What are hammer drills used for?


Hammer Drills are essential power tools for drilling hard and rigid surfaces like a stone brick wall. It’sI drilling power is made possible by combining hammering thrusts and rotary drilling motion to penetrate hard concretes.

There are several home improvement DIY projects that require the drilling of concrete or masonry. For instance, say you want to hang up a photo frame, you’re going to drill the concrete to get to the hole you desire to hang up your frame.

Hammer Drills are the go-to working tools for drilling holes into surfaces, which seem harsh when using less powerful equipment. So it doesn’t matter if your DIY project is to bore holes in concrete or to tear apart ceramic tiles, then a high-quality hammer drill machine is what you need. With a hammer drill, you can effortlessly bore a hole on hard materials so that your small plugs, screws, and bolts can fit in properly. You can learn more on uses for hammer drills here

How do Hammer Drills Work?

The hammer drill draws its inspiration from making a hammer-like motion while it is in operation. The hammer drill’s fast and repetitive “hammering” of the drill bit against masonry, concrete, stone, and enables the tool to create holes on these extremely tough surfaces.

If you tried using a regular drilling machine on these kinds of surfaces, you will notice that it does not have sufficient firepower to make holes correctly, just like a hammer drill would do it. Although you might make using a standard drilling tool, however, the bottom line remains that a hammer drill will make the entire process somewhat fun to do.

Type of Hammer Drills Available

Many of the modern drills are cordless, and this allows for more effective use and portability. Thus, it is your choice; you can purchase hammer drills with cords. That way, you won’t worry about battery charging because of the extra power you use.

Furthermore, besides the option of using a corded or cordless hammer drill, you could also choose between pneumatic and a percussion hammer drill.

  • Percussion Hammer Drill: this type is typically easier to handle, and it relies on a softer and less rigid hammering motion.
  • Pneumatic Hammer Drill: These types are for more challenging projects requiring an incredible amount of drilling power.
  • Rotary Hammer Drill: Should need to bore larger or even deeper holes, use the SDS drills as it’s fondly called.

Can a Hammer Drill be used as a Regular Drill?

Many of the hammer drills in the market today are multi-functional. They can be used as a high-quality electric screwdriver needing no additional power or can be used for its primary purpose, hammering.

Do you need a Hammer Drill?

The Hammer drill is the most popular and versatile DIY tool in the market, so if you’re into DIY projects or have a plan for that, then Hammer drill is an essential tool in your arsenal. Although you might likely not be using this tool daily, it’s worth the keep. Hammer Drills come in handy if you need to drill holes on a firm and hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, sor masonry.


Hammer Drills have become an essential part of our DIY home improvement lives. Not only is it an important tool, using a hammer drill makes any project easier to accomplish on time. So, whether it’s a cordless hammer drill for that extra mobility or the corded hammer drill to enjoy unlimited ‘firepower,’ hammer drills will serve its purpose when put to proper use.