanwhile, the story of DeWalt couldn’t be more varied. DeWalt was incorporated in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt, who launched several of the electric power saws we utilize today. The DeWalt organization was later auctioned to the Black & Decker company, and they also started up marketing DeWalt products as a higher-end choice to budget priced alternatives.

Today, DeWalt proceeds to be one of the most preferred power tool producers in the world, with more than ninety years of familiarity and understanding in the business.

Below are few similarities.

Power & Performance

If you want to utilize the table saw for several types of hardwood. It would be unfair not to survey the power before buying it. DeWalt Model arrives with good power. It has 15Amp Motor with 1850 watts of power and can effortlessly cut through a unique sort of material. At no-load condition, the speed can climb to 3850 RPM which gives you the truly good torque.

While the Kobalt Model similarly retains the same 15Amp Motor. Though it possesses better RPM speed than DeWalt, which is 5000 RPM, it arrives with a 10-inch blade which is adequate for several types of woodcutting. Some users argued about a motor heating difficulty if you utilize it for long interval continuously.

Ease of Use

DeWalt Model is extremely simple to use, and you feel extremely safe using it because of its build quality and design. It has T Fence system that you can easily adjust with the telescopic rails. You can furthermore shut the fence at a distinct position so that whenever you wish to do make the same cut, no additional calibration is expected. It also has good quality miter gauge that you’ll effortlessly get accustomed to. With most of the saws, you require at least two operators for transferring, but this category only requires one person. Portability is one of the most significant characteristics of this tool.

You might not discover Kobalt KT1015, very simple to use as it possesses bit varied design distinguished to the formal table saws.

What we adore about this power tool that it arrives with the folding stand. You don’t have to purchase anything singly. It has a nice cutting capability, and you can similarly use several size wood pieces, which permits you to work on numerous level projects. To transport it, mash the foot lever and put up the handles. It will tilt vertically, and you can stock it in a small place.

Who Are Kobalt Tools Best For?

When it arrives to Kobalt Tools, they’re excellent for first time home owners, DIY fanatics, and anyone who is peeking for high-end components from allowance priced tools. Their blend of value and performance has rendered them one of the rapidly growing tool companies in the country.

Who Are DeWalt Tools Best For?

DeWalt conveys much extra knowledge to the table, and they furthermore propose a vaster product line that’s geared towards everyone from the first-time tool customer to the skilled professional. Since DeWalt produces tools at almost every price point, they have something for everyone.

What does Kobalt do Well?

As one of the new youngsters on the market, Kobalt sends a fresh viewpoint, ingenious ideas, and an entire line of tools that are packed with value. While possibly most well realized for their mechanics tools, Kobalt has also inaugurated greatly profitable lithium-ion powered hand and outdoor tools, as well.

Their hand tools hold a lifetime warranty, and their lithium-ion power tools have rapidly evolved to be industry-leading products.

What does DeWalt do Well?

Since DeWalt amasses such a revenue of knowledge, their tools are frequently the choice of experts and homeowners that mandate the absolute best from their equipment. For more than 90 years, they’ve existed as an exclusive manufacturer of power tools. Today, they furthermore proceed to create some of the best corded electric and battery used tools on the market.


Both Kobalt and DeWalt develop quality tools that show enough of value and outstanding features. That told, we do like one category over the other, and we feel there’s an obvious champion in the Kobalt vs DeWalt showdown.