What Are The Different Kinds of Snow Blowers?


The snowblower was created and developed in Canada, where it snows at least nine months a year. The first kind of snowblower was designed by Orange Jull who hails from Orangeville, Ontario, in the year 1884. This was a rotary snow blower that is joined to the front of a train and huge rotating blades. The first rotary snow blower was self-propelled and invented in 1925 by Arthur Sicard. It was connected to a four-wheeled truck that generates its power from two motors. It could remove snow of up to 90 feet.

The snow industry then deviated to making snow blowers for houseowners. The first of it being the snow hound snowblower and a lightweight sow pup model in 1952 and 1962 respectively.

There are various kinds of snow blowers, and some of these will be discussed in this article. Also see how long do snow blowers last

Different kinds of snow blowers

Electric snow blowers

Electric snow blowers are famous for their convenience, especially for clearing up to medium-sized driveways. If you live in a standard city-style home, then you need to get an electric snowblower. They are perfect for getting rid of all that persistent snow from your patio.

This snow blower may not be the most powerful model out there, but it is great for most people. An electric snow blower can be purchased for an affordable price, which is a good advantage. These snow blowers are used mostly on smooth surfaces like concrete. It is capable of working effectively on any form of paved surface. Although, if you live in a rural or dirt area, an electric snow blower may not be the right choice. It is important that you choose the right snow blower for the job at hand. One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it is lightweight compared to gas-powered snow blowers. Purchasing this snow blower is a very advisable choice as long as you intend to use it in a modestly-sized property. It is simple, lightweight, which means it’s easy to carry around, and it’s also quite affordable.

Cordless snow blowers

Most people complain of the stress of using a snowblower that has a cord attached to a source because it limits your movement to an extent and may sometimes be a hindrance. If you fit into this category, you should purchase a cordless snowblower. The work as good as the regular corded electric snow blowers, and some of them can even do the same level of work that a single-stage gas-powered model can.

The most glaring benefit of using a cordless snow blower is the freedom to move around and even reach into farther corners without worrying about its cord getting tangled up or not being long enough. This snow blower is convenient for use on bigger properties and long driveways.

These are electric snow blowers, so they require to be powered by high-voltage batteries. As long as it has been charged full, it is quite unlikely that you run out of your charge before you finish up because the batteries have a very high capacity. A standard cordless snow blower is capable of operating at peak efficiency for over an hour, which should be enough time to finish up the job. If you take longer than that, you should probably consider getting an electric corded snow blower instead. These snow blowers are also lightweight and can be easily maneuvered without feeling as if it’s a bother. This makes the process of using it quite easily.

Gas-powered snow blowers

The gas-powered snow blower is one of the most powerful snow blowers you can find on the market. These snow blowers should be purchased when a large job is presented. These snow blowers are mostly used by people living in rural areas because its powerful enough to handle big amounts of snow. For example, if you are to clear a large driveway, this snow blower is the perfect pick.

Gas-powered snow blowers possess an auger that can totally lift the snow up and then toss it to the side. You have to be careful when using these snowblowers because they are quite powerful. For example, using gas-powered snow blowers on gravel could amount to flinging rocks that may have been trapped under the snow, and this could be dangerous to people nearby or vehicles or your home windows.

If you are one of those people living in a snowy area that receives heavy snowfall, then it is very necessary for you to own a gas-powered snowblower.

There are also different types of gas-powered snow blowers. There are three levels of power for gas-powered snowblowers, which you’ll learn about soon. Whatever type of gas-powered snow blower you purchase, make sure it’s the right tool for the job. Below are the three stages of gas-powered snow blowers.

[bold](single-stage snowblowers powered by gas): This is one of the most common gas-powered snowblowers. It is also quite powerful and will efficiently clear a big amount of snow from your driveway. This snow blower is capable of getting rid of huge amounts of snow in a short amount of time. These snow blowers may not be the most powerful gas-powered snowblower, but they are quite efficient and effective. Make sure to be cautious when using it as it is powerful enough to fling ricks at high speed.

[bold](two-stage snow blowers powered by gas): The next power stage in gas-powered is the two-stage model. These snow blowers can clear larger paths and are incredibly powerful and fast too. Most of these snow blowers can blow snow up to 33 feet away. The auger on the two-stage snow blower is more powerful than the regular single-stage snowblower. It can throe up to 55 tons of snow per hour. If you have a wide driveway, then you’ll enjoy using this snowblower. It clears the driveway faster than the regular snowblower. It has a 24-inch clearing path, which is quite appealing and is capable of clearing snow hat is over 12 inches high. This snow blower is quite expensive, but it is worth every penny, especially if you have a wide driveway to clear up.

[bold](three-stage snow blowers powered by gas): If you’re looking to buy a gas-powered snow blower that is the most powerful, then the gas-powered three-stage snow blower is the deal. These snow blowers are mostly used by businesses to clear large parking lots. This snow blower is so powerful that it can even chop through the ice. These snow blowers can clear snow in the twinkle of an eye and are very efficient too. As one of the most powerful snow blowers in the market, these three-staged snow blower is quite expensive but very worthwhile. If you run a business with a large parking lot and you can afford the three-staged snow blower, then it is the most suitable for the job. It is essential that you take precautions, from wearing protective gear to being cautious when making use of this snow blower due to its high power.


There are various types of snow blowers. The snowblower you should purchase depends mostly on the kind of job you want to do. However, no matter the snow blower, make sure that you are careful when handling them.