What is a cordless impact driver used for?


Sometimes, when confronted with a massive range of power tools that look alike and do the same job, it can be overwhelming. However, as a professional, you should know what to do since you already know the tools work. Moreover, if you’re a novice, you will e confused as to what to do.

Tools that spark this confusion are the impact drivers because they look more like the cordless drill. The impact driver and the cordless drill are not the same power tool, hence depending on the kind of DIY project you have at hand, you will need either of them.

This post will look at what a cordless impact driver is, what they are sued for, who uses them, and how they are different from standard cordless drills.

What Is A Cordless Impact Driver?

In simple terms, a cordless impact driver is a powerful tool that operates on battery power, and this is the main reason it cannot be used without a cord. The absence of a cord has made it possible for users to move into very tight corners and avoid staying close to a power supply.

A cordless impact driver’s primary function is to drive in screws; however, the cordless impact driver can also be used to turn nuts and bolts. The power tool is especially suitable for driving in longer screws, and they are the preferred choice when you have screws that need to be driven into very tough or hard surfaces and materials.

Cordless impact drivers produce a very high amount of torque, which is why they can perform each of these tasks efficiently.

The cordless impact driver needs to have a ¼” hex shank when placing bits inside it. The cordless impact driver does not accommodate any other kind of driver within it. Thus it is not possible to put foreign bits in them. The cordless impact drivers are compact and lightweight power tools. Hence they are beneficial when performing some tasks. Let’s examine some of those tasks where a cordless impact driver comes on its own.

What Are Cordless Impact Driver Used For?

Just as we have examined before, a cordless impact driver serves the primary purpose of driving screws into very tough and hard surfaces while producing high torque that makes driving possible and seamless. These power tools are incredibly helpful, especially when you are caught in a very tight position.

A cordless impact driver will be very beneficial if you are planning to build some decking. Furthermore, if you wish to attach plywood to a floor or wall, then an impact driver could be used to drive in screws that would hold the plywood against the wall.

In the case of DIY, you can use the cordless impact drivers around the house to perform a lot of home improvement activity. For example, if you want to set up a new shelve, you will need the cordless impact driver power tool.

When Do You Need A Cordless Impact Driver?

This question seems very obvious, given that we just discussed what a cordless impact driver is used for; however, you must keep in mind that an impact driver uses different mechanisms in driving the bit much more than a standard drill. The cordless impact driver can only make use of the hex – shanked bits.

You would need the lighter touch and finesse of a traditional cordless drill or driver when using softer woods. When working with on a harder wood, masonry, concrete, and most specifically long fasteners being driven into heavy materials, an impact driver would be best fitted in this scenario. You would also require bits intended for impact drivers, as they are hardened enough to endure the rigors for the driving force in its use.

Do Cordless Impact Drivers Remove Lug Nuts?

To give a straightforward response; Yes. However, due to changes over time and real-world conditions, the realistic answer is no. The reason is due to two significant factors. The first being that the force needed is barely handled at the high end of most cordless impact drivers’ torque range. The second factor is that rust, over – tightening, and other environmental conditions can make nuts require much more force to loosen than the makers recommend.

Can Cordless Impact Drivers Substitute Traditional Drill?

The simple response is No! However, sometimes the incredible force of an impact driver is entirely unnecessary; sometimes, it can be straightforward detrimental. You can tear your items to pieces if you use grizzly bear strength where a feather touch is needed. A traditional cordless drill is also one of the best tools in every kit, and for a good reason. Its functionality is without comparison. It can drill a hole and insert fasteners. The keyless bolt embraces various sizes and types of hex-and round-shaped power tools and drives bits as well as rotary sanders, whole saws, wire-wheel brushes, and other equipment. They are also fitted with slip clutches, which enable accurate control of the force for smooth screw driving.

The Difference between a Cordless Drill and a Cordless Impact Driver

Sometimes most people often get confused between the cordless drills and impact drivers. This is because they look the same, and there are some tasks you can perform with both power tools. One of the significant differences between the two is that the cordless drill is majorly used for boring holes into surfaces like ceilings and walls. A cordless drill also comes with a battery pack to power it, and they also offer different torque settings so you can adjust it for multiple tasks.

A cordless drill may also be used for driving screws; however, a cordless drill lacks the amount of torque that a cordless impact driver produces. Hence you can also use it for small screws. Nevertheless, longer screws will not be driven as quickly and seamlessly into hard surfaces as it should be if you use a cordless impact driver. Due to the cordless impact driver’s torque amount, they can function a lot quicker and more effectively than a cordless drill, even when performing the same activity.

Is A Cordless Impact Driver Able To Drill?

At this point, we know that you can use a cordless drill to drive some screws and use them to tighten some nuts. However, can a cordless impact driver be used to drill? It isn’t entirely sure. You can use a cordless impact driver to borehole into surfaces, and also, you would require a drill bit that would fit inside the chuck. Even at that, you may discover the higher amount of torque that an impact driver generates is too high for drilling. When you use an impact driver to drill, it might cause the material you’re drilling on to crack, break, or split.

On some occasions, you could lose control of your cordless impact driver when using it to drill, and this may produce or cause more damage than good. The Cordless impact drivers are lots tighter than cordless drills; hence they aren’t as easy to control sometimes.


If you read to this point, it means that you now have an understanding of what a cordless impact driver is used for, what it is, and what to use it for. However, it doesn’t change the fact its primary purpose is for driving screws, even though it performs many tasks.