What is a Sliding Miter Saw?


A sliding miter saw as the name implies, is a piece of cutting equipment that gives an exact cut on materials such as logs and planks. Miter saws are made with the ability to make crosscuts in angles.

As long as the angle is positioned, the material that is to be cut should be held firmly to have a perfect and neat cut. it is designed with a circular blade that can be pulled down into the material in a single motion to get the cut. just like a circular saw does

Sliding miter saw helps to attain precise crosscuts, by mounting the blade onto a board. A miter saw is usually made of a backsaw in a box of a miter. But as a result of advancement in time and technology, it’s now made of a powered circular blade like a saw that can be placed at numerous angles and pressed onto a board positioned against a wall.

The sliding miter saw shares a lot of similarities with a standard compound miter saw with the ability to make a defined cut through large and thick logs. The saw is made to be moved back and forth as the need may be while cutting.

Choosing a sliding saw comes with some aspects you should consider. Such as:

The size of the blade

The blades that are designed for this saw, is a rotating type. For this reason, considering the blade’s size should not be overlooked. For example, a 12 inches sized blade will perform much better. As it will cut deeper without difficulty compared to a 10 inches sized blade.

Type of motor power

As mentioned earlier, sliding miter saws are powered by motor like machines that uses electricity. Therefore, the power of this motor is very significant. The better the amps, the better the performance.


Materials that you will be using your sliding miter to cut should be a determinant of the type of sliding miter to purchase. Look out for long-lasting sliding miter saws that come with a strong blade. It will make work easier and faster.

Know your saws before buying any. You don’t want to buy a different saw for different use.

If you only need a sliding miter saw for home use, then, you need to get the types below.


It comes with a strong motor of 15 amp. This type of miter saw, comes with a red light that has a touch of a shadow of a laser light allowing you to see exactly where the blade will touch on the material. It gives you just the accurate and neat cut you desire.

Hitachi C10FCG

Handymen and vocational workers want to have the best smooth cuts; this type does exactly that. It not only make crosscuts, but also a precise cut on almost any material. Be it plywood, hardboard, aluminum, or even fiberboard that are soft. This tool is just the all-around saw. It has a part that is designed to collect dust, keeping the interior part of the miter saw to be neat at all times.

Evolution power tools RAGE3

Speaking of speed, this type is the best choice. It is very fast while cutting and it doesn’t stop it from leaving neat and smooth cuts on steel, plastics, or planks.

Festool kapex KS 120

This type is just the perfect one for professional use. It is designed with two lasers and with this, you can easily see the part that will be trimmed off while cutting. It also has a handle right in the middle that helps make double cutting. There’s also a trigger; like a button that halts any mistake.

Bosch GCM12SD

when it comes to accurate and neat cuts, this type is not an exception. In fact, it is designed to save space. Its precision is excellent, the blade is long-lasting, and it does come with a powerful motor. A 12-inch blade can easily fit into this saw and can cut deep and neatly into materials.


Whatever you cut, it cuts through it. This type is known for its longevity and perseverance. The motor that comes with it is powerful, it has a compact design.

Milwaukee 6599-20

This type is designed with a special feature. It has a digital display that makes work less difficult. Especially if a particular cut will be repeated. It gives just an exact cut. Milwaukee is well known for its popular breathtaking features. so easy to use. Most professional contractors are known to use this type.

Makita LS1216L

Makita is also multifunctional. First, it cuts through large materials accurately. This tool has a withdrawable peculiar technology for advanced straight cutting capacity coupled with the largest crown molding cutting capacity. The gearbox of the machine maintains a consistent speed without slipping just like machines that work with belt slips off occasionally.

It’s also designed with a 15 amp motor that generates enough power for easy use. What’s more? It is endowed with a 12-inch blade that makes large cuts easy. The laser is also not an exception- excellent and precise!

WEN 70712

This type is multifunctional and can be trusted. It can cut through anything that is placed in it. It gives both straight and angle cuts. It has a wide work table and is mobile. Also comes with 15amps motor and it makes less noise.

Hitachi C10FSHC

This type has been designed for multifunctional purposes and ease of use. Hitachi C10FSHC has a precise laser that marks where to be cut. It helps achieve a neat and perfect cut. It is can be adjusted to one’s preference. The degree of angle of this saw makes it flexible. Because of the soft-start feature, there is less noise when starting it up.


A sliding miter saw is one of the best cutting material that leaves your work amazing. To enjoy it, you must consider the types and the materials it is made of to purchase the right sliding miter saw for the right purpose.