Pressure Washer Uses


A lot of people own pressure washers; they can be very useful and powerful when it comes to cleaning a wide range of different things. People use them to clean air conditioners, car seats, window blinds and anything that needs cleaning around the house.

Pressure washers are quite expensive and bulky, but the result they give you is worthwhile. You may already have a pressure washer and use it for several purposes, but if you are still cleaning some things by hand you can learn how to use your pressure washer to clean those things, you will be able to clean these things way faster than before.

Below is a list of some of the uses of a pressure washer that you may or may not know.


The most common use for a pressure washer is cleaning driveways. They are the first thing anyone sees when coming in or passing by your house. Because of this majority of people like to keep their driveway as clean as possible. A high-pressure washer will make keeping your driveway clean an easy task. It is also a large flat surface where you can fun with your pressure washer.


An efficient way to keep your grill clean is by using a pressure washer. As long as your grill is sturdy, all you have to do is follow some simple guidelines. Ensure that you remove all the electrical parts and the gas cylinder before you use the pressure washer. A high-pressure washer can cause damage to the electrical units or the gas cylinder, and this could lead to some dangerous situations. Using a pressure washer to clean your grill reduces the time by a quarter.

Wood Decks

Another common use for a pressure washer is cleaning wooden decks. It effectively cleans the wooden deck area, and you will be able to see the difference. Although, while doing this ensure you use the right nozzle, use one that has a 25 to 40-degree reach and maintain a distance of 2 to 3 feet between the nozzle and the deck. Start with a low pressure of 500 to 600 PSI; if the pressure is too high, it could cause damage to the wood.

Due to time, mildew tends to settle on wooden surfaces, and it could cause the surface to be slippery. It is the easiest and most effective way to get mildew off your wooden deck is to use a pressure washer to blast it off. Ensure that you wash outwards if you wash inwards you could blast mildew into your house and on your walls.

Outdoor Or Garden Furniture

Outdoor furniture is made from different materials ranging from plastic to wood to metal, and they are all easy to keep clean with a pressure washer. If you leave your outdoor furniture without caring for them will lead to their degradation, especially wooden furniture. Using a pressure washer to keep your outdoor furniture clean could give your garden a fresh look. It is easy to use a pressure washer on garden furniture, and this makes it an easy way to clean your furniture regularly.

Cars And Trucks

If you live in an area that is full of dust and mud, you will know how annoying it can be for your shiny car or truck to be covered with mud and dust. Using a pressure washer on your vehicle can be easy, and it can be the best use for a pressure washer. The time used in washing your car is reduced compared to when you use a regular hosepipe. However, you might need a sponge to finish the job, or you could get a scrub brush attachment. It is a simple and quick way to get your car clean.


Almost everybody has a fence ad if it is wooden it could have mildew or moss, and this will allow it easily picks up dirt making your fence an eyesore. Washing fences with your hand can be very inconvenient and frustrating, especially when you’re trying to reach the corners. They also cover a large expanse of space which takes longer to clean by hand. This is why pressure washers are an efficient way to keep your fence clean. They remove dirt, mildew and moss faster and more efficiently than you can with your hands.

Home Exteriors Such As Brick

The exterior of a house always looks better when it’s clean. It doesn’t matter if the exterior of your house is made out of brick or wood; you can use a pressure washer to keep it clean. Ensure you close all the windows and other openings before you start using the pressure washer; you could also use the pressure washer to clean your windows easily. However, be careful with the pressure when cleaning surfaces such as glass.


Whether your patio is made from concrete or tiles, it will pick up dirt easily. Patios are used commonly as an entertaining space, especially during summer. If you need your patio to look good for the season, you can use a pressure washer. It is extremely easy to use a pressure washer to keep a patio clean; all you have to do is use a high-pressure setting to blast away the dirt and grime. This leaves your patio clean and bright, thus leaving you feeling proud of your entertaining space.

Different Gears Such As Lawn Mowers

Some people use their pressure washer to clean different things such as boats, bikes, lawnmowers and other random things in the house such as dog houses. A pressure washer is a useful tool in cleaning anything that can withstand the pressure of the washer. It is an easy and efficient way to clean anything.


There are different household uses for pressure washers, and the list above covers some of the common and best uses. If you own a pressure washer and you haven’t tried any of the above mentioned, you can go ahead and give it a try. It will reduce the time you spend on washing quite significantly.