Left-Hand Circular Saw vs. Right-Hand Circular Saw – Comparison


A circular saw is a power tool that is used to cut materials using a blade. A circular saw makes use of a round blade with sharp metal teeth, the blades spin and cuts the wood perfectly.

There are specialized blades which are used to cut sheet metal and other materials. With a circular saw, the user can alter the height and depth of the cut to their satisfaction. There are two primary kinds of circular saws which are: left-handed, and right-handed circular saw. When choosing a circular saw, it is important to know which one will be beneficial and work best for you.

Left-Handed Circular Saw

The left-handed circular saw as the name implies a hand-held power tool that is used to cut/slice through a variety of materials like wood, sheet metal and so on. A left-handed circular saw is one designed to have its motor on the right and its blade on the left. This design is quite beneficial to dominant left-hand operators because it allows you to hold the primary handle with your left hand and the latter handle with your right hand.

Right-Handed Circular Saw

A right-handed circular saw is a powerful tool and the simple opposite of the left-handed circular saw. Its design is in reverse as it has its motor on the left and its blade on the right; this makes it quite suitable for right-handed dominant users.

The right-handed circular saw and the left-handed circular saws are not restricted to lefties or righties alone because it can be used by the other, but everyone prefers more comfort and precision.

Before purchasing any of the circular saws, below are some of the differences between them.

Differences Between Left-Handed and Right-Handed Circular Saws

  1. The right-handed saw has its motor on the left side and its blade on the right while the left-handed circular saw has its blade on the left and its motor on the right.
  2. The left-handed circular saw has a clearer view because the main load of the saw, which is the motor is not blocking the users’ view.
  3. Some sizes of a circular saw are generally taken over by right-handed or left-handed design, for example, a 6 ½ inch circular saw is generally left-handed
  4. Most left-handed circular saws are cordless while most right-handed circular saws are corded.
  5. Left-handed circular saws typically have a better view than the right-handed circular saw.
  6. It is more beneficial for a leftie to operate the left-handed circular saw than the right-handed design.
  7. It is more beneficial for a person with a dominant right hand to make use of the right-handed drill for a better grip


It is important always to know which tool is best for you. Both circular saws are great power tools, but it is essential to purchase or choose the one that is most beneficial to you, also considering the nature of the job or material that it is to be used on. The circular saw is designed to be held and operated with two hands and gives clean results.