What Is a Miter Saw?


One of the power tools that has increased efficiency and saved time in woodworking history is the meter saw. Aside from helping you save time, it has proven to reduce the cost of labor. The miter saw specializes in making cuts of diverse angles; with a miter saw, you can achieve a crosscut and a bevel cut.

The miter saw comes in different sizes; some are small, while others are huge. The standard blade size for a miter saw is 8 to 12 inches, and the steel blade consists of carbon steel. The edges are on a swing arm that pivot left or right to create angled cuts. 

The miter saw is a catalyst for high accuracy, repeatability, and precision. It was invented in 1964 by Ed Niehaus. He was then the highest engineer in the power tool section for Rockwell international. From 1964 to date, miter saws have undergone a series of modifications over the years. Now it comes in different sizes, types, shapes, etc. 

The modifications added to the miter saw have made it a favorite pick for most people who needs a saw. If you are still looking for the perfect saw to use, I would advise you to pick the miter saw. It promises different angle cuts, precision, efficiency, and easy usage.

Features of a Miter Saw

The different miter saws come in various forms: the primary, compound, sliding, and cordless miter saws. Here are the multiple features of a miter saws

Basic Miter Saw

The basic miter saw has lightweight and can also portable, and it doesn’t take time to set up. The basic miter saw Is best for crosscuts and meters, but it does not tilt for any bevel cuts.

Compound Miter Saw

A compound miter saw makes all the necessary cuts like crosscuts and meters; moreover, it tilts on both ways and has a mitering ability. 

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The sliding compound miter saw can give a crosscut. Miter saws possess a slide mechanism that can increase the cutting capacity of the saw allowing the movement of the saw back and front. It gives you a greater depth of cut, and it can provide a compound cut.

Cordless Miter Saw

This saw uses a battery, and you can always charge it when the battery becomes low, and it still gives crosscuts, miters, bevels to one side.

Types of a Miter Saw

Miter saws come in different types, and each of the classes has its unique function or specialization. Here is an idea of what each kind of miter saw can do.

Basic Miter Saw

The basic is the most straightforward type of miter saw. The basic miter saw applies for simple cuts. Hence it does not have a bevel option, but it is the best for crosscuts and meter.

Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw has an added advantage, which is the Single and dual bevel options. Because of this, the compound miter saw can make all varieties of cuts like bevel cut, crosscut, miter cut, and compound cut.

Irrespective of the compound miter saw dualistic nature; it is complicated as it is more complex to operate, unlike the basic miter saw.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The sliding compound miter saw shines in sophistication as it is multifaceted. A sliding compound miter saw comes with an additional feature called the sliding arm.

As a result of its sophistication, it uses its sharp blade to cut large pieces, making it quite expensive.

Cordless Miter Saw

The cordless miter saw is full of unique features like portability. A cordless miter saw is the best tool for doing outside work or home service.

What to Know Before Using a Miter Saw

To use a miter saw, one has to measure his cut and mark it out using a pencil and then place the marked wood against the saw base’s back. Protect your hand with a miter saw clamp against the saw blade, then make miter and bevel adjustment according to the manufacturer’s manual.

Using a miter saw, it is advisable to read the instructions included in your miter saw manual and acquaint yourself with the various settings and functions before use. Nevertheless, don’t forget to use safety glass, keep your finger six inch away from the blade and remember to unplug the saw when it is not in use.

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I believe this article must have educated you on the multipurpose tool called the miter saw. If you still doubt its effectiveness, it won’t hurt to buy and see for yourself. The miter saw has proven over the years to be a user-friendly tool for the DIY clique and a time-saving tool for professionals. The miter saw produces angled and precise cuts on small pieces of materials.