Milwaukee Vs. Makita


There is no gambling your way into the best tool brands; you just have to be very smart and decisive. Finding what you’d love in two different places could leave you in a state of confusion, and that isn’t easy because you could spend weeks trying to figure what brand to patronize. At a point, you could spiral due to the similarities in products and quality and refuse to choose what’s appropriate for you.

Milwaukee and Makita are two great tool brands with various hand and power tools that are effective and engineered for top-notch performance. Unfortunately, it could be hard to decide on either of them, as they are great from a technical perspective. Hence, this Milwaukee Vs. Makita article was put together to provide more knowledge so that you won’t struggle to choose your tool brand anymore.

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Who is Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is a United States tool brand that was established in 1924. It started operation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by first producing a ¼” hole shooter. Years later, this company started making tools like grinders, drills, sanders, etc. Today, it is a household name due to its incredible durability, power and strength sprung up by World War II.

Since Milwaukee was established in the USA, it has production sites almost everywhere with an annual production of over 500 tools and 2,500+ attachments. In 2020, the company made an estimated sale of $5 billion, making it the world’s largest manufacturer of power and hand tools.

Who is Makita?

Makita, unlike Milwaukee, is a Japanese brand established in 1915. Ideally, it started as an electric motor repair company until the production of power tools began in 1958. Makita manufactured their first-ever power tool called the “Electric Panel,” which opened doors to several other tools.

This company is still located in Japan; however, they manufacture their tools in 8 different countries in the world. Most Makita tools are pretty decent for DIY or light woodwork. There are others like the cordless drill, gas-power equipment like generators that can handle heavy-duty operation as well. Overall, the company made an estimated sale of $4 billion in 2020.

Milwaukee or Makita?

With a brief history of both power tool brands, you should have a few pieces of information to hold onto for the brand that has more than the other. However, what you are about to see from here is the differences between them in terms of factors of consideration. See below.

  1. Quality

If there is anything people are worried about when it comes to using the services of a brand or a product for the first time, it is Quality. Every brand has something to offer; however, the quality of whatever they have to offer is consequential. It is a good determinant of whether it is worth the money or not.

Milwaukee and Makita are great brands, but their qualities differ with their target audience in consideration. For instance, Makita is best for the intermediates, while Milwaukee is suitable for both intermediate and professional users. This analogy puts Milwaukee above Makita in terms of quality, even though they are both incredible.

  1. Warranty

The warranty a company puts on their products is equally important to determine whether it is a good choice for you or not. Generally, warranties define how long you can use a product without it failing in quality and performance. So, when a product bears a good warranty, you have no choice but to respect its effectiveness.

That being said, Milwaukee and Makita, as power tool manufacturers, have different warranty policies. The former offers a one-year to a lifetime conditional warranty over the latter with only a 3-year limited policy. Interestingly, this policy spans all through their products; hence, Milwaukee becomes the best in this case.

  1. Durability

Like the warranty policy, another factor in judging between the two power tool brands is Durability. Tools are expected to remain solid, strong, effective, and durable; if they cannot attain this level of perfection, it isn’t a great choice to start with. Luckily, both Milwaukee and Makita tools are excellently durable but slightly different.

Due to the consideration of the Warranty, Milwaukee tools are more durable than Makita tools.

  1. Portfolio

Lastly, a brand’s portfolio can help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you. Usually, a portfolio defines the number or wide range of tools available, i.e., power tools, hand tools, etc. Those with larger ones are highly patronized.

In this case, Milwaukee wins because of the consistent addition of new tools into their product portfolio. However, Makita is also doing well for itself with new products, as well.


With the various points above, deciding what’s best for you shouldn’t be difficult anymore. By yourself, you can judge who has the better product for your skill levels or not. In summary, this Milwaukee Vs. Makita is such a fantastic guide that helps.